[Closed] November 2022 - Near Brand Activation at Miami Beach Art Basel Virtual Event (CMO x Nolcha)

Introduction: Chief Metaverse Officer (CMO) is a B2B Metaverse-as-a-Service platform built in Unreal Engine 5 and turnkey NEAR PROTOCOL based 3D NFT marketplace with in-environment fiat/crypto checkout that is directly streamed from a client’s website.

Event: Chief Metaverse Officer [https://www.chiefmetaverse.co/] is partnering with Nolcha Shows [https://nolchashows.com/] to create a metaverse Event to complement their IRL brand activation event on November 30, 2022 in Miami Beach. Past sponsors for the event include - Land Rover, Cointelgraph, Land Vault, Perrier, Citi, and American Airlines (to name a few). The physical event last year had 1,600+ attendees.

Project Proposal:

  • Chief Metaverse Officer will provide a Virtual Environment using Unreal Engine 5, with an integrated 3D NFT marketplace that runs on the Near Protocol.
  • Partner brands in the virtual event will sell or provide NFTs minted on Near directly to attendees Near Wallets.
  • CMO will additionally provide the opportunity for NEAR to host educational and learning experiences with the options for Marketing DAO and other NEAR members to educate attendees on the protocol and associated initiatives.


  • Create Virtual Environment
  • Set up NEAR booth and work with the community to identify best tools for on-boarding brands and attendees
  • Help establish NEAR as a key player in the Fashion & Art NFT space
  • Provide follow-up NEAR branded email to attendees to promote NEAR Protocol

Success Metrics

  • Partner brands stream website
  • Promote NEAR and Virtual Environment at physical event
  • Open 500 NEAR Wallets
  • Social media promotion from Nolcha media partners


  • Nico Fara: An engineer by trade, Nico is an experienced retail-tech entrepreneur and Web3 thought leader. She has been a speaker at NFT NYC, and is a speaker at upcoming events such as NFT London, Metaverse Summit, dCentral, and others. She founded The Fashion DAO, a community of over 160 Web3 fashion experts, including prominent members such as the Director of Digital at Jing Daily and the Creative Director at Harper’s Bazaar (China).


  • Phillip Strefling: Phillip is a full-stack developer and data scientist with over 13+ years of experience building enterprise applications and software for biotech, retail, and fashion. His know-how spans DevOps, blockchain, systems and web app development.


  • Array Bercov: Array is an Unreal Unicorn with years of expertise in VR, Game Development, and Unreal and has worked with Burberry and Balenciaga (Afterworld game). She is also a former Emmy Award winner.


  • Piroune Balachandran: Piroune is a 2x founder, including a fashion-tech startup called Team Flashion. Piroune has spent 6+ years as a consultant for the largest Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, and various governmental organizations. He has also consulted for various Web3 startups on strategy & operations, marketing, and business development.


Funding Request:

  • Total Budget: $8,000
  • Budget for hardware to host virtual event and multiplayer: $2,000
  • Budget for building virtual environment: $2,500
  • Budget for creating 3D NFT assets: $1,500
  • Budget for marketing virtual event: $ $2,000
  • Preferred Payment Structure: Ideally Weekly (instead of monthly given event proximity)
  • NEAR wallet ID: chiefmetaverse.near
  • Wallet owner’s Name: Noushin Faraji

Additional Materials

NEAR Affiliation:

  • Chief Metaverse Officer has been a long-term supporter of NEAR.
  • We are active in the community and attended and presented at various Near Events such as NEAR Hackathon, NEAR NFT.NYC and other NEAR NYC local events.
  • We have been actively engaging with the community social channels.

NEAR never positioned itself as a key player in Fashion / Art. I suspect that the OP copy-pasted this entire text substituting the word NEAR instead of something else

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Good evening! Thank you for your proposal. Please, take a look at the post.


Thank you for clarifying @Dacha. Might you know if, when the DAO picks up again, the team will pick up proposal from where they left? or would we need to resubmit?


No problem. I believe in November; No, you don’t need to resubmit your proposal. Thanks.

Hello. Events and education categories are still on pause. So, could you please re-apply later? Thanks!