February report from Nodeasy (China)

February report from Nodeasy (China)

We are Nodeasy, a NEAR validator service provider from China. We have been working on NEAR since 2019, and have actively participated in activities such as the testnet and ambassador program. Through Angela recruitment, we have joined the NEAR guild . We are committed to the construction of the Chinese community and provide our users with NEAR updates and progress through articles. Introduce voting guidelines, etc. to help our users participate in the NEAR ecosystem more easily.

Our work :

  1. Establish a Chinese community to help NEAR users participate in the NEAR ecosystem;

  2. Publicity and Education;

NEAR EVM introduction

NEAR Meet up

NEAR voting tutorial


NEAR introduction


  1. Guide users to participate in NEAR ecological Paras, Mintbase and other ecological applications

4.Guide users to complete NEAR Staking voting

In the future, we will continue to help NEAR build the Chinese community and help users better participate in the NEAR ecosystem.