[Closed] Young Fresh Dao June 2022 Budget overview

Yep, I see you are doing a great onboarding. We will need to keep the track of those Nearcomers so we can follow their contributions, we should add the most active into our DAOs too, and they can prove they are real by presenting themselves in the Meeting post

So, in this sense, we will like to know more about all of those Neareans you had onboarded and what are your plans to keep them close and active?

You should take advantage of this month to build a stronger proposal and take our feedback for good as you are doing. We wait for your July proposal. This one is rejected by the Moderators basically because we get confused by the double DAO situation and we want to receive better report regarding the follow-up of the Nearcomers.

Again, I encourage you to participate in the Near Certified Creatives, maybe as Ambassadors to help us with the onboarding there.

Big hug!


Thank you so much @FritzWorm , I really appreciate your mentorship and guidance, I will introduce newly onboarded neareans to the meeting point, so they can get to introduce and familiarize with the other Daos .
Thank you for acknowledging our efforts, I also promise to yield to all your advices
I will absolutely love to help expand the near certified creatives community and onboard new members.
I would also love to schedule a phone call or a zoom meeting with you on
our goals for the coming month and with onboarding of new members in the near certified creatives community.
Thank you so much @FritzWorm @hevertonharieno @ted :white_heart::white_heart:
@FritzWorm Lastly my heart skipped 2 beats when I was about to read this reply .hehehehehe