Details about the NEAR that was sent to me for LAPTOP

Greatings to the c1foundation members and Councilors for anm sorry to summit the details about the $400 Dollars that was sent to me by @Dedeukwu @JCB late a little . was a proposal that was summited by the C1FOUNDATION councilors this money was for me to get a laptop but the problem by then was to big for me that I wasn’t enough to access my NEAR because of the lack of binance I didn’t have one so I send the near to @Dedeukwu for him to assist me to trade or convert and send me back but BTC in the process of all I don’t even know how all happens but I was left with just $270 to sell and it’s come out to be 116.100 cfa I was to use $400 Wich is 172.000 cfa to get a laptop but I was Short of money I explained to @Dedeukwu and @JCB as councilors they said lemme summit my details but by then I was a norvis into the web3 ecosystems I find it difficult to summit a form please accept my apologies :pray::pray::pray: I use the remaining balance to mint and record some collaboration I did with the 404 fam . C1FOUNDATION .NXM community with near mixtape and some of my personal music am greatfull for all the effort and surport you have shown me as member and a C1FOUNDATION even if am not active as much you are still with me but because of the lack of laptop am still on the same that’s why I cant future most of the space parties and EVENT please see into my situation please i hope :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: you all :pray: understand is not my fault if its now I know how to access my near no bit will lost only the gas fee will be deducted I promise it won’t happen again

By I was still learning more about binance before I did not have binance I was supposed to receive the money through bank transfer from @Dedeukwu but due to the anglophone crisis I was so stranded cause Bank in my country you and I D but mine was lost when we relocate from the city of crisis call kumba to limbe were there is peace I misplaced my ID was so difficult for me to access the ecobank details no one around that has the bank card talkles of trustworthy so tell him to send it back to me through BITC that’s were the problems started one love to all peace and anity one blood long we shall leave the Future is NEAR


Good you’re able to submit this feedback for transparency reasons, quite understanding that you’re not familiar with the blockchain transaction called gas fee.

I traded the $NEAR to BTC using which I sent to an address you provided, after the gas fee you received $380 to the BLOCKCHAIN WALLET then you later transferred the Crypto to another wallet before trading the amount you mentioned above.
Always good to experiment but I hope you can get the PC C1 Guild supported you with through community bounties and actions.
Thank you :blush:


Well-done bro transparency is key.


Sure am always trying to be transparent

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