[draft] Near x Art

Report For Nov, Dec 2023

Project 1 :

Paint & Create with Near BOS - the Open web for Creatives

Description: We are excited to organize the 4th edition of the biggest web 3 art & cultural event.We are going to theme this edition “Open Web for creatives”. This time around, we want to make the BOS education cut across the technical part too.
Expected outcome: 200 - 300+ attendees.
At Least 100 review and picture posts on Near Social after the event.
Onboard 150+ attendees with Near BOS Fast Auth.
Educate crypto traders on emerging projects on Near and how they can leverage on it.
Train 50 new creators on how to create physical art, turn them into NFTs and start earning.
Educate 150+ creatives on how to use Near Dapps; as it relates to their everyday life activity. E.g Near.social, stacking protocols, etc.
Educate 20 project founders from other ecosystems on how to launch their token/NFT project on Near and various supporting bodies that can accelerate their project growth. E.g: Near horizon, cdao, Ndc.
Minting of 150+ NFTs with Shard.dog
Creation of 150+ NFTs to be minted on Mintbase, Navito, and other market places.
Creation of 100+ ‘phydigital’ artworks and NFTs
BOS workshop for creators, project founders and developers.
Train 100 - 150 artists on how to launch their NFT project on Near
Train 150+ attendees of project founders, creators and developers on Near Fastauth; seamless, secure and easy integration to integrate Near wallet to any platform
Onboard and guide 50+ digital artists to launch their NFT project on Near. Which will be exhibited and traded at the event.
Activities & Timeline: Education on the basics of Near BOS with experts from Discover BOS community, Neardevhub.
Art training session by Nearxart artists
Activation of Near Wallet
Minting and claiming of NFTs
Posting of major highlights on Near.social.
Creation of artwork via painting
Promote NFTs and art as therapeutic and source of mental wellbeing.
Timeline: February 2024.
Budget Venue: $350
Art material: $400
Logistics & welfare package for educators - $300: This includes the cost for transportation for the team and invited speakers during the period of this event.
Manuel book: $100
Banners, Backdrop & flyers - $150: This includes the cost of a picture booth, promotion flyers and stickers.
Event promotion - $200: Pls kindly understand that we go all out for the promotion of our event to the right target audience. We do alot of physical campaigns.
Electricity and light - $150: This includes the cost of power supply for the duration of 9 hours of this program.
Ushers and protocols: $150: Our event always have large guests, so there’s a need for ushers that will be incharge of wallet activation, service and technical support.
Security - $100: This includes the cost for security service at the event.
Event Mc & sound: $200
Photography & videos: $300
(Shard.dog wallet activation $100): To be sought by councils.
Total: $2,400

Project 2

NearFT Art Exhibition

Since 2022, Nearxart has proven its efficiency to onboarding creatives into web3 via the Near ecosystem. With the use of Near tech (Dapps), we want to revolutionize the approach of onboarding artists, art curation, minting and collection of NFTs. NearFT exhibition is an exhibition for all artists whether digital or physical art works.Digital artworks will be displayed in QR code with a physical frame. This artwork will be launched as an NFT project on Satori.art or any Near marketplaces (Depends on the artist choice.

The exhibitor has the freedom to list his artwork for whichever amount he/she deems fit. Attendees will be able to mint or collect these artworks by scanning the QR code, Viewing the art and minting it (Collecting or buying) by simply connecting their Near wallet to the marketplace. We also plan to collaborate with Nike Art gallery; one of the largest and most successful art galleries in Africa to host this exhibition.

Expected Outcome
50 - 100+ attendees will be present at this exhibition.
30 - 50 artist will exhibiting at the event be launch their NFTs on Near marketplaces.
Artists and attendees will get to create a Near.social account.
This exhibition will promote inclusivity amongst digital artists and physical art creators.
Onboard 30 - 50 artists to web 3 via this event.
Attendees will get to utilize their dormant wallet at this event hence, learning more about the use cases of a wallet.
100+ NFTs will be minted from the wallet creation process using Shard.dog.
Increased transactions will be generated on Near blockchain by the frequent Scan, view and Mint activity.
Account retention of 100% since artist already have their works launched on Near.
100+ wallet will be activated at this event.
Activities & Timeline Exhibition is scheduled for MARCH 2024
Most likely to be a 2-day exhibition program.( Depending on our budget size)
Near wallet activation
Scanning of artworks with QR code
Minting of NFTs
Claiming NFTs
Web 3 education in relation to Near.
Creation of Near.social account.
Interaction with Near Dapps (Near.social, Satori, Mintbase, Sharddog, Mynearwallet, Navito.art, Near.org)
Budget Venue - $350
Materials for exhibition - $250: These materials are the Tv screens, frame, glass, internet connection, easels, lights, QR code print needed and logistics.
Power supply - $200: This includes the cost of electricity to lit up the space and diesel/petrol if necessary.
Photo booth - $150: This entails the cost for backdrop, n=banner and decoration of area.
Videography & Photography - $300: This includes the cost for media coverage of the event.
Promotion - $150: To reach our target audience, event needs to be publised accordingly.
Total: $1,400
Remuneartion Cost Breakdown Duration
$1,200: Four core team members Supervision of project January, Febuary, March
Project execution January,Febuary,March
Brainstorming of proposal January,Febuary,March
Community building January,Febuary,March
Education January,Febuary,March
Event planning January,Febuary,March
Graphics designing January,Febuary,March
NFT quality assurance January,Febuary,March
Community call/AMA January,Febuary,March

Near x Art on Youtube

Near x Art on twitter

Near x Art on Telegram

Total request number: $5,000 Usdc

**DAO on-chain address (target wallet): nearxart.sputnik-dao.near


Excited for this year. Projects looks promising, can’t wait to see this get approved!

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