NEAR Arabic ( Arabia + In-Arabic join efforts)

Hey Community,

We are NEAR Arabic (formerly NEAR in Arabic and NEAR Arabia)

Me and @MostafaLotfy decided to merge our efforts to have one interface for the Arab World. Here is our new plan and organization style.

NEAR Arabic’s Mission

  • Educate on NEAR in Arabic.
  • Help graduating NEAR blockchain developers from the Arab world.
  • Share NEAR updates with the Arab world in Arabic.

What we do

  • Arabic articles and tutorials on NEAR
  • Competition “Learn to Earn” to adopt general public to the NEAR
  • Competition “Develop to Earn” to adopt developers to build on NEAR
  • Webinars
  • Online Courses
  • Workshops and Face-to-Face sessions
  • more…

Social Media

  • Twitter (maps @nearprotoocl account to Arabic + share news and events)
  • Telegram (general community discussions and major updates)
  • Facebook (maps @nearprotoocl account to Arabic + share news and events)
  • YouTube (video tutorials, courses, and more)
  • Discord (general and development community discussions)

Ongoing Work:

  • Translate and share Twitter’s @NEARProtocol to our social media channels
  • Share important news and updates from NEAR’s community to our social media channels in Arabic.
  • Suggested: bi-monthly learn to earn competition
  • Suggested: NEAR Certified Developer | Arabic Edition
  • Suggested: Quarterly app development contests

Our KPIs

  • NEAR User Adoption.
    • How many NEAR users got landed on the NEAR community
  • NEAR Developer Adoption.
    • How many Arabic-speaking developers currently able to build on NEAR
  • NEAR Ecosystem Growth
    • How many new apps are developed in NEAR with ideas generated from the Arabic community.

We created this sheet to keep track of all KPIs/Numbers.

You are welcome to join us:

  • If you are building anything in Arabic.

  • If you have any suggestions or ideas to share with us.

  • If you are interested to work with us.



I want do the same but with a Brazillian community how steps here I need follow to create a Guild or community?