[Concluded] Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events in June

Proponent : Ghini
NEAR account for payment: ghini.near

Project Timeline: June 1 th – June 30 th 2022

Objective :

The goal of this proposal is to continue the curatorial advisory for all exhibitions and cultural events to be developed by Gambiarra store and publications on social networks, in the month of June, as detailed below.


Gambiarra store has held several cultural and artistic activities every month, some of them already known to the community for their constancy, such as the MintbaseSunday, and we are occupying 3 floors on a leased parcel for free and realizing several exhibitions every month.

The importance of having a curator in these artistic events is that the curator’s sharp eye establishes different clippings, create interesting design exhibitions, and unusual encounters between artists, which together form a language of their own to instigate visitors.

I guess it is interesting to read my May report ([Approved] Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events on May - #2 by Ghini) to figure out everything that was done: four exhibitions, one in each floor and one on the side of the building. In three of them I did the design and assembly and the other one, I did the curatorial work also, totalizing 41 NFTs minted on Near blockchain exhibited artworks.

For the month of June, I intend to continue with this work planning 3 exhibitions to be assembled.

In the ground floor there will be the “Gambiarra GIFs Exhibition” , with 12 GIFs . There will be a page in our Discord so the artists can post their artwork as a submission for the exhibition.

In the second and third floors there will some other exhibition approved by the community within the proposals for June.

We’ll also have the “Gambiarra DAO Invites” event, the newest curatorial implement which is to invite other DAOs to exhibit on the sides of the Gambiarra Gallery building, in a collaborative movement between DAOs, in order to provide an exhibition space within the cryptovoxels metaverse for DAOs that do not have a gallery there. This month of July the invited DAO will be The Clan DAO.


In order to fulfill the objective, I intend:

- planning and general organization based on the approval proposals

- get in touch with every proponent to discuss the needs of each proposal and make the necessary choices and decisions to organize and realize the exhibition;

- in order to organize and assembly the “Gambiarra DAO Invites”, work together with @macieira who is in touch with The Clan DAO and doing the curatorship for this event.

- continue to chose the highlitghs for the permanent exhibition that will take place on the ground floor, in this month the “Gambiarra GIFs Exhibition”.

- continue to do the metaarchitectural work in the building, as needed, especially in the ground floor that will have a renovation to receive the GIFs.

Budget (May): 500 USD will be required, paid to ghini.near

TOTAL: 500 USD in near

Artistic name: Ghini

Traditional, digital and NFT Artist, curator and poet.

Gambiarra DAO council, FEMINU DAO council.

FEMINU curator, Brazucas NFT curator, both historical exhibitions in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels metaverse.

NFT’s exhibitions in New York (NFT.NYC 22), Art Basel Miami Week 22 and several exhibitions at Cryptovoxels Metaverse.

Physical artworks exhibited in Museums in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Lithuania.

This year I will publish my first book of poems.

Links: @ghini_ar | Linktree

My skils:

I have an artistic career that includes several international exhibitions and is about to complete 20 years. Since the beginning of my experience with NFTs, I became interested in curating exhibitions in the metaverse, having been one of the curators of BrazucasNFT, the largest exhibition of NFTs by Brazilians until then, I held several solo shows at cryptovoxels, and recently, I idealized, organized and curated FEMINU, which included 60 artists among cis women, trans women, non-binary women and transvestites. Both Brazucas and FEMINU had the expography carefully planned and especially praised in terms of its originality.


Hi Ghini … your work is excellent within Gambiarra. This curatorial work along with the construction of the gallery has been adding value, growth and networking very good for our Dao and our community.
It will be a pleasure to see this project with us again, because it is already part of Gambiarra.
Best regards.

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My pleasure @Dazo, to work with you all. I am very proud of our community. Thank you for your words.

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Project Report

Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events

Project Status: Concluded

Project Accounting: The main objective of this project was to continue the curatorial work for the Gambiarra store due to the many events and the great number of artists that compose the store.

Timeline, highlights and analytics:

First of all, I’d like to highlight that we had a 70% increase in the number of the NFTs exposed in the Gambiarra Gallery.

The first exhibition in the Gambiarra Gallery was the Green Exhibition with 24 NFTs , in the second floor. To assembly this exhibition, I had the help of my friend @macieira that set it alone because I had a health issue. Macieira is an artist that works tirelessly for the community. When he new I wasn’t well to do the work, he volunteered and when I offer to give him part of my payment he refused.

We have been talking a lot in the community about adding value to the Near Foundation and I think one of the values that is being built by Gambiarra is a strong group that strives to build things for the community and spread Near’s name in their events and social media posts, both from DAO and individual artists, doing onboardings for various exhibitions, moving the Near Blockchain with many mints and sales of works, which will be seen in the metrics of our overall report.

Green Exhibition:

The next exhibition was the 7th MintbaseSunday curatorial selection of 21 NFTs , and assembly in the 3th floor. All the artists of this edition were represented by at least one art.

The third exhibition took place in the ground floor, that was totally remodeled to house the
Back to 80’s exhibition that received 16 NFTs with the 80’s theme, whose opening included a Metatronic party organized by @Isa_Danoninho in which almost 300 visitors attended, which represents an incredible mark.

In a joint work with FEMINU Gallery, whose curatorship I am also responsible for, I established a space between the two buildings in which Isa installed a dance floor in the 80’s style, increasing the event’s area, I put the big screen in FEMINU’s building and restructured all the meta-architecture of Gambiarra Gallery’s first floor, installing large glass exhibition plaques between some red columns that delimited the party and exhibition space, in a welcoming way without creating a visual barrier to the beautiful surroundings of the Vibes by the C neighborhood. A perfect example of how the work of metaarchitecture, exhibition design and curation in conjunction with a well-planned and executed party can bring immense gains to an artistic cultural event, providing great visibility for the artistic community and possibility for growth within Near’s blockchain.

“Gambiarra DAO Invites”, this month, housed again, as a cooperative work at no cost, Octopode DAO’s Brazilian Music Near Project, with 8 new NFTs , wich was sensational, one more time.

In addition to all these events, I participated in the curation of the B&W exhibition Bounty, which awarded 16 artists (16 NFTs minted at Gambiarra’s store) and whose exhibition will be installed on the second floor, scheduled openning on July 3rd, after FEMINU’s move from the building.

The result exceeded the mains tasks proposed by this project. Summary of the work done in June:

  • planning and general organization based on the approval proposals .

  • get in touch with every proponent to discuss the needs of each proposal and make the necessary choices and decisions to organize and realize the event ;

- establish a great design for the exhibition that took place on the ground floor.

- metaarchitectural work in the building.

I owe the success of the proposal, among other things, to the fact that the curatorial work, exhibition design and metaarchitecture were carried out in an integrative and conceptual way, which made a lot of difference and the result can be seen in these four exhibitions that totalize 69 (sixty nine) NFTs exhibited , representing a 70% increase over last month.

The GIF’s exhibition in the ground floor had to be postponed because there were 3 exhibitions from the proposals to be assembly in the building, lefting no space for one more. As this exhibition would be the curator’s choice and no proposal involved in it, this one was the one left out. In July we will have one more floor because the Aquarium FEMINU will be moving for the neighbor building, so if the number of inside building exhibitions proposals approved is less than 4, the GIF’s exhibition will be organized, because I have to attend the members approved events for Gambiarra DAO in first place.

Back to 80’s - ground floor: (16 NFts)

Green Exhibition - second floor - (24 NFTs)

MintbaseSunday 7th Edition curatorial – third floor- (21 NFTs)

Gambiarra DAO Invites: (8 NFTs)