[APPROVED] Galxe campaign for MotoDEX NFT game

Hi @marketingdao-council

hi @Dacha and @so608

Follow discussion with Near, Aurora team, we would like to propose pre-approved Galxe campaign for motoDEX approved game (motoDEX | Galxe).

Galxe Intro

Galxe is the leading platform for building Web3 community. With over 30 million users, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 1800 partners with reward-based loyalty programs.

MotoDex Intro

:motorcycle: MotoDEX is a NFT game, competition of multi-level racing on motorcycles on high-speed tracks with unlimited opportunities for players.

Web site: OpenBiSea | MotoDEX

White paper: motoDEX - motoDEX

DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/aurora/games/motodex

Game start: OpenBiSea | MotoDEX

NFT sales page (supports AURORA token or ETH): OpenBiSea - NFT Market & Auction

What are we planning to do?

  • Variable campaigns on Galxe for early players

We will payout for people who buy in game NFTs, who play game, giveways for players, giveway for retweets (where aurora mention)
Our team find a way to get graph stats on AURORA chain even if chain doesn’t listed on Galxe, all rewards will monitor and distribute from chain.

  • Twitter: 1 post per week (@openbisea, @near, @aurora) with incentive campaign on Galxe

  • Weekly competition (on OpenBiSea | MotoDEX) with prizes

Marketing Activities

  • Create Galxe campaign (2-3 per week) with rewards

  • Post campaign community support

  • Content Writing

  • 1 per week Articles/Blog Content Writing (publish on openbisea.io web site and medium)

  • Social Media Content Writing

MotoDex Contact/Info

5k+ users now.

Budget Proposal - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens

Proposal per month: 4000 USD

Total for 1 month: 4000 USD

Start time: 3-5 days from approval on marketing DAO
Duration: 4 weeks


  • Amount of Galxe campaigns - 2-3 per week with rewards

  • Amount of posts/tweets over all social media channels - 2 per week

  • Content Creation for posts and campaigns (pictures, graphic design done by a brand designer/graphic designer)

We will use dappRadar to track each part of campaign and report.

Targets (potential value for Aurora ecosystem)

We believe (follow past results) to reach 1-1.5k new unique wallets with 1-2k transactions per day.

Advantage for NEAR ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness increase of NEAR/AURORA

  • Enhancing community in game and increase transactions on dappRadar

  • Empowering the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other communities

  • Motivate beginners to join the NEAR/AURORA ecosystem to get involved in blockchain games

Thank you a lot for checking our proposal. We really appreciate your support.

Motodex team


Hi @oleksiivinogradov thanks for the proposal – in order to review this new request, can you share on this post your report from previously approved funding? Thanks


Hi. This is two different budgets and two we are sign contract with Galxe to do a promo for Aurora and NEAR with motoDEX. But, you can check dappRadar while and I will ask a team to write on previous post report. Thanks.

Hi guys! I shared with you report of our latest MotoDEX campaign in our telegram group: OpenBiSea/MotoDEX <> Aurora, because I can’t post links here. Could you check there please?

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Thanks for your proposal,

I’ve recently learned from a conversation with Aurora team that Galaxy will be carrying out the integration on Aurora which will open up a lot of potential and possibilities. Would you be able to clarify:

  1. You have also been in contact with Aurora Team and this proposal is to be executed once the Aurora native integration occurs with Galaxy?
  2. When is the Aurora native integration expected to occur? When is this proposal expected to take place.

The above is important as I am happy to support once Aurora native integration goes live. We tend to approve on a monthly basis, although we’ve never had a scenario where a proposal is submitted months in advance of actual execution. There is some nuance here around the risk of execution and how we allocate our monthly budget.

Looking forward to clearing up the above and finalising this proposal soon,


We are stay with them in case all time. In general we were waiting for native integration but it delayed a lot. Finally, we found a way to use graph to receive aurora blockchain smart contract data and reward users based on Aurora blockchain activity without native integration. Cumulative results you can check on dappRadar.

Because we already done Aurora integration using graph, we don’t need to wait Aurora native integration. Its works right now and have results. And we would like to improve it.

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I actually thought that we have to wait for its integration… We dont have to do it actually?

No, because I pass approval with Galxe and find a way to create campaigns based on Aurora blockchain (using the graph integration)
It was complicated, but works.

Happy to approve your proposal! Thanks.

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Thanks. When we can see changed status?

Hi @oleksiivinogradov – thanks for the responses to questions and for bearing with us while we have reviewed this. I can’t support the proposal in its current format, but I would like to find a way forward. Here is what I would need to see in order to potentially support this:

  • Request for one month of funding vs. two
  • Explanation of what the funding is supporting in terms of content – right now, the proposal says 1-2 posts a week on Twitter and “all social media channels”? It’s hard for me to understand what the potential reach and value is based on the way the proposal is written.
  • Why is the budget $3K specifically?
  • How many people do you anticipate this campaign reaching and onboarding into the NEAR ecosystem, if approved?
  • A specific timeline for executing this campaign – it does not need to be tied to a specific start date, but how many weeks and over what period of time?


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Thanks for clarifying these points,

I am willing to support this proposal as an experiment. Looking forward to a report from the team with the insights, lesson, impact, etc. Hoping to learn from this experiment in ways that can help other teams do similar campaigns.

Hi @oleksiivinogradov i have reviewed your proposal and noted the comments from fellow council. I would echo @so608 that for me to support you need to redraft to request funding for one month. Additional explanation / answers to her questions also appreciated. Thanks

Hi @so608
I believe that all your questions fixed in updates. My mistake that not clear explainer what is Galxe campaign means. We reward users and they become to Aurora ecosystem and play game.

The reason why this amount specified - bcs we understand already what amount need to reach UAW there based on first campaign. Follow confirmation from Aurora team we were used significant part of received budget to Galxe and results was amazing (please check attached report)

@satojandro Thanks, we already do this - share experience and how we configure campaigns to use Aurora while it not integrated.

@cryptocredit hi
almost done at my point of view.

Hi @oleksiivinogradov thanks for your response and updating the proposal. I can support in this for one month to see how it goes. Please be aware that we will need to see a report on progress before considering future funding.

You can submit to Astro.

Hi @oleksiivinogradov

Can you please demonstrate how you’re using the graph to track on-chain data?

Do you have any examples of the tasks within the quests?
Excluding follow, like, rt for social posts.

@so608 thanks a lot to you and all DAO team
Here is a link: