[ Event Proposal ] Monthly Amapiano Live Concert (August)

Master Minds Monthly Amapiano Live Concert

The primary aim of this great event is to create an avenue and support for sensational talents, by giving them a platform to showcase and to be seen live on the metaverse, and also introducing Amapiano music, dance, and art to the near ecosystem… which automatically promote the Near community globally.

In this Live concert we are going to be presenting extraordinary talents from different globe be it amapiano fashion, amapiano music, dance, comedy, art and other exciting amapianos

Vision: Scouting and empowering exceptional talents into out DAO, creating avenue for them to actualize their talent for the growth of the near community.

Live event gives us the ability to carefully Watch and discover those talents, it takes a talented individual to discover other talents… early last year i was featured in a talent hunt competition in lagos Nigeria, it was a tough one but however i made it to the final stage, coming 3rd among 93 contestants…


  • This event will promote the use of web3 technology,

  • Expand the near community as lot of audiences will create new wallet to purchase ticket. (Promote the use of the wallet)

  • Awareness about NearHub, Mintbase, and other opportunities around NFTs.

  • Introducing amapiano sound to the metaverse

• This event will also expand our community cause of the aim of onboarding sensational talents into our ecosystem.


*. All performing and exibiting artist must have at least one original content minted as NFT on the Master Minds NFT store

  • minimum of 10 talent will showcase their talent on every live event monthly.

  • We will organize these events in live recording studios these event will be streamed on "cryptovoxe!"and also promoted on social media.


Tickets to this event will be sold as NFT (Any audience purchasing tickets must use his or her Near Wallet / Credit Card

During our sponsored ads and promotions, A generated Neardrop link will be attached through which audiences can create a near wallet and purchase the ticket themselves.

This link will be loaded with gas fees for initial transactions. (ie Simply follow the link and then click “CLAIM WITH NEW ACCOUNT”)

I am aware of how discouraging NFT ticketing can be to people, I am glad to solve this problem with my most recent event that sold over 50 NFT tickets on mintbase.

Budget & Methodology

Live Recording Studio with capacity to accommodate upto 50 - 80 people, this studio rentage comes with all musical and art instruments with good lights, for clarity and usually charge (100 dollar) per hour and this event will last for 4 hrs - 30 mins max (400 dollar) in near

Rentage of studio for rehearsals

We’ll be having three days set out for rehearsals before the event, engaging the musical performers for rehersals with crew and band members before the live Event, this will cost 50 dollar each day (150 dollars)

Video coverages and Editing we are using quality camera handlers and editors, this will cost for both

(50 dollars) for two camera handlers

(30 dollars) for editors - (total of 80 dollars)


On the metaverse @vandal - (50 dollars)

Massive social media Promotion on ( instagram, twitter, twitter and WhatsApp TV) with sponsord ads and hyping

(100 dollars)

Sponsored ADS

During our sponsored ads and promotions, A generated Neardrop link will be attached through which audiences can create a near wallet

Transportation and welfere

(80 dollars)

Near wallet activation for attendees

(50 dollars)

Total Amount Requested

(910 dollars in near )

We’ll also have some amapiano musicians from South Africa also performing live on this event

We are keeping strong contact and relationship with them, and we intend to onboard the amapiano singers into our DAo after the event.

All music performances will be voluntery as we’ve decided to pay in subsequent event.


Brilliant :clap: idea … hopefully they approve it


@Romanus yeah :blush::blush:


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Presents to you her METAVERSE Near Amapiano Live concert slated for 11th September, 2022.

Coupled with lot of beautiful performances such as;




Karaoke etc.

Expect the likes of;




Icebanj and many more.

Come grace beautiful music at its best.

@wizprince1 @Supercoolkay @Romanus



…and finally, the tickets are here for grab.

You can now purchase your tickets for the events from now to 11th of this month.

Come get yours sharply!


Posted by Wisebaba himself :+1:t5:

Masterminds to the world :fire:


We are Live now​:trumpet::trumpet: We are Live now :trumpet::trumpet:

Hello there NEAR Renegades!:wave:t5: The show is up and happening live on metaverse.

Click on the link above to join in :fire::fire: :musical_score::musical_score:

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Shots from the metaverse live concert…

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