EPIC - Cheat Sheets

Wondering what “cheat sheets” the community would like to see?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Runtime - Accounts, TXs, Gas, Units
  • Rust development
  • AssemblyScript development
  • EVM
  • Bridge
  • near-api-js, near-cli

Also, what format should a cheat sheet be? Designed for laptop/desktop or mobile?

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I love this idea!
Similar to projects like this: GitHub - thor314/near-template: A nice template for NEAR repos
Would be great to see an “Awesome NEAR” repo or similar that could be easy to manage.

I would also love to see a table for permissions, as a reference to what keys or functionality a contract/account is able to do so when developing its possible to self-answer key design issues.

Might also be nice to set this up in a NEAR/DAO-ish thing? Could utilize GitHub - vgrichina/giveprops: Give props using NEAR blockchain and allow anyone to post links with up/down votes?

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Awesome Near list is a great idea. I think there already is one existing somewhere, though I don’t remember because I see a lot of them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am wondering if you think having a single page cheat sheet of common FAQs related to NEAR development is useful?

absolutely! Just needs to be easy to find, and support ongoing needs when they arise, maybe github discussions or repo?

@mattlockyer would not be bad if you cross post this to @ neardev on Telegram where many existing devs are more active?

These are really needed. Would be awesome to have

Cross-posting from a community member on Discord:

  • cost of a simple delegation
  • cost of simple NEAR transfer
  • cost of NEP-21 transfer (assuming no new storage is created)
  • cost of NEP-141 transfer (assuming a basic implementation)

Yeah. We already have some Awesome List there