[Draft] draft proccess

Report: [REPORT]Creatives - fraDAO - June - 2023


Great proposal!! I am Very excited to participante in the avatar designers. :heart:

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It would be an honor to have your participation in the community as well.
We saw your great artistic talent when you drew the fraDAO metaverse all by hand, before we moved on to Blender 3D.
Please take part in this Bounty too!

our Report:

Due to the failure to deliver part of the KPIs presented in the previously approved proposal, we are closing this proposal in accordance with the CreativesDAO Charter.

Thanks for supporting and hard work.
I will adequate the KPi using keypom integrated with our NFT transferable membership “friendly member”
I entered in contact with the team.
Thanks again


Hi Paul, we were adequate and delivered 100 new members on chain, we will have an event of the farm in 15th of November, and we will do more activities on-chain during the event. Now we have a point of sale ! :pray: :dizzy:

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