[CLOSED] September 2023 - Content & AMA base on NDC Objective | Near Insider

Hello everyone and council @Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint . First of all, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all of you, even though we are in a bear market but with NEAR’s support for the communities in the ecosystem we have been able to sustain up to this point and that is the motivation for us to continue contributing. I am happy to be back here to submit our proposal for September.

1. Project Information

  • Organization Name: Near Insider
  • Proposal Title: September 2023 - Content & AMA base on NDC Objective
  • Founded date: 12/11/2021

2. Previous Funding: Just from Marketing DAO

3. Project URLs

4. Applicant Information

5. Our Proposal
This month, we’ll base on NDC’s goals to produce relevant content and execute AMAs, including:

  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions (On-chain onboarding, On-chain engagement, On-chain participation in ecosystem dApps)
  • Increasing numbers of Tools, dApps on BOS
  • Increasing the number of people educated about NDC governance, BOS, and active projects in the ecosystem

Content KPIs: 100 posts per month (Call To Action in posts)
AMA: 6 AMAs per month

6. Grant
Total: 2500 USD
Wallet ID: near_insider.near

Thanks for supporting!


Thank you for your proposal

You have just listed our KPIs, which is a great start.

You didn’t give a clear process for how your activities drive builders and developers?and how will you track and report onboarded users, engagement, and transactions?

Again, I did not see any breakdown of how the funding could be spent and distributed.

Please clarify more on these and don’t forget to add your previous funding report or most recent.

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Hi Bakaka thanks for responding. Here is our latest proposal: [Approved] June 2023 - AMA, Infographics and News | Near Insider

  1. KPIs

Hi @near.insider thanks for the proposal. As a long-time recipient of MDAO funding, I think we are in a moment where we need to pause and do a full assessment from project start to present, users/engagement and total funding allocated.

Can you share:

  • Total MDAO funding to date?
  • Total audience?
  • Month over month or year to date growth?

From my view of the reports and audience number across platforms, I’m not seeing the growth that I think needs to be there in order to fund this content program this month. I do note that Vietnam is an important region for the NEAR ecosystem, and I appreciate the willingness to aim to support current NDC messaging goals. That said, it’s my thinking that true traction is going to come from content that is not being published for the sake of meeting KPIs, but has a specific point of view, community and differentiator from other content programs.

Also, the reality is that we have 70 projects under review for limited funding, we cannot fund everyone, and we cannot fund projects with guaranteed continuity.

I recommend resubmitting in Q4.

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Hi @so608
First, I would like to share some of the milestones we have achieved since the first MDAO grant in April 2022 (since then, there have been several months of MDAO stopping support to restructure).

  • Followers: at that time we only had about 9000 followers and now we have 66000 (more than 500% growth)
  • Impression: ranges from 800K - 1M impressions per month, this shows our stability

![Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 09.59.41|690x425 (upload://x2u1tVK8gV4NupV2D7w3E8FnY8P.jpeg)

  • Next is about supporting projects in the ecosystem: we have supported 67 projects so far, it comes from consulting on how to build communities, promote projects to our community , implementing user launch and AMA campaigns. You can check here: Guild - Near - Google Sheets

I can invite them in to give their impressions of how we work and what we do

  • About AMA: we did a good job as you see in previous months

  • About content: We always keep up with information and developments taking place in the ecosystem to provide timely support and we have a clear content direction. For example:

We focused on quality visual and content and development strategy. Without that, perhaps the audience and projects would not have accompanied us until now.

We can reduce this month’s reward to 3K or 2K5 if need. I hope you understand our work. Thanks!

Hello @so608 @Bakaka I reduced the reward to $2500. I hope you understand our work. What we have contributed is real, I can compare with this channel and we think we have enough convincing to get funding

Hi @near.insider – thanks for responding and adding additional information. We will work to review what you’ve posted in depth as part of consideration of future proposals.

That said, as of the close of the MDAO review period (9/15), this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions and need for further review in this case), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions and consider resubmitting in the future. We are moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.

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Who can I contact on telegram?

We may not have received funding but I haven’t seen anyone here to talk about the reasons and give specific evidence. Meanwhile, I gave specific evidence of what we did. How many people do we have on the council? And there’s only one person here to make the decision?

You can see here, mostly reposts throughout the month and posts like GM

Meanwhile the KPIs they set of 80 tweets with infographics? And what topics does the content target to support the ecosystem? I have not seen those

They have also set a kpis of 60-80 posts per month on telegram, please see if it is enough quantity. Who censored this?

We have fulfilled our responsibilities and KPIs in all previous months, as required by MDAO since the announcement and new policy. Please let me know what requirements we did not meet

I also hope other members of the council will also have a more impartial view @Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit

And assessment from NDC trustee @Primaveralina @eaglelex @riqi @TrustNDC


hey @near.insider thanks for mentioning our work done!

If I’m not wrong then yet September month is not complete, I’m right?

and we are aware of what we planned according to the KPIs, we are not only sharing tweets on Twitter, hope you can read our past report works too!

and, will submit the September month report work in the first week of October, thanks!

also, how’s going with the near insider Telegram group chat?

no one deleted the bot’s messages from the last 3 months?

have a good day!

and how’s going your community rewards distribution?

I saw some of the members are against the reward distribution of the insider team, you are not helping the near ecosystem to increase the daily transactions?

Are your community members using any NEAR dApp?

why you are promoting AMAs on fake websites for 500,600 bots AMA?


We have no problem with your suggestion. We were just analyzing the reasons and persuasion when our proposal was rejected. In addition, we have stopped the telegram group activities. We focus on developing our strengths on twitter. Thank you for the reminder

What fake? I dont understand, can you tell me more?
You mean this?

we are not targeting any specific AMA, but as we know you are doing AMAs with thousands of users with zero interactions, zero questions, and zero activity!

via using this type of website

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nearinsider | Link3.to

Are they 1.5k listeners joining our official near telegram or Twitter account?

Does Near Insider have a BOS profile?

Does 1.5k listeners use our ecosystem dApps?

that 1.5k listeners connected with near insiders except for your Twitter account?

still, if you have any queries regarding our team and our work, feel free to jump on the call >> nearmedianews@gamil.com

hope will not meet again here!


Alright I will stop this. Thanks!