[Closed] TikTok/Instagram/YouTube/Telegram campaign for dexGO NFT game on Aurora

Hi @marketingdao-council

hi @Dacha and @so608

Follow discussion with Near, Aurora team, we would like to propose pre-approved TikTok/Telegram/Instagram/YouTube campaign for dexGo move2earn, AR, SocialFi game (https://dexgo.club/en)

dexGo - Earn by walking the real routes

  • What is the dexGO:

dexGO is a game created for healthy lifestyle growth, traveling and earning. It’s easy: put on NFT sneakers and go on a journey through the routes of your own city, get money for this.

  • Our mission:

Attracting people to active lifestyle and traveling through their own city using the technologies of the future - augmented reality and blockchain.
dexGO makes it possible to turn your steps into real money.

Web site: https://dexgo.club/en

White paper: DEXGO - dexGO

DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/aurora/games/dexgo

Game start: dexGO

NFT sales page (supports AURORA token or ETH): OpenBiSea - NFT Market & Auction

We just launch campaign for Kyiv, Ukraine and here is results:

SUM: 14.04-21.04 22.04-28.04 29.04-05.05 06.05-13.05
views TikTok 580000 88000 125000 211000 156000
views Instagram 18322 559 3200 884 13679
view Facebook 24763 300 4000 8800 11663
view YouTube 14207 3100 3200 3180 4727
total view 637292 91959 135400 223864 186069
views profile TikTok 5932 715 1066 2180 1971
views profile Instagram 737 69 163 276 229
clicks Instagram 139 14 16 79 30
followers TikTok 1892 182 484 659 567
followers Instagram 13 0 5 8
followers Facebook 13 0 2 4 7
followers YouTube 19 1 3 10 5
views website 2261 221 650 837 553
followers Telegram 398 10 54 142 192
followers E-mail 70 3 9 23 35

Campaign socials:

We are create one video per day and one route per day in Kyiv. All of those users are non-crypto, which gives unique opportunity for Aurora blockchain to have new users on Aurora+

What are we planning to do?

Similar campaigns for cities/countries with separate social accounts (can be changed):
4 cities/Ukraine
3 cities/Poland
6 cities/Germany
2 cities/UK
3 cities/Czech Republic
2 cities/Romania

We will focusing on refugees from Ukraine to give them new job in countries where they are lives now. But all content must be on local language for motivate them to learn. Also we are ready to invite aurora/near communities worldwide.

Marketing Activities

  1. Create videos (includes Aurora logo)
  2. Competitions (best selfie on location, best time to reach new location, merch(possible Aurora?) to hide on location)

Our Social Media Links Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit:


NEAR wallet: openbisea.near

Budget Proposal - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens

Proposal per month: 20 cities * 500 USD = 10,000 USD

Total for 3 months: 30,000 USD


(10M+ views/month) 20 cities * 500k/month views across all socials each
(40k+ new followers/month) 20 cities * 2k followers/month

Please check reported campaign results for Kyiv for a proof.

Advantage for NEAR ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness increase of NEAR/AURORA

  • Enhancing community in game and increase transactions on dappRadar

  • Empowering the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other communities

  • Motivate beginners to join the NEAR/AURORA ecosystem to get involved in blockchain games

  • Social impact for NEAR/AURORA foundation to help refugees from Ukraine adapt in EU countries

Thank you a lot for checking our proposal. We really appreciate your support.

dexGo team.


I do not support this proposal. There are several reasons,

I’d like to schedule a call to get a better understanding about the nature of your business. I am confused by several different projects including OpenBiSea, MotoDex - still has a proposal for funding pending, and now DexGo.

I had a look at the website - product actually looks really cool and it is something that I would use. However, I tried using the app both on laptop and mobile phone and it does not seem to be functional

  1. The app is too early stage to be promoted across 20 cities.
  1. The other things that immediately raises red flags is the very high amount of the proposal. $10k is our monthly budget and you are requesting for three months in advance for an application that is very, very early stage (on top of existing applications for other products).

If anything, this may be an instance of a proposal that seeks to cover the projects marketing budget as opposed to a simpler activation or awareness campaign. Community Funding is not designed to cover the operational expenses of projects. For that, most people have to show real tractions to investors and raise money.

  1. Finally, we also have some limitations around paid advertising on social media.

Overall, I think that the idea is super cool. Going forward, I would propose having an early stage validation campaign that:

  1. Is targeted at existing NEAR ecosystem community, so we can get an initial wave of users easily and cheaply
  2. Optimises for feedback, ideally people like the idea as much as me and become net promoters.

Hi @oleksiivinogradov thank you for your proposal. I note that this project is still at an early stage and other council experience in using the platform. We do not normally fund new projects for more than one month. Unable to support in current format. Feel free to redraft and come back when the product is ready to go to market. Thanks

@satojandro thanks for your review.

Sorry for misunderstanding. I can’t say that product is ready. What is ready - you saw:

  1. part of marketing channel to push people connect in one group
  2. sales page to help them purchase NFT and onboard to Aurora chain (thanks Aurora+ they don’t need to pay fees)

I asked Aurora team before post if that enough and receive pre-approval. But, lets clarify here if it correct. What we can do with budget:

  1. show Aurora brand around TikTok with millions of views.
  2. Prepare them for future launch, show how to create wallet, Aurora+ account, check NFTs e.t.c.

Main problem to target NEAR ecosystem is location. We have to focus on city and reach massive community located inside that.

I propose to create small campaign (2 city, one month) and show results. If it will ok, lets continue.

@cryptocredit @satojandro what do you think? If so, I will update proposal.

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Hi @oleksiivinogradov,

Please resubmit a new proposal for a single month and add clear deliverables (#Videos, posts across channels, etc).


Thanks for the clarification,

It still seems too early to support.