[Done] Establishing NEAR Wiki

Suggested information architecture and next steps…

Goal: Give people who are curious to dive deep about various aspects of NEAR a “plain English” (or insert your preferred language!) explanation of all the topics of interest and routing to deeper sources (eg the development docs, guild homepages, funding flows, etc) where needed.

Likely users: They will likely have multiple levels of engagement and interest. The Wiki should provide them at least to a mid-level of understanding (“knowing what they don’t know”) before sending them on to deeper resources or humans/communities for more.

  • The generally curious: including potential community members, tokenholders, partners, founders, developers, teammates… pretty much anyone who just heard about NEAR
  • The action-oriented: these are each of those categories but where now they’re actually trying to see if NEAR can be used to accomplish their goals. This is about building good mental models, providing comparisons and then a call to action to go deeper.

Major topic areas of interest:

  • Tokens – information about the tokens, where to find them, how they work, etc. Information about how to follow markets, participate in defi, move tokens across the bridge, etc.
  • Funding – information about how to get funding, whether that’s micro grants for hackathon projects or connecting to large funding sources for more established projects. Grants, DAOs, funds… with calls to action for both prospective funding seekers as well as funders (like VCs who want in on deal flow or DAOs looking to advertise that they’re open for business).
  • Engagement and contribution – where are the places to actually talk to people in the community about various topics? Open calls, chat channels, etc. How to contribute and join the community.
  • Mental models and taxonomies – how to understand the overall ecosystem, the technology and the the community that stitches it all together. This is up at the highest level (what’s the difference between company X and foundation Y anyway? what is NEAR best for? etC) down to the more specific (who are all the people building in the ecosystem today? How successful are DApps on NEAR right now?)
  • Product – what kinds of products can actually be built with the NEAR tech, which ones are actually being built, and how can someone identify and apply recipes for creating great products?
  • Growth and marketing – what resources are available to help projects as they grow, including product-oriented growth (eg using embedded incentives in NFTs to create viral marketing loops) and more community-driven growth (eg activating the community behind a project).
  • Comparisons – understanding how NEAR compares to other projects out there, from the technology level up to what you can actually do with it to build amazing products.

TBH this may be a good place to build out the Open Web Atlas information too as it incubates and prior to it launching as its own website. Just like docs are meant to specifically serve the needs of someone wanting to develop on NEAR, OWA serves the project founder who wants to engage in building a web3 project. This wiki may be more NEAR-oriented than OWA will be, but lots of good overlap and shipping > perfection.

Information sourcing
Lots of NF teams have this info in Notion right now and just need to make it public such that each team effectively has a homepage and orientation area here plus publish the info relevant related to their area. For example, the Ecosystem Success team will publish the menus of Funding, Development, Operations and other resources here, which are meant to solve problems for someone who wants to eg get their project funded or build it or turn it into a company.

My ask
Who could potentially provide the product ownership and project management for this? We can certainly sort out a bounty or grant stipend to subsidize the effort. That would involve architecting the information, coordinating with @jake to put a consistent design on it, manage PRs for new content, and generally sherpa-ing people through contributing to it in a way which keeps things clear and concise.
@Zhunda I saw your proposal and @blaze you mentioned you’d be interested. We also have a senior content person at NF who will be able to collaborate with this when he begins. If you’re in, please DM me to dig deeper.


I just posted something that hopefully ties the bigger picture together for all these information sources: Information Journeys and Builder Pathways: How the Website, Wiki, Docs, Open Web Atlas and Community OS fit together


Do we have something in place for localising this when it gets a little more fleshed out?

Goal: Make the NEAR Wiki accessible to everyone by translating it to all major languages (and beyond!)

(Proposed) Solution A bounty system to incentivise the NEAR community to translate it to their local language.

This has worked well with other projects in the past, it’s how ethereum.org translate their content. However, it might be beneficial that, after community translations have been submitted, they’re reviewed by a professional translation service (at a cost).

The ethereum.org team use Crowdin for their contributions to translations. Here’s their specific Crowdin page if people want to take a look.

Would love to hear any other solutions, too!


Gitbooks has localization embedded. I would expect we start localization when we have initial content populated.

Using professional service to proof read both English and other languages is a great idea.


Awesome! We already have a plenty of FAQ articles in Russian

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Yes! I see this as an important next step for the ecosystem. I would be happy to take the lead on the product management side (Roadmap, IA, Design, UX) as well as coordination and sourcing. If there were someone that could be the primary PM that would be great. It would also be nice to have some hours available from @amgando as he has key user feedback on many parts of the ecosystem and is actively working through some use cases for the Explorer.


I call it a portal instead of a wiki as it should be a landing for the ecosystem where you would get News, Events, and How / Where to Engage. Here is a list of gaps and pain points I have documented as voiced by the community. My hope is that that between the Wallet and Wiki they could be addressed.


  • Roadmaps
  • New launches
  • New grants
  • Events

How to:

  • Become a developer
  • Become a validator
  • Lead a guild
  • Become a contributor


– Community

  • How can I get involved?

  • Where do I find people with my interests?

  • I have not been able to find my place.

    – Ecosystem

  • What’s the state of NEAR?

  • Where is the roadmap?

  • What projects are launching?

  • What apps are live on NEAR?


  • What is a guild?

  • Where can I find guilds?

    – Tokenenomics & Token

  • What are the tokenomics?

  • Where can I buy NEAR?

  • How can I earn with NEAR?

– Support

  • Where do I get support for X?
  • I can’t get the support I need.
  • No one responds to my questions.

As part of the process of launching the Wiki (Portal) I recommend we create a guild of Community BUIDLers this guild would be responsible for helping ensure the Wiki stays updated and relevant by working across communication lines throughout the ecosystem.


Hey @illia - I would like to request writer access to be able to add what the MarCom team has been working on so far as part of Community OS:

  • Guilds Playbook
  • Open Web Contributor Playbook
  • Linkdrop Guide
  • information on the NEAR TipBot on Telegram
  • information on SputnikDAO and Astro

Would definitely love to combine these materials with the broader NEAR Wiki, in addition to the other playbooks we’re set to publish in Q3.

@blaze - a Community BUIDLers Guild would be fantastic to ensure the Wiki has evergreen and up-to-date content, and this is definitely an accurate accounting of the gaps and pain points as I understand them as well.
Between wallet, wiki, upcoming dashboard(s), and the composite tools in the Community OS toolkit, and the other information sources @erik.near captured in his recent Forum post, hopefully we will clarify and accurately present all the ways in which the community can build and be engaged with NEAR and one another!


Content ideas and concept in whole looks great @blaze

Stepped extra mile and asked developers and Kinu from Semilla Labs how much resoucers might be needed for that kind of Wiki.

I see that it has an opportunity to connect with other crypto wallets. So mine idea of whole concept looks like this in addition for average wiki type website where people can create articles, others can make translations to other languages, and some can edit these posts for additional info.
How possible and how hard it is to add a chance for people to create accounts using their NEAR wallet (or at least add them to their users profile).
When they create a post, or make a translation there should be shown a calculator counting symbols and increasing it to coifficient of coins in NEAR to be paid for such a work.
Additionally admin accounts that can views their articles, put comments (for remarks if something in content should be changed) and after to make an approval when everything is ok.
Such user panel from users side can peek on all articles that were created and bounties, admins can see all articles and if they approved article in the moment from treasury DAO (or using smart-contracts) so that article author gets funds on their wallet.

If you think that such a type of Wiki website would solve most of administrative issues and be decentralized at same time. Can go further.


Great idea! I believe the long-term goal is for NEAR to create a Wiki product that would encapsulate what you have mentioned. There was previously a portal with rewards, but that function was transitioned to the individual guilds. This sounds like a fantastic idea for a grant!


Hey everyone, I put together a working Information Architecture (IA) doc. I would appreciate collaboration and help to begin the process of getting things populated. Thanks @mecsbecs for already giving the first round of feedback!


@illia @erik.near @Grace - do we have a NEAR team member such as @amgando that can help collaborate on this?

Once we have a direction settled it would be good to tweet about the new guild forming as well as posting in Discord and Telegram to find recruits.


Blaze, looks fantastic. Like the way you put ideas on paper. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me know at what steps can assist you. Can help with testing, management, project promo and get on some article writers and bunch of translators.

@blaze ! This is chef’s kiss

Really great stuff. I’d love to jump on a call sometime soon and run through this if you’re available some time?

I’m keen to collaborate on this and support you throughout the entire process.

Another thing I’d like to consider, particularly when it comes to the NEAR Wiki, is the duplication of content. There’s no use in writing something fresh when the NEAR Community have already nailed it. It boils down to bringing things together and getting them collated.

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I wrote an article recently on introduction to NEAR, also built a NEAR dice Dapp. Here’s a link

I’d like to contribute to NEAR wiki as a technical writer


David agreed! I see this starting out primarily as a curation process that brings the greatness of the NEARVerse together in one spot for folks new to the ecosystem. There will however be new content creation as well. One thought is to have this portal spin-off into more of a wiki format at the different levels. So we incorporate both existing docs and newly generated wiki content.

How we handle the inclusion of internationalization at the different levels may be something to deep dive into.

Yes, I am available for a call! Shall we recruit a few more folks to join us? I can setup a Discord or Telegram if that is the best way for folks to join the conversation.

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Fantastic! Yes, let’s find a direction on a channel to connect and get moving!!

Absolutely, 1,000%

More the merrier I say. Would be great to align on the goals of everything, too.

I’ll drop you a DM with my Discord and Telegram handle. Let’s kick things off!


@blaze I’ll be looking to my colleague @David_NEAR to hear how I can support (especially from a Community playbooks perspective) and thanks to both of you - and anyone else who joins - for leading the way for this!


A funding request has been submitted to the community fund!

It’s time to CURATE the NEARVerse! :rocket:


Hi Illia,

That’s an amazing idea.
I’m a Community Moderator, I’m currently working on a list with the most frequent asked questions within our community, would love to have the permission to create the official FAQ Page on or Github.

Also, I’m planning to add our various workflows and tips for new and current moderators.

Stan - Near CM