[Community Discussion] How are anonymous community members beneficial to the governance forum?

How are anonymous accounts Gatekeepers? I am not imposing my authority through a pre-established identity, nor do I have any official decision making power. I am an anon from the community, asking honest questions.

To answer your question - the value that the anon accounts bring is directly proportional to the quality of the questions they ask.

  • Are the questions fair and reasonable? Then they bring value.
  • Are the questions bringing out serious issues that need to be addressed, even if they make some people uncomfortable? Then they bring A LOT of value
  • Are they just sharing offensive memes and spreading conspiracy theories? Probably lower on the value scale.

They should assume that the anon person asking questions is part of the NEAR Core team and grant them the basic decency of responding in a concise and respectful way. No one is beyond questioning.



agree. However, I feel that as long as NF is still involved in the organization of these systems the community should first and foremost engage with it and demand fairness. Going after individuals who abuse influence misses the point, most of the times.


If that would be the case it would be a terrible sign. NF has deployed the verticals with an even more ambiguous structure than they have now…


Chicken and the egg situation. Why would the NF pay attention, or even suspect anything is going wrong when the community is entirely silent? Worst, gladly chirping along?

NF responds to community. There is this concept of going up the Chain of Command.

First you riase concerns with other community members, see what they think. (Most members I’ve spoken to think a lot of Creatives DAO proposals are crap)

Then you raise concerns with the projects (Most of my questions to these projects are flagged, hidden, and never answered. Now there are even separate threads seeking even more cencorship).

Then you raise your questions and concerns to decision makers. My questions and feedback on the proposal to reform creatives has also been flagged, hidden and never addressed. Coordinated attacks to suppress the truth and bring in accountability.

Then escalate to the Foundation, who should’ve been more involved and intervened earlier.

I just don’t think it is fair to give a free pass to everyday operators just because they are ‘meant to be supervised’ by a larger entity. Every single person along the chain of command needs to assume responsibility or step down.


For the clearance of any doubt, I am too smart to work at the NF :sweat_smile:

That doesn’t change my point, questions should be answered regardless of who asks them.


ahhaha :stuck_out_tongue:

well, when I was council of the Creatives Dao, last december, I tried often calling out unfair situations and abuse and was either ignored or told each dao/vertical had absolute power to make decisions…

So while I understand the chain of command, I do not think those in the verticals have enough support and, bc the system allows for abuse, abuse happens. I try not to individualize guilt when the system is flawed


i think anonymity is good to some extent but doesn’t favor us past a point. someone just trying to test the waters and figure things out can stay anonymous, but once it comes to gate keeping and moderation? i don’t think that helps the ecosystem in anyway.

on another hand, some people have all the right intentions, but deal with a lot of anxiety.
maybe more kyc’s would help, this way they remain “anon”, but the system would “know” them.


NF people failed experiment with NDC and now are trying to demolish the balance in Community between Vertical DAOs (less than 1% of total NF expenses) and Community which had consensus before. These two verticals have been working excellently, been a gorgeous example of transparency for the Near Foundation grants team (we have never seen any reports, and 75% of granted apps are not working) and regional hubs Sancore, Balkans, etc. (we have never seen any reports, Sancore hub leadership refuses to contact with African local guilds and contributors).

@illia @marieke.flament can you ask Near Foundation to stop these experiments?

I am personally don’t have money to pay my bills because all payments put on pause.

Than ex-NF employee and CEO @erik.near got 1.5M Near. Is it fair? Why are ex-NF employees more valuable to Near Foundation then community?

I totally agree with this submission…I think proper identification and transparency will help people to communicate freely without any kind of fear


Community members have been brainstorming on NDC and positive growth has been visible. So, in what way has it failed already?

Have you been on any of the NDC working group calls?


I think the concern should be if work is done appropriately or not. There is a level to which a certain person can remain anon but still look known to everyone based on their work rate.

Another question that answers this is; what’s is the direction of the question? Are the question demanding accountability or just throwing shades and raising dust that comes from nowhere?

I believe once the focus of the questions are gotten, the originator of the proposal can either ignore or flag such a statement/question.

I can’t agree less with this. You look at some activities there and wonder what is happening.

One of my major concern is how same group of people wonder about in different DAOs as council members and have proposals that doesn’t hold water.

Another question is; are most DAOs that take funding from CreativeDAOs actually DAOs?

However, I believe the NF’s recent call with creativeDAO mods to make things better.


I think you’re not aware of what’s happening. You can see some group activities because leaders (ex nf employees) got grants to “create” the activities.


I think we’re in a Decentralized system where everyone has the right to speak his mind. If someone doesn’t feel satisfied about any report, I think it’s not bad to air their views. If the approach was rude you can flag as rude or inappropriate.


what about a 3rd party service like doxxd https://www.doxd.io/

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Educate me and also provide proof to the community on this.
It will help everyone know what is going on btw


Unfortunately flag and private message with moderators solves 0% of cases. I know, I’m still waiting for statements about abuse I suffered on this forum and nothing happens… :person_shrugging:


Ex NF employees got grants for ndc and using other near contributions for free.


hey do you know this for a fact?


Maybe not more valuable but easily more trust worthy

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The problem is that they are always rude most times,the arguments don’t even relate to the proposal.
It always feels like one person is creating multiple accounts just to question everything that is not going their way and if appropriate answers are given, they’ll ask questions or bring things not relating to the topic just to make the proposal look bad.