Creating arabic community

I have a business proposal its about promoting an Arabic community for your project including :

supporting your project at twitter.

Translating all your news to the Arabic community.

We would like to introduce the best projects like your project for the Arabs , Coz we believe in this field , we want to take the Arabs for the best future with Crypto field.

and we are a crypto enthusiastic team and we are here to spread news and know ledge about cryptocurrencies in the middle east …

We held many projects sucha as @zignalyAR

We are Team

Crypto loverz We are a professional team of Arabic CMs that aim to increase the Arabic spot on the crypto map in the world.

We would like to offer you a deal that will benefit the currency and the Arab

We would like to create an Arabic community

We have some project we worked on before

Our Plan

1- Promoting the project in our own community will increase the number of people in the official group and Twitter of the currency and let arab know more about the project.

2 - we can add about +1000 active members monthly to the Arabic community .

3 - we will make various competitions along the month which will attract more and

4 - Answering any questions about the project from anybody even if it’s not arab

5 - We have a professional team ready to work 24 hours~

6 - Translating and publishing all project news in the Arabic community .

7 - spread the project among the Middle East and the Arab regions , increasing its fame !

I hope that you will be interested in my proposal , Thank you !


i knew there are arabic community but there are not any admin or support on the community and the chat is locked :blush:


Sounds great! Thank you!

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@MostafaLotfy why is the NEAR Arabia community chat locked? Can you work with @ahmed11122333 on a plan?


Hello Ahmed, Please get in touch with us, me and @MostafaLotfy on twitter or telegram @near_arabic


Hi Shreyas, the group is now open, we had to close it for a while to prevent the spam attacks.
Sure, we will contact with @ahmed11122333 soon.
Thank you.

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you had already closed the chat since 18 days , the spam is not justified
the support must become online 24/7 and i can provide the group with team can do this

you promised the community a monthly increase in the number of members a whole year ago but u did not do anything of this
even u did not write any reports since 1 yearyou must write monthly reports .
Excuse me you did not deserve your silary or community management
because you did not achieve any goal on your work

My friend,
Let me answer a few points and Mostafa can continue.

1- First this is not a 24/7 official technical support group, it is a community and group admins can take whatever decisions they see the best at specific times, and closing posting in the group was just a temporary action. And we already communicated that with the group members. Also, the admin account is visible to everyone, anyone can contact anytime.

2- We don’t get salaries for a work we don’t do. If there was a stop at specific times, that means we didn’t submit new work at that time and we did not work for this period. I guess @MostafaLotfy can answer this better than me as I just merged efforts this month.

There is no need to this aggressive tone my friend.

@ahmed11122333 , u can also check this NEAR Arabic ( Arabia + In-Arabic join efforts)


At NEAR, we cooperate with each other, and work together for a common goal, so there’s no room for an inappropriate attack like that.
I have not received - nor requested - any funding for a year, so all of your claims are invalid.
we always provide support to the users on Telegram and hold events and much more.
Also, we recently partnered with NEAR Starter to support them and we merged efforts with NEAR In-Arabic.