[Approved] Social Media campaign for MotoDEX NFT game Near, Aurora launch

Hi @marketingdao-council
hi @Dacha and @so608

Follow discussion with Near, Aurora team, we would like to propose pre-approved post launch campaign for motoDEX game.

MotoDex Intro
:motorcycle:MotoDEX is a NFT game, competition of multi-level racing on motorcycles on high-speed tracks with unlimited opportunities for players.

Web site: OpenBiSea | MotoDEX
White paper: motoDEX - motoDEX
DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/aurora/games/motodex
Game: OpenBiSea | MotoDEX
NFT sales page (supports AURORA token or ETH): OpenBiSea - NFT Market & Auction

What are we planning to do?

**Incentive campaign for early players **
At least 30% of budget we will use to cover expenses (purchase NFT and first bid) for early players. We expect to add 150 new active players per month by that way.

Social Media Activities & Measurements

  • Twitter: 2-3 posts per week (@openbisea, @near, @aurora)
  • Weekly competition (on OpenBiSea | MotoDEX) with AURORA token prizes
  • Telegram AMAs weekly (@openbisea_en, @play_on_near, @aurora_ee)
  • LinkedIn: 4 per month

Marketing Activities

Content Writing

  • 1 per week Articles/Blog Content Writing (publish on openbisea.io web site and medium)
  • Social Media Content Writing

Spaces, Meetings

  • Tweeter Spaces (monthly, focus on grow digits, user experience and AURORA advantages)
  • 1 AMA participation of some other NEAR ecosystem partners ( @play_on_near, @aurora_ee, HG)

MotoDex Contact/Info

1k+ users now.

Budget Proposal - monthly - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens
Proposal per month: 2000 USD
Total for 5 months: 10000 USD


  • Amount of posts/tweets over all social media channels
  • Content Creation for posts (pictures, graphic design done by a brand designer/graphic designer)
  • Twitter Spaces
  • We will use google analytics to track each part of campaign and report

Advantage for NEAR ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness increase of NEAR/AURORA
  • Enhancing community in game and increase transactions on dappRadar
  • Empowering the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other communities
  • Motivate beginners to join the NEAR/AURORA ecosystem to get involved in blockchain games

Thank you a lot for checking our proposal. We really appreciate your support.

Motodex team


Happy to approve. Let’s focus on UAW and transactions. I believe we can distribute some NFTs for community members to try the game for free. Thank you!


Hi @oleksiivinogradov thanks for the proposal. Noting the approval/recommendation from the Aurora team. I’d like to support this, but I need some additional information. For any proposal, we as proposers to be specific about the volume of social content they will produce, as well as the metrics they are proposing we use to track/assess progress and success of the campaign.

So with that in mind:

  • Where will the competition take place?
  • You included OpenBiSea social accounts and those are the ones linked from the MotoDEX site. You also include BEEtogether links. Where will the tweets, AMAs, Twitter spaces take place?

Content Writing

  • Articles/Blog Content Writing
  • Social Media Content Writing

Spaces, Meetings

  • Tweeter Spaces (monthly)
  • 1 AMA participation of some other NEAR ecosystem partners

Questions on the above:

  • How many articles?
  • Where will you publish them?
  • What will the twitter spaces focus on?
  • What other NEAR ecosystem partners are you collaborating with?

Also, in terms of the game itself:

  • How many users do you currently have?
  • How will you track the connection between your marketing activities and user/player growth?



Hi Lorraine
Please check updates. I also add good point about limited cover early players expenses (follow Aurora’s team members recommendation)

Thanks for your proposal.

I support this proposal. Notes:

  • Glad we are able to allocate community funds to maximise the chances of success of new projects launching.
  • In this specific case, there is a clear connection between the use of the money being spent and the onboarding of new players.
  • Games are a top priority right now. As we work hard to increase the number of daily active users on NEAR, games provide an easy way to move towards that goal: games just need to be fun for more people to join (if they are aware the game exists) and for people to keep coming back.
  • I had a look at the weekly MotoDEX updates on Twitter. A few suggestions: single blocks of text are harder to read and have less engagement. I’d recommend breaking up the content into chunks, with a black line in between.

Looking forward to the launch.

hi @oleksiivinogradov thank you for your proposal. I have reviewed and noted comments from fellow council and look forward to the launch. Happy to support and now moving to Approved

https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-667 - link for approval

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Last month report Report motoDEX - Google Slides

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