[Direct funding from HOM, approved by HoM , paid]- Yuen

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

Name: Yuen
Proposal Type: Retroactive bounty
Project’s Category: Scheduler, Note taker

Section 2. Previous Funding

Receive funding for work done in GWG.

Section 3. DAO URLs

  1. Twitter: @yuensid
  2. Telegram: @yuensid
  3. Discord: @yuensid

Section 4. Applicant Information

POC: Yuen
Link to Governance Forum/near.social profile : yuensid.near
NEAR Wallet ID: yuensid.near
Wallet ID that will be receiving funds: yuensid.near

Section 5. Team Members

Just myself

Section 6. Experience

  1. Work with 5 past NFT projects
  2. Past gwg contributor

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals


Section 8. Budget

Retroactive funding for 100 NEAR

Work done:

  1. Scheduling meetings for NDC builders, community voice, BD WG
  2. Doing meeting notes

The notes and the calls schedules are in the respective groups which i can’t share as they are private groups. Please refer to Blaze or Dacha for proof of work.

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

Not sure how to answer this so maybe as long as I’m alive?


Give this man what he wants.

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Hi Yuen,

  • what is the timeframe covered by this retroactive request?
  • how many meetings were scheduled?
  • where are the minutes saved and how are they shared (available to wider community?)
  • if possible, would be great to have members or leaders from those groups to drop by forum and vouch for your work
  • any thoughts of the dollar value of the ask? I’m mindful of the volatility of the price of NEAR


Great work! Happy to support!

I recognize Yuen’s efforts and support this fair retroactive bounty request.


@Yuen, please be advised that if you have not already done so, you will need to import and update your previous KYC with NF into the new NDC Services portal here:


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Can you please link the meetings in question and the links to the meeting notes?

Sorry Chloe cant share it as the meeting schedules and notes aren’t for public view that is why i wrote

“The notes and the calls schedules are in the respective groups which i can’t share as they are private groups. Please refer to Blaze or Dacha for proof of work.”

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Maybe the notes cannot be made public, but I am assuming the dates of these calls, general topics discussed/themes, and potential goals/outcomes could be shared. I understand that these are private chats that are being supported, but it is public funding that is being distributed.

If @blaze or @Dacha feel the need to added context here imo it should be added publicly. I appreciate your contributions to the ecosystem, although we need an appropriate way to outline and value them. I would assume that proposals like this will set a precedent for the future, so we should be sure to ensure efficiency.

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  1. Timeframe is for Feb anything before that I’m not counting since it was more of a voluntary work.

  2. 9 meetings were scheduled between the 3 groups

  3. Not sure if the notes can be shared publicly but I shared a doc to HOM members.

  4. I’ll ask and see if they are able to come and vouch for me.

  5. Dollar value between $450- $500, I’m not sure how much I can ask since I don’t know what is the pay standard for work currently in NDC.

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The new workgroups are organized around key priorities to transition specific services and support from NF to the broader NDC:

  • Community Voice WG - Gov Forum Migration to Community Voice
  • BG WG - Inbound Funnel Intake as a Service
  • NDC Leader Coordination and Feedback loops

Yuen is organizing and coordinating schedules and meetings, taking meeting notes, and following up on actions.

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