Creative Dao Social Management

Hello creative fam,

I am happy to be a part of the growth of the Near ecosystem through the creative vertical. It’s being an amazing experience exploring and impacting the ecosystem; indeed, the future is Near.

The creative vertical has over 30 creative guilds and daos under its watch and it will only do us good if we have a social stand beyond the Near forum.

A good social presence on twitter, Instagram and other social platform will bring good visibility to the works of all the creative guilds and DAO in the Near ecosystem.

I propose to take the duty to manage creative socials at no cost. Creative guild and Dao create tons of content and are involved in a lot of creative activities.

It will be great to have different activities from various creative community posted on creatives DAO social platforms, this will not only give us a good visibility but make it easy for web 2 folks and individuals from other ecosystem to find the best community/guild that best suit their interest when coming on board thus making their user experience favorable.

For instance, when activities from communities like the Near x Art, Young fresh dao, NxM, C1 guild, Masterminds dao, etc are featured in the creatives Dao socials, people will get acquainted and seamlessly join the community of their choice and explore Near even better. This way onboarding process will be easy for newbies.

Activity Layout for 3 Months:
• At least 5 post per week
• A post of guild/dao of the month(based on votes from the community)
• Reaching out to different guild and dao for materials to be featured.
• Infographics
• Website
• Illustration video
• New guild/dao feature post
• Milestone reach for various guild and daos
• Opening of tiktok, facebook, medium and linkedin account
• Live stream videos of Dao and guild activities

Metrics of success for 3months:
• An active creative dao social account
• Guild/Dao of the week
• An active website
• Articles on some community under the creative vertical
• Tracking activities of creatives in the Near ecosystem
• Infographics and illustration videos on creative and near related activity

Kudos to the present and previous creative moderators, guild leaders, community members and workers for the good job and great impact. You rock!


Hey, @Supercoolkay
great contribution to the community! hope the @creativesdao-mods can take a look here!

if you accept my suggestion, estimate a period for this, I mean, 2 months for example, and then evaluate the metrics reached. After this period (I don’t know how many time) you can review the work and redesign if necessary. does it make sense?
with my best regards

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Hi @ritamaria

Thank you for acknowledging.:grin:

Thank you for your suggestions. It makes a lot of sense. That way it would be easy to set target and reach milestone.

I will update the activities and metrics for 3 months!


Hi Nearians & @creativesdao-mods

Can we acknowledge this so I can start the administration asap.

Thanks :blush:

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This is great to know but it’ll be more amazing if the efforts will proceed to the DAOs you are part with, work on the socials and include Creatives DAO with its marketing and social management :slight_smile:


Nice initiative!!! This would definitely expand the community and spread it’s reach to web2 creatives. Love the idea… How do you intend to get contents for the social media?
Would you be In contact other Dao councils?


Glad you are in tuned with this :nerd_face:

Yes I will contact the councils of different Dao. My Dm will also be open.


This is a really important role! The creatives dao needs to be more vocal and present on twitter, instagram, etc. Probably the biggest collective of daos in the world, no?


Hello @Supercoolkay! I’m happy, you’re good. Your contribution is awesome! Nice to see active members here, especially

Social manager is a quite responsible post and I wish you good luck if you will be picked. But before starting that work, can you please do something with the opened by you bounty. My suggestion are to:

  1. Close it and summarize or
  2. Give the new clear deadline which will be possible to comply