CPG Update: Suspension of Activities

Dear NEAR Community,

Following two years of operations, the CPG has opted to halt its activities indefinitely. This decision was reached after extensive discussions with CPG members regarding our treasury’s state. Having supported five projects during this period, and in light of the current market dynamics, our financial resources no longer permit continued operations.

Over our two-year journey, we have funded projects such as NYM, Zecrey, Zero Pool, Incognito, and Unicrow, all of which have since become operational. Concurrently, our digital presence has seen growth; we’ve enhanced our social media reach, offered marketing assistance to various NEAR projects, produced 25 blogs, and facilitated over 30 Twitter spaces.

However, the current funding constraints do not allow us to remain operational, therefore we are pausing the guild’s activities for the foreseeable future.

We will continue observing the development surrounding Zecrey and Unicrow, two projects we have invested in, specifically in light of their upcoming token launches. Their progress may influence our subsequent decisions regarding the Guild’s trajectory.

In the meantime, our gratitude goes out to the entire community for your unwavering support and understanding throughout these years.

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Maybe NDC a the way to recover the
operations :blush: