[GUIDE] How to write Monthly-Reports for the VR DAO

Tell us how it all went!

Between a payout proposal for a month’s worth of projects and activities to the VR-DAO and the next monthly proposal, we want to know how those initial projects went or are progressing.

We therefore request that between one payout from the Virtual Reality DAO to the next, there is a brief reporting on the success of the project(s) ongoing or accomplished successfully in a reply to their original approved Forum post OR as its own topic with the “monthly-reports” tag.

The following is the recommended structure for this reporting and suggested metrics for project success for Virtual Reality council to use with their membership:


Project Name:

Project Status: [In Progress/Completed]

Project Accounting: [Please post a brief updated project budget if materially differed from the original + the relevant Sputnik DAO address]

Updated Project Timeline:


*brag about the attendance or engagement in terms that best fit your project/event (ex. # of submissions, # of physical/virtual attendees, # of presenters, etc.), shout out the project’s star contributors, social media mentions, or any platform or bot-specific metrics


**areas you would like to improve upon next time, feedback from participants, roadblocks you encountered, etc.

Next Steps:

***efforts you’ll be undertaking to onboard more members from this project, new related collaborations you cannot wait to share, etc.

Exemple: [REPORT] IncubadoraPT JUNE-JULY Monthly Report

Please note:

Without this report on projects most recently supported by the Virtual Reality DAO, the Council reserves the right to withhold or pause the granting of funding on future proposals or payout proposals “in progress” on the VR-DAO SputnikDAO.

The more details you can provide in your report, the better! As long as we hear something from you, covering the aforementioned topics, this reporting mechanism is for Virtual Reality DAO Council members to determine how best to support you, and as an update to the broader NEAR Community about the awesome things you’re doing. Who knows what future project collaborations and learnings for others could result from the information and updates you share?

Have questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to reply here or reach out to us (@microchipgnu, @Natural-Warp, @JulianaM , @Samiasns, @frnvpr).