[Closed] Young Fresh Dao June 2022 Budget overview

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Hello @larkim. Happy to see a new proposal by you. Can you explain for us the question that @FritzWorm did to you on the report?

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Hi , I’m sorry @FritzWorm @hevertonharieno .it was a typo error mistake from me. Here is it


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Here is the Metrics of our achievements and success in 2 months

  • Creation of wallets and onboarding of 230 new members and creatives

  • Physical music concert with over 80 people in attendance, we have a record of their emails, all to be onboarded by June


*3 music NfTs on our mintbase store
*214 community members

Our Plan for the month of june :

*Creation of more music and arts contents on our store
*Onboarding and creation of wallets for 500 new members to our community
*Strong Interaction with community members
*Build our YouTube channel , target is 300 subscribers
*Save Some funds for acquiring our live music session studio space.
Thank you @hevertonharieno @FritzWorm
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Hello Hello :slight_smile:, can you provide a link to your socials partner? All.

Thank you for your response @FritzWorm.
Here are links to my social media page
Instagram :.


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Hey @larkim , I noticed that on both NEAR x ART DAO and Young Fresh Creatives there are 3 of the same council members. With very similar outputs, I wonder if you have considered if there is a need for the two DAOs to exist separately, and if so what value does that hold to the DAO, its individual members, and the NEAR ecosystem? CC: invite for @Supercoolkay & @Bimpsyy to join the conversation.

Near X Art:


Young Fresh:


Linking in the Near x Art DAO funding proposal for June here for reference:

Hi @ted.iv
Although I am a council member for both DAO s their mission, vision and output are entirely different and I think there is a huge benefit to them being separate.

With Young Fresh DAO, their focus is on the youths, student and all the activities includes but are not limited to the following:
A. Creation of music
B. Organization of live events
C. On-boarding members
D. Hosting competitions in the music/art space ( note the competitions here are not limited to art only)
E. Fostering relationships with youth and having a live space which is part of the sustainability goals.

I believe you must have seen the metics and output of the young fresh DAO.

On the other hand the Nearx Art is a DAO that focuses only on art and art expression not music, not youths.

With Nearxart the targets a diverse set of audience which is not limited the youths. They have initiatives all over the world which is not limited to the following;

A. Creation of physical art
B. Selling of both NFT’s and physical art
C. Training
D. Donations to NGO’s and humanitarian causes

In summary, I believe that the diversity in the work and the reach of these two DAO’s is very relevant to the ecosystem so they should exists independently.

As for the council members, that is not a permanent position and as such some members can step out of one of the DAO’s.

Let me know if you still have other questions

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@Bimpsyy thanks for the explanation…

The Near x Art Dao focuses on creating utility with NFT, donation to NGO’s, supporting creatives around the globe, training, creation of physical NFTs of arts, Support pet and wildlife services, crypto voxel and Metaverse events, etc.

@ted.iv echoing what @Bimpsyy said,
Young fresh dao is a home and support for creative students in Nigeria with dreams of expanding worldwide.
Youths are the leaders of tomorrow; hence any concept that favors them in turn promotes continuity and sustainability of the eco system.

Our Initial Goals
Mission: Promotion of the near ecosystem to various campuses in Nigeria
Vision: Empowering the youths and in turn creating sustainability for the Dao and ecosystem

Organizing a monthly live band traditional concert, which we have started already.
When a concert is live, it creates greater connection and provides an ambiance where everyone is connected to the music and the art. We organize a monthly live music event with live bands, diversified African traditional sounds, and costumes to portray the root of Africa music to the world.

Young fresh dao the council member is a fluid thing, it will always be changing as the guild progresses.
I’m happy to answer more questions you may have.
Thank you @ted.iv

@Bimpsyy @larkim @Supercoolkay
I understand there are some different goals involved but overall it seems like education for creatives in web3 is the core concept. Just a suggestion, but combining and organising under one DAO. and dividing this into specific projects in the areas you would like to focus on (the specific target groups mentioned above) project by project seems like it would be a far more efficient way of managing the DAO, and also less confusing for people interacting with the DAO. From here, you could also foster cross collaborations with other DAOs related to these target groups.

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Hi @ted.iv I honestly respect your opinion , but coming together of Young fresh dao and Near x Art Dao will reduce the efficiency budget wise.

For instance: Young fresh dao is fast growing and our target for the month of June is to expand our community to 1000 members, this cannot be achieved without adequate resources put in place, In our first month we devise a means for expanding our community and In the time frame of 2 months we introduced 214 new members to the community and created 230 wallets for new members,

Report from our first month of work

This month which is our 3rd month we plan to hit a grand number of 1000 new members.
We also organised a live music event last month that had over 80 people in attendance, with 60 emails of some of the attendees, plans are set to introduce them to the community this month.
Young fresh dao is already growing on a very strong foundation,with very strong metrics for Nf and set out sustainability plan.
Hi @ted.iv @FritzWorm please let’s evaluate the Daos individually for the coming month .
young fresh dao and near x Art are on a totally different path in the growing of the ecosystem
How about we revisit this in the coming months measuring the individual success and metrics of the Dao.
I’m very confident in our works and the value we create.
Hi @FritzWorm @ted.iv @hevertonharieno , I saw this quote from my dream so I quickly rush to put in
As Humans, we learn new things every time, hehehehe
also as we grow in the ecosystem and the world of decentralization.
I have officially stepped down from from near x Art Dao to focus fully on activities of young fresh dao,
@Bimpsyy will also be stepping down from near x Art to focus on Youngfresh Dao
Also @Supercoolkay has also stepped down from young fresh dao to focus on near x Art and we also plan to shuffle and add new council members to the youngfreshDao this month.
Thank you @ted.iv​:white_heart: @FritzWorm @hevertonharieno and to all @creativesdao-council

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Hi @ted.iv,

I agree with you; however I believe that we are all learning and as such, education in one form or the other is a core life concept and almost all DAO’s have that at some level.

I think that for greater efficiency and reach the two DAO’s are better operating separately that way we would be at our utmost capacity.

We would reshuffle and have entirely different council members.I have stepped down from Young Fresh DAO

We are open to collaborating but we would still like to operate independently.
Thank you

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Sorry partners, from this budget focused reply you are giving this is feeling more that for your goals you need more than $5,000 and the solution you found was to create another DAO.

This is losing the meaning of what a DAO is: An autonomous decentralized organization = a community, and is somehow overpassing the rule of $5,000 maximum budget per DAO.

Well, I encourage you to show that to us by running two different communities with different members on each DAO could be a good argument. Next month we will be happy to receive your proposal.

Still, if you can convince the community that the proposal is adding value I support the claim of going directly to the Creatives DAO and there u can create a proposal without the moderators approval because the Community is above the moderators decisions.

This is amazing! Good you are improving and taking the feedback for the best! You are making decisions for Good!

Of course, you are welcome in other Creatives initiatives just like the Near Certified Creative, because if you are focused on onboarding and education thats the place where all the creatives can collaborate together.

Big hug and


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Last hehehe

Highly recommend to use Twitter, because thats the social network most used by the Blockchain Industry.

I know we are creatives and Instagram is a good way to find followers and people who like our creations, but twitter is the place to engage with other crypto enthusiasts and even a good place to promote NFT Collections.

Again, big hug!

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Thank you so much @FritzWorm for taking the time to educate us further on the ecosystem and it’s intricacies.

I am happy to receive your feedbacks and I have made immediate changes to the community.

We now have entirely separate communities run by separate members.
I and @Bimpsyy have stepped down from near x art dao, to Focus fully on Youngfresh Dao,
@Supercoolkay has also stepped down from young fresh dao
We have also added two new council members to the community @Truce and @sholabomi
brief introduction on new members
@sholabomi is a plant manager and crypto enthuasist in canada

@Truce is a music producer and web designer, and a graduate of english language in university of ilorin
List of Council members:

In order to keep up with the pace and momentum of the work we would still like to go ahead with our project for June with some modifications.

I guarantee the following deliverables for the month of June in addition to my previous metrics:

  • Introducing near protocol to a minimum of 500 new creatives and also wallet creation for all them with a 0.5 near drop token via a organised strategic plan that we used in our first month of work . ( 500 near wallets creation with a token of 0.5 near for 500 creatives)
  • Very interactive community on our telegram channel in our weekly quiz competition
  • We will create 7 music NFt for 7 fresh musicians and mint on our mintbase store. We have a market place for fresh creatives on mintbase who have never made a song or NFt before, this will be their first ever NFt.
    *Competition for spoken word artist and poet for all creatives in the ecosystem.
    *Create Special NfTs for spoken words and poets in our market place.

@FritzWorm @ted.iv @hevertonharieno all @creativesdao-council and NF I guarantee that all these goals will be properly executed and achieved in the month of June by the Young fresh Dao councils.

Here’s our previous reports and success in 2 months
May Report

April Report



Yep, I see you are doing a great onboarding. We will need to keep the track of those Nearcomers so we can follow their contributions, we should add the most active into our DAOs too, and they can prove they are real by presenting themselves in the Meeting post

So, in this sense, we will like to know more about all of those Neareans you had onboarded and what are your plans to keep them close and active?

You should take advantage of this month to build a stronger proposal and take our feedback for good as you are doing. We wait for your July proposal. This one is rejected by the Moderators basically because we get confused by the double DAO situation and we want to receive better report regarding the follow-up of the Nearcomers.

Again, I encourage you to participate in the Near Certified Creatives, maybe as Ambassadors to help us with the onboarding there.

Big hug!


Thank you so much @FritzWorm , I really appreciate your mentorship and guidance, I will introduce newly onboarded neareans to the meeting point, so they can get to introduce and familiarize with the other Daos .
Thank you for acknowledging our efforts, I also promise to yield to all your advices
I will absolutely love to help expand the near certified creatives community and onboard new members.
I would also love to schedule a phone call or a zoom meeting with you on
our goals for the coming month and with onboarding of new members in the near certified creatives community.
Thank you so much @FritzWorm @hevertonharieno @ted :white_heart::white_heart:
@FritzWorm Lastly my heart skipped 2 beats when I was about to read this reply .hehehehehe