[Concluded] **“Sonoro – a curatorial challange”**

“Sonoro – a curatorial challange”

Proponent : Ghini

NEAR account for payment: ghini.near

Project Timeline: August, 20 – August, 30

Objective :

The goal of this proposal is to write one article of 500 words:

“Sonoro – a curatorial challange”

based on my experience as curator of the Sonoro exhibition, that will take place in August at FEMINU Gallery in Voxels.


Even in the physical world it is not often that we come across an exhibition of sound art. In August in the FEMINU Gallery will happen probably the first exhibition exclusively of sound art in Voxels which I will curate with the help of @RaffaGomes , an artist who is doing a master’s degree in sound art in Barcelona and will be the organizer of the exhibition.

The challenge that this represents for me in terms of curatorship, motivated me to think of writing an article about this experience, so that among other things, it will serve as a historical record.

My skils:

I have an artistic career that includes several international exhibitions and is about to complete 20 years. Since the beginning of my experience with NFTs, I became interested in curating exhibitions in the metaverse, having been one of the curators of BrazucasNFT, the largest exhibition of NFTs by Brazilians until then, I held several solo shows at cryptovoxels, and recently, I idealized, organized and curated FEMINU, which included 60 artists among cis women, trans women, non-binary women and transvestites. Both Brazucas and FEMINU had the expography carefully planned and especially praised in terms of its originality.

Project and Timeline:

In order to fulfill the objective, I intend to write:

“Sonoro – a curatorial challange”

Budget: 130 USD will be required for the article, paid to ghini.near

TOTAL : 130 USD in near


capa SONORO artigos

Report: SONORO: a curatorial challenge

August 2022

Project Name: SONORO: a curatorial challenge

Project Status: [ concluded ]

Objective :

The goal of this proposal was to write one article of 500 words:

“Sonoro – a curatorial challange”

Based on my experience as curator of the Sonoro exhibition, that was opened in August, 28 at FEMINU Gallery in Voxels.


The project has exceeded its expectations, also bringing the realization of a space in Voxels, whose link was inserted in the article, eternalizing the curatorship held and the sound experience provided by the exhibition SONORO**

Two articles were made, one in Portuguese with 763 words, two images and a link and one translated to English with 788 words, two images and a link.

A space is being built in the voxels metaverse and will be inaugurated on September 15th, to eternalize the SONORO Exhibition and the link is already present in the article.

** Links:**



Space (in construction):



1 article in portuguese

1 article translated to english

2 new Near NFTs in the Writer’s Guild Store

1 space in the Voxels metaverse**


It’s a great achievement when an article surpasses its limits bringing new ideas and realizations as it was the case of this one with the space that is being built at Voxels metaverse.

Accounting (Still to be paid):

130USD in DAI to ghini.near