Creating wearables from NEAR Fashion NFT-collection of Real Things

NEAR Fashion part 2 - creating wearables for NEARhub
is the continue of the project

With this proposal we plan to start gathering 3D-clothes designers through bounty on forum around creating 3D-versions of models from NFT-collection of real things (wearables objects suitable for NEARhub).

we propose to perform any model from 5 as 3d-nft minted on mintbase as well as object that can be integrated to NEARhub as wearable. these are: dresses, skirts, women’s shirts, unisex trousers, unisex T-shirts.

preferences to 3D-artworks will be detailed in separate post about the bounty after approval.

totally we will choose (5) art pieces and will create the 1st metaverse fashion show on nearhub to present it for the NEAR community. it will be decorated with NFT-gallery of real things(clothes from the Collection), DJ-stream and NFT-gift-drop to guests.
The Show is planned for the August , we’re going to perform maximum preparations for it in July:

  • to collect specifications and example of model from NEARhub and to open bounty on forum “repeat NEAR Fashion NFT-collection of real things in 3D-NFT”
  • to maintain the bounty and create voting by community
  • to create 3D-accessory for the collection as gift in NEARhub
  • to open bounty hiring DJs for it - we’ll collect 4 DJsets 30-minutes each
  • to connect to nearhub spaces to make an agreement with one about holding Fashion Show with designers wearables and NFT-gallery of real things
  • to create mini-tutorial of how to wear clothes in NEARhub - small tutorial will be composed, minted and attached to enter of the event to make it easier to wear costume on avatar in nearhub
  • to prepare CV parcel of GoaDAO with teleport-button to NEARhub space with show there, and to create 1 accessory-wearable for fashion-collection that will be gifted to every visitor of Show at goadao CV parcel


  • number of participants in 3D-NFT(wearables for NEARhub) creation bounty
  • number of social media engagements of posts about the project - like share reposts
  • number of participants in DJ-hiring bounty
  • number of designers that will join to NEAR Fashion community and clarification of issue about the DAO for that movement


  • gathering NEAR community around creating wearables for common use it in NEARhub
  • gathering NEAR community around Fashion design
  • co-creating the first NEAR metaverse Fashion Show in collaborative way with other DAOs)
  • with the help of social media (Instagram Reels and Twitter giveaways) to invite fashion designers and 3D-designers from outside of NEAR ecosystem, to onboard them on NEAR

Tasks and Funding details:

  • rewardings for creating each 3d-clothes/models and accessory for NFT-gift (100 usd * 5) + 50 usd = 550 usd
  • get connected to neathub spaces to make agreement about one to perform the show, to pay rental in case DAOs will ask that - 100 usd
  • to prepare goadao cv parcel to fashion show and to create 1 accessory-wearable that will be gifted to every visitor of goadao CV parcel - 200 usd
  • tutorial how to wear 3D-clothes in NEARhub (composed and minted) - 100 usd
  • management and PR - 300 usd

Total Requested Funding Amount: 1300 usd

for Fashion Show in August

  • 1 accessory-wearable is gifting to everyone who came to CV parcel of GoaDAO and to NEARhub Show

  • DJ stream there
    – setup - 100 usd
    – rewards to hired DJs through bounty on forum
    4 DJs *30min set/50 usd = 200 usd (they provide with prerecorded sets)

  • create NFT from event (screen recording of show in metaverse, editing, minting) and gift-drop it to guests - 150 usd
    It will be created memory- NFT from event that once everyone who attended will be able to claim

  • TBD


Common 3XR-gallery of the whole Collection :
Limited Edition NFT-Collection of Real Things by manumission.near | CUSTOM 3XR

Consists of :
5 real Dresses gallery

5 real Skirts gallery

15 real T-shirts gallery

5 real Woman’s T-shirts gallery

5 real Trousers gallery

on Mintbase

NEAR Fashion store on Mintbase

fashionstore.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

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