[CLOSED] THESPIANS DAO’s Funding Proposal For The Month Of June



Target: thespians.sputnik-dao.near

Total Funds Requested: $2,000

Drama As A Tool To Sensitize The General Public About The NEAR Protocol And The Web3 Ecosystem (June Edition)

The THESPIANS DAO is a community of Actors & Actresses who perform for both Stage and Film; including the crew members behind the stage and camera.

The DAO uses the acting platform to educate, entertain and give solutions to world problems, using the NEAR Ecosystem as it’s driving force.

The purpose of the Thespians DAO is to create platforms for Actors and Actresses to freely express their creativity and heal the world through dramas and films. And to also appreciate the effort put in place by crew members who work tirelessly behind the stage and camera to make these works of Art a success.

You can read more about our introduction on:

As part of our planned monthly Activities in the Thespians DAO, we would be hosting our Maiden Stage Drama in Nigeria, this June.

The aim of this project is to use the platform to bring all the Thespians DAO members together in a 5 Days camp in Nigeria; have intensive rehearsals and deliver a topnotch Stage Drama. During the event, we would lecture the participants about the NEAR Protocol and the Web3 Ecosystem; then on the D-Day, we would have some Council Members from the Creative DAO and our Mentor @dandelionshoneybees to speak to the audience about the NEAR Ecosystem.

The Drama is an avenue to bring the audience to listen to us and learn more about Web3, while they get entertained as well.


  • To Onboard New Members into the Thespians DAO
  • To sensitize the general public about NEAR Protocol and Web3
  • To Entertain
  • To Educate
  • To generate video and picture NFTs during preparation and during the Stage Play


Theater Hall: $200
Public Address System : $80
Lights: $170
Director Bounty: $50
30 Casts Bounty: $400
Traditional Drummers: $70
3 Stage Hands: $50
Set Designers: $170
Publicity: $80
5 Days Camping & Rehearsal Space: $200
Video Documentation: $200
Transportation: $80
Welfare for 5 Days: $250

TOTAL: $2,000

Including 0.2 $NEAR Drop Links to activate wallets.

images - 2022-06-02T101943.061

images - 2022-06-02T101746.975

images - 2022-06-02T101634.380

images - 2022-06-02T101500.442

The idea is to premiere live on the Metaverse for the whole NEARians to watch and get entertained; but we are working on a tight budget and would do more of that next month.


Hello @Roxy , congrats on a very interesting looking initiative.
I would just like to refer you to the “Incubation Period” in this post:

As we go through a transition period, we have temporarily closed the funding window for new DAOs as we restructure and encourage as much community input as possible about the future of Creatives DAO.

You can get invovled in our Monday community calls on telegram and via the thread here.


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Ok Fam; have taken time to go through the incubation period and I have found every reasons to it.

My questions are these:

  1. Are we discouraging the growth of New and promising DAOs?

  2. Are there measures put in place to get these DAOs active while they wait for the two months?

  3. Are there no limitations to these rules?

Thank you @ted.iv

I believe THESPIANS DAO has alot of members who are very much interested in getting to work; and I have been pressured to get them going and not kill their vibes. Imagine leaving them dormant for two months. My thoughts though…

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@Roxy thanks for the questions and the thoughts.

  1. I believe that we are refocussing and strengthening the existing large community for now, in preparation for the big next step of the Creatives DAO, which will build a stronger platform to introduce new and promising DAOs long term.

  2. There is no limit to the activity of any DAOs in this time, and communities built with a natural momentum quite often tend to be the most successful. One potential alternative, for now, could be applying via another DAO for a kickstart project?

  3. How do you mean limitations to these rules? I’m not quite sure I understand.

Thank you!


Ok Fam. I get all your answers @ted.iv
It’s fine and unfortunate we are on the receiving side at the moment.

We will find a way around and get kicking.

What I mean by limitations to the rule is this; in our Government Classes, we are being taught rules could be bent in situations that are inevitable.

But it’s fine, would have a meeting with our members and find a way going.


I will like to ask @ted.iv How can we know a DAO suitable and have the ability to accommodate a Kickstart project and interesting initiatives/projects of this such…

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@Roxy I’m not sure I fully understand the question still, which government classes?

@Styleherbalist good question. Well, I guess the best place to start is to begin getting to know a few various DAOs in the ecosystem, open up narratives, and maybe propose some collaborations. There is a lot of information already in the forum about active DAOs in the ecosystem and what they do.


Okay, thanks for your guidance @ted.iv