DEXART a Metaverse for business, networking and education

As a DEXART team, we love and promote Web 3.0 ideas, therefore we strive to create a fully decentralized virtual world. The application that users operate with must communicate directly with the node which will help to ensure that users’ NFTs truly belong to them alone.

We have been developing our crypto community since 2016. Now we have more than 160,000 registered users in our database while 65,000 of them have made at least one purchase using crypto in our ecosystem. As our community is growing rapidly, we expect to bring to the NEAR blockchain 10-15K of new users during the first year since the launch.

Our successfully launched projects are listed below:

Currently we use BSC for our project because we are experienced in it. But we have selected NEAR as the underlying production blockchain platform because unlike other blockchains that charge their fees per every transaction, NEAR allows using the storage while paying for the amount of data stored. Thanks to Nightshade sharding technology, the NEAR network comes with a really high capacity. For us NEAR is developer-friendly blockchain. NEAR’s team is open to communication through their Live Chat and proactively helps with all the questions regarding their documentation.

Aside from the 3D environment, the virtual world of DEXART covers a number of other products that users can rely on while operating with their NFTs and avatars.

We are developing an application where users can manage the look and customize their characters. It comes with a built-in marketplace where users can buy unique pieces of clothing, accessories, and other elements. Also we are developing a web application where users can investigate the map of the virtual world and buy lands. Every piece of land is represented in the form of an NFT with its architecture containing the author’s reward. Whenever the land is sold or given out for rent, its author gets a royalty reward.

By authentication via NEAR users create their accounts on the NEAR blockchain that stores all the keys. We need an option to connect to the web version of the app through the mobile application. At the moment, we are working on its implementation as we study the protocol.

We rely on NEAR to issue all NFT collectibles like pieces of clothing or the avatars themselves. In the future, we plan to create a tool to help authors register their own content in the form of NFTs on the NEAR blockchain via DEXART platform.

Avatars are stored on the NEAR blockchain. Whenever users change their avatars clothing, this information is recorded on the blockchain. With 20 pieces of clothing per user on average, this information will take approximately 0.2KB of space.

3D virtual world applications send direct requests to the NEAR nodes to check the availability of objects in a given account. During the initial stages, 3D models of the objects are uploaded from the company’s servers. To operate with the big amounts of data and provide high-quality rendering on the servers of our community. Also we plan to implement the IPFS technology to improve productivity and graphics in general.