[DRAFT BOUNTY] NEAR DIGITALFASHION DAO Logo and social media cover page/Flier

[DRAFT BOUNTY] NEAR DIGITALFASHION DAO Logo and social media cover page/Flier.

I’m Pallo Anthony, a Graphic Designer and Brand Identity Designer.

Creative Designer at ROOTED EMPIRE, an agency that helps bring visibility to others and passing the right information through Graphics, Printing and Branding. I am a council member of Near DigitalFashion Dao.
Here is Our Introduction

In regards to our Dao Roadmap, we are to get a logo and social media cover page/Flier Design. This bounty aim to engage NEARians and graphic designers in the forum in interpreting our Dao goals and what it represent in a Graphic form.
How to participate

  1. Join us on telegram Telegram: Join Group Chat or Discord Near DigitalFashion Dao
  2. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Nearfashiondao?t=hnlt1KP7D82Fn4vStkpaCA&s=09
  3. Create a Logo that represents Near DigitalFashion Dao and cover page Flier for our social media pages… You can go through our introduction to get inspired…
  4. Summit your entry as a comment, attach a Google drive link containing the Ai file of the logo.

This bounty starts once it is Open and the deadline will be indicated.

Bounty reward: $150

Targeted wallet for this Bounty