[Closed] YouTube weekly show + "Guides to NEAR"

Hello NEAR Community,

My name is Anton, and I am a crypto-YouTuber from Ukraine.

In a few episodes, I covered the projects from the NEAR ecosystem.

Here are some good words about my videos from big projects:

I propose to create a weekly show about the NEAR ecosystem. The draft name is “NEAR SPACE.” Such a name comes to my mind because I am a Web3 Pilot who helps onboard new users and helps them navigate through the crypto space.

There are two formats I suppose to create:

  1. Weekly show in 5-10 mins format, covering the main news.
    The main idea is to keep people engaged in the life of the NEAR ecosystem. Also, to encourage them to use new services, play metaverse games, etc.
    It also can be some fun formats like parties in Metaverse, challenges, and quizzes.

  2. “Guide to the NEAR” - episodes with step-by-step tutorials on using services from the NEAR ecosystem. I am trying to do it in a fun, optimistic way.
    There always will be some things to cover in this area:
    “How to use service,” “One service VS another,” “TOP-5 services,” and “How to play Metaverse.”
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My vision:
I am focused on onboarding new users to crypto. And give them guides on how to safely use services, get some yield onchain and interact with others. In the NEAR future, I am preparing for a deep dive into the Metaverse projects.

What I am not going to do is to talk about price and give trading recommendations. Also, there is no room for scam projects on my channels.

The short version of the proposal:
Four “NEAR Space” weekly show episodes per month;
Four “Guides to the NEAR” per month.
I am asking for the equivalent of $2400 per month.
That’s a lot of work to do, and it, obviously, doesn’t cover all the expenses. But I am ready for the endeavor to contribute to the future of NEAR. If everything goes well, we can reevaluate the budget after three months.

Thanks for considering my proposal! I am open to discussion and constructive critics.

See you on web3!

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Thanks for your proposal. $2.5K is not a reasonable reward for your YouTube channels (128 and 256 subscribers)…

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What you said is absolutely true if we talk about advertising on these channels.
But my offer is to create content. Therefore I sent examples of it on my channels so you can understand the quality.
Because in despite of a low number of subscribers, some of my posts get more than 10 000-12 000 impressions on YouTube + Twitter.
Also, you can see how search-optimized the videos are and check their positions.
But anyway, I got your point. I am planning to make some videos anyway, but perhaps it would be at a lower scale.
Thanks for spending your time on my proposal.

No problem. Have a great day!

As a filmmaker myself, I totally understand that creating quality videos takes a lot of time, money, and skill. Especially since you’re talking about a weekly series. Content creation is different than advertising, but there is definitely cross over and essentially its all advertising for the NEAR ecosystem at the end of the day so I can understand @Dacha position on this as well.

Google has such a stronghold on views and it’s nearly impossible now to get massive viewership without paying for placements or having press outlets promote you. Would a portion of this budget be allocated toward advertising or media placements within Youtube?

What do you think about starting with a shorter/less work intensive version of this and evolving the episodes into something bigger over time? You could start with a smaller budget and grow it.

A cool idea could be: Apply the same ideas you’ve presented above, but release them in really short and simple videos on IG reels or TikTok. You could shoot and edit them in far less time while taking advantage of the app algorithms to grow your viewership.

Just my humble opinion


Thanks for such a profound response. Appreciate it!

I understand that growing an audience without advertising or media placements is next to impossible. About 25-30% of the budget would be allocated to it.

About the shorter version is a good hint. That is what I am going to do. But the end game for me is growing the YouTube channel. So Shorts/Reels/TikTok are just the ways to boost the audience. But the full episodes should be on YouTube.

So I plan to start with a shorter format for YouTube videos and expand them to Shorts/TikTok.

I will post links here soon. And if it goes well, after some time, we can come back to the question of the funding.

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Hi @web3pilot,

Agreed with @Dacha. I think there’s a ton of potential with building up a channel but it’s just too early and given the lower metrics it’s not possible to justify the expense.

It’s a no from me.

Thanks for your proposal.

It is hard for Marketing DAO to asses content applications before they materialise. I do note that you have provided examples of videos made for other ecosystems, but entering NEAR would require you to familiarise yourself with the projects, trends, community, etc. It is not possible for me to tell what the quality of the expected content would be.

It is important to consider that we have an increasing number of active and committed community members creating content for a while without remuneration (‘passion project’) and only after they do they become eligible for and seek funding.

Unfortunately, I believe it is too early to fund this project. I would encourage you to continue creating content and come back in the future when there is more traction. The NEAR community is very supportive, look up the #NEARisNOW hashtag on twitter to connect with a lot of content makers and community members that can support you

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Thanks for your comprehensive response!
All of you just said is true. As I mentioned, I will make content, and let’s see how it plays out.
By the way, the community is amazingly supportive. Some people reached out with good words, encouraging me not to slow down with creating content.
Thanks for the support!