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Women Who Changed The World Of Art

Women in the arts have faced obstacles as a result of gender biases.
For far too long, women have been underrepresented, belittled, and ignored. And it is past time for women to not only break the glass ceiling, but to soar even higher in every sector and industry possible. Acting for gender equality is important because it signals continued growth and as much representation as possible. The goal is to be so present that no girl ever doubts that being a woman makes it more difficult for them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.


The reference to the “seed of the woman” is believed by Christians to be a prophecy of the virgin birth of Jesus. They believe that elsewhere in the Bible, a child is referred to as the “seed”.




Each individual were born with unique identity and culture. As an individual, we carry on with those traditions and cultures and it symbolizes our way in life. A person’s identity and culture lies within their inner selves inside their heart. From a single soul to a cell. From a cell to a fetus, and from a fetus to a baby human. Receiving a name and many teachings comes from our own culture as a tribe or a group. By continueing to live, all theses teachings and traditions are being carried on, to pass on other generation. Having to live our lives as a unique individual and with our own specific culture and traditions, there are also other cultures that we encounter as our lives continue. With the long adventures in life, we are influenced with other cultures from other groups, tribes, religion, and even from other country.

In this illustration, it shows the uniqueness of the individual and with the branches on the person’s body. These branches indicates the influences of many traditions and cultures in which it became a part of the person. But even with all these new cultures and influences, no one can extinguish the ember of a person’s original traditions and culture. Because as we are born in this world, the identity and the culture of where we are born to, is embedded deep within us and it’s holding a special place from our hearts.

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Seeds that Ethereal Growth
Our Eternal strength of our thinking makes us unbeatable to create and use it for unleash potential by growing our knowledge and power we can make it and beyond.




you have been added - please remember the deadline is today

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Here you will find all of the pieces that were submitted for “Seeds”.
Please go to Astro and vote for your 3 favorite ones.
Before voting please make sure you have read the Ina Dao Member Guidelines

#1 Norma

#2 Silhouette
Link of Video Here

#3 Growth of artist

#4 Naufragio

#5 The one that can see with the heart


#6 Self growth

#7 Be a Body (Rosae)


#8 Embracing What Grows Inside

#9 Kaizen
Link of video Here

#10 A Woman’s Body Art

#11 Water Bodies
Video Link Here

#12 New You

#13 My Tribe

#14 Women Who Changed The World Of Art

#15 A woman with a Seed

#16 Ember

#17 Seeds that Ethereal Growth


yees i am, but also we are full of water (:


Hello everyone. These are the winners for the open call - 1st place: My Tribe; Gemini Rising, tied for 2nd place Silhoutte; Elisair, The One That can See with the Heart; Belu Espina, Water Bodies; Ladra, A Woman’s Body Art; Genvergara. We have decided that since there are 4 people tied for 2nd place that we are combining the prize money of 2nd & 3rd place to be $350 and dividing it by 4. To be fair, both Belu and I (Gemini Rising) are not claiming the prize money but leaving it in INA DAO to be put towards buying art. To tell the truth, we are all a bit disappointed by what has been happening in our DAO and have had to resort to making specific guidelines for people to follow to make it fair for everyone. Once again, you can find the guidelines here: INA DAO Member Guidelines. How we arrived at this decision is by using these guidelines. So, everyone who has voted for more than 3 pieces, YOUR VOTES have been eliminated - krizzy, louietism, yonakawaii, elavatar02, genvergara, jamilaa, cjaneartz, jami2017, swilart2, vanengs, dabbie3229, ironoxide, maryrazel. If you are male, you MAY NOT ENTER TO WIN A PRIZE - louietism. If you did NOT SHOW UP TO THE GALLERY OPENING, you have been eliminated from receiving a prize - 0. And lastly, if you have been FOUND SOLICITING FOR VOTES, you have also been eliminated from winning a prize - yonakawaii, elavatr, louietism, jamilaarts, pemmie, swilart2. So here are the real total number of votes for each piece: #1 2 votes, #2 3 votes, #3 0 votes, #4 2 votes, #5 3 votes (one vote was added manually), #6 0 votes, #7 2 votes, #8 0 votes, #9 0 votes, #10 3 votes, #11 3 votes, #12 1 vote, #13 6 votes (there are 5 in the poll, but because for some reason voting was closed by Astro, 2 more votes were added manually), #14 2 votes, #15 6 votes but eliminated for soliciting votes, #16 0 votes, #17 3 votes but eliminated for being a male and soliciting for votes. I know this may seem harsh to some of you, but we hope in the future you will start to follow the guidelines and try to be fair. There are already some artists out there that don’t want to submit anymore because of the cheating that is going on. Everyone’s art is featured in our galleries this month and we welcome anyone to submit something, but that does not necessarily mean that you will be able to enter for prizes. We will be changing the voting procedures in the near future in the hopes that this does not happen again. Congratulations to all the winners!!


Congratulations to all the winners councils,
winners :hugs::hugs::hugs: