[Collaboration] NEAR NFT Club X ITSMYNE

NEAR NFT Club is proud to announce the collaboration with ITSMYNE Guild.

During the period of collaboration, the NEAR NFT Club will be actively working with the ITSMYNE team to achieve the below-mentioned targets.

  • Increasing the visibility on social media and Telegram from NEAR NFT Club Channels.
  • Identifying the digital artists and NFT creators to help co-create NFTs with the brands/publishers ITSMYNE is partnered with.
  • Onboarding a group of NFT enthusiasts to become beta users of ITSMYNE, the core product when it launches in November.
  • Guest blogging contributions on website and blog posts.
  • Including weekly highlights in NEAR NFT Weekly
  • Joint posts/retweets/shares on social accounts for cross visibility

All the above-mentioned points are already discussed and agreed upon during the meeting between @naveen_in and @AtharvaITSMYNE conducted on 16th September.


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