Community Team Weekly Updates (Week of January 17)

Happy Friday, NEARkats!

Things are moving along and we’re pretty pumped about our goals this quarter.

Next week’s priorities are as follows:

  • Identify Top 3 Projects to support this quarter
  • Distribute onboarding survey for users in the month of January
  • Finalize updated Reporting Format for Community Concierge
  • Add new Calendly Round-Robin options + data integrations
  • Introduce Calendly Processes to Moderators
  • Regional Guilds BluePrint draft
  • Updated Guild Reporting Support
  • Drafting this quarter’s campaigns
  • work with Jess, Erika, and INC4 to publish the first of 8 Guild Stories

I also want to give a quick shout out to the Community Concierge (moderators). They’ve been doing great work over the past few months and are ramping up to accomplish more! :muscle:

Wishing everyone a restful weekend, let’s kick more ass next week!


Thank you @jcatnear for this burst of enthusiasm and positive energy around the launch of the Q1 Initiatives! :rocket:

My work plan for next week is as follows:

I-carry over from last week, ‘pending completion’

  • Complete the implementation of the new payout process with @mecsbecs (support the implementation of KYC application)
  • Communicate the next steps to implement the Community-driven DAOs structure
  • Review the Strategy Plans from @shreyas and @mecsbecs

II- Next week’s priorities:

  • Complete a thorough roadmap with the team

  • Review and shortlist Tier 1 Guilds eligible for Guilds Grant Program :white_check_mark:

  • Consolidate onramp process and experience NEAR-OWS :white_check_mark:

  • Review plan to improve Forum moderation :white_check_mark:

  • Confirm Q1 Budget to execute on OKRs

  • Start Performance Review process :white_check_mark:

  • Complete the hiring of new Community Team member :white_check_mark:


@jcatnear Would you like to tag the person that will initiate this post next week? :smiley:

Howdy all :wave:

Next week’s priorities are as follows:

  • Assemble the NEAR Wiki SEAL Team Six (name in progress) and coordinate a Wiki plan with onboarded writers and volunteers
  • Start work on implementing the ‘next steps’ from this forum post:
  • Finalise (hopefully) the previous Forum initiatives of Q4 '21 (Translation, docs, forum software upgrade)

  • Work with the MarketingDAO to complete the SLA doc and publish

  • Update outdated guides to reflect the upcoming new payout process

  • Plan and prepare for the DeFi workshop with CreativesDAO.

  • Plan DaveFi


Thanks @jcatnear :v:

Next week’s priorities are as follows:

  • Copper onboarding (manually going through requests whilst we wait for the automation to be fixed soon!)
  • Guilds Platform strategy publicized (update on progress, phases, next steps, potential incentives)
  • Create the Focus / advisory group for guilds platform led by chronear
  • Define role of OWS, distinguish product/service overlap with Guilds onboarding project
  • Finalise resources and timelines for onboarding funnel project (input from external agency)
  • Work with JC and ops team to publish the first of 8 Guild Stories (blog + socials)
  • New template for monthly forum posts update on forum plus the First “Guilds Highlights” Report published (qualitative and quantitive data) with help from @simeon4real and @chronear :unicorn:

Happy Friday and happy mid-month!

Next week I’ll be focusing on:

  • Actively wrapping up 30-day Team milestones capture for the Community Team Q1 Road map and pushing forward into 60-90 days in collaboration with @shreyas @olga
  • ETHDenver Community Activations: confirming schedule and content with @jlwaugh [have a Thurs. 20 deadline for all preliminary conversations to be completed]
  • Solidifying and publicizing the Info Team 2022 strategy (in close collaboration with @shreyas)
  • Helping @grace and Guilds Team to finalize the Guilds Tier 1 & Tier 2 applicant assessment parameters and timeline
  • Focus group testing for the KYC integration being built by Education to add the missing full identity verification piece to our new payout process
  • Completing the draft of the brief the DAO Working Group’s first use case of NEARWEEK and the NEWS DAO (next meeting is this coming Thursday, turns out it wasn’t this week after all)


My priorities for next week:

  • publish NEAR Meet governance update with detailed project plans
    • flexible branding as “NEAR Community Events” with NEAR Meet DAO
    • leverage MoonBase Discord bot for experiments to drive participation
    • initial request for proposals to daovelop events guild app
      • opportune collaboration with Guilds platform
  • helping coordinate ETHDenver community activations
    • Aurora NFTs Corner
    • Womxn Brunch + DAOversity
    • Human Guild-a-thon
    • NearHub Storylines
    • “In Rust We Trust”
  • leading Governauts: open community exploring the DAOverse
  • share project plan for developing more open groups in DAOs
    • propose adding new group(s) for Guilds here: Astro
      • could involve a flexible tiering system
    • create guide for adding open community groups to DAOs (example)
    • introduce DAO members-only channels in NEAR Discord, etc.
  • iterate on this proposal for Community-driven Ecosystem DAOs

This week’s priorities:

  • 2022 team strategy with Rebecca
  • Guilds platform progress and analytics timeline with Datrics team.
  • Onboarding new guilds
  • Sync with partners from last year like Fracton Ventures, Arroz, Lumos Labs etc to understand their roadmap for the year.
  • Sync with guilds team + ES team to better understand how we can work together.
  • Guilds team sync to align on priorities and progress check in.

Still down with covid so taking this week, so taking things slow. :turtle: