[APPROVED] C1 TV Workshop November budget

Hello forum we’ve been sponsoring Creators on C1 Guild TV Workshop, in terms of creating Arts and Audio NFTs, including educating people on how to create them on their own such as Productions, mixing & mastering of Music, and various forms of contents which has been enlarging our community and making it a famous place of learning and centre of crafts introducing people to NEAR Protocol, NFTs and MINTING, @Dedeukwu already submitted the metrics of how october went, and we are already moving on to engage people and support them in creating ARTs most especially live painting , for the month of November we will be needing $1000/ 88 $NEAR to carry the project.

The projects are all going to be minted by 25 NOVEMBER 2021 which id gonna be placed in our C1 Guild Auction house on mintbase.

Wallet : sterryo.near

@jcb @Dedeukwu


Move straight to the ASTRODAO once approved bro!! :rocket: