Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-07-12

Brief Summary

  • Node can now shutdown cleanly with SIGTERM, SIGINT, and Ctrl+C;
  • Mochi DAO will be used to alleviate Developer Platform from smaller work items;
  • Wallet are making process improvements to increase velocity;
  • Transaction Runtime is making steady progress towards sharding;


Challenges and Blockers

  • Node Experience is blocked on adding CI check for publishing crates. An input from Contact Runtime team (@matklad ) and Node Interfaces team (@frol ) is required. Also Developer Platform team needs to be aware of it (@jim , @mikedotexe );
  • Runtime param estimator is showing discrepancies depending on how people write benchmarks and how they run it. Someone needs to own DevX of this tool. @Longarithm and @nearmax are looking into it. This is creating disruptions for Aurora and Transaction Runtime teams;

Full Reports