DAOscussion -YouTube series

DAOscussion -YouTube Series

  • Calling people from NEAR and various other chains to come and have discussions about everything blockchain and sustainability.
  • We will call experts from the industry who know how about these topics and can have an in-depth discussion.
  • These sessions will be held in some metaverse where participants and the host will come in their avatars and talk about topics that will be fun and engaging and will help the audience to learn more about how to create a more sustainable DAO
  • Participants will be able to come in and interact with the guests in the metaverse and have QnA once the interview is done
  • Influencers and guests (Tentative)
  1. DAOscussion 1 - How DAOs can become the countries of tomorrow

  2. DAOscussion 2 - Why you should create a token for your DAO and transact using it

  3. DAOscussion 3 - Metaverse - websites of the future

  4. DAOscussion 4 - Why you should look at creating a blockchain-powered community based on your interest.

Cost Breakdown for 4 events:

  • Renting out parcel Spaces - 200
  • Design in the space - 100
  • Near influencers/Guest remuneration - 100
  • Searching, inviting and preparing interview questions for cross-chain members for discussion - 50
  • Poster design - 100

Total funding Requested - $550

Thanking you sincerely,
Tribe Thrive Team.

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