[Closed] Near x Art Dao Marketing Project July 2022. (Website, social media promotion and management)

Greetings councils, @marketingdao-council

Our approved proposal for July 2022
I am Bimpsyy, representing the Near x Art Dao. It feels good to share our plans with the amazing advisors of this Dao. Cheers to our first request here :blush:

Get to know more about the near x art here

Highlight of some of the mandates of the Near x Art Dao.

***** Creating utility with NFT of arts

  • Pet and wildlife rescue

  • Ghetto photography

  • And many more

We intend to do the following for this month:

  1. Setting up our official website: This website will be designed according to the Near x Art Dao need and it will include the following but not limited to

• Basic guides on how to mint, create a near wallet, operate on astrodao
• It will feature all our NFT stores on mintbase (Nearxart store, Pet and wildlife, Ghetto photography store, spoken words store, etc)
• It will include a section for display of the NFTs of arts in our store
• There will be a section where you get to know some of the visual artist behind the NFTs
• Our monthly videos will always be updated in the website.(we shoot interview for some of our artists check out some of the videos on our youtube
• It will include news about the NFT world and near protocol

  1. Airdrop for web 3 delight event: Our community was given an official invite to a web 3 seminar happening in Lagos Nigeria(check invite here).An estimate of 500 - 1,000 attendees are expected.

The creatives dao have supported us with some of our basic needs. We would like to go along with 100 airdrop QR code card containing 0.5N. This will serve as a means to promote Near protocol beyond just our physical presence but also familiarize people with Near protocol through wallet creation.

Please kindly note that any airdrop that is not claimed after 5days of the event will be broken and remaining funds will be sent to the marketing dao treasury.

  1. Promote our videos contents on social media via sponsored ad: The reason behind this is to attract collectors and buyers on social media to purchase these NFTs.

We will not just promote our video content, but also promote some of our open call activities. For example, the spoken words call.
Reason is that it will onboard newbies and encourage users .

Our social media pages:
Youtube channel

Twitter page

Instagram page

Tiktok page

Telegram group

Budget :

  1. Setting up our website - $550:
  • Frontend - $150

  • UI/UX designer: - $80

  • Backend: - $140

  • Developer: - $180

  1. Sponsored ad: - $250

  2. Management: $150

**Total: $985

We are happy to receive your support.
Near x Art Dao.


I love the breakdown. Well done :+1:


Thank you so much, this will be a good opportunity for growth


Tagging @marketingdao-council for attention :relaxed:

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Hey guys – I would need to see a report on the progress and activities from the $5K you received in July from CreativesDAO before I can evaluate this. In general, I’ll add that I am not likely to support funding requests for airdrops at the moment as I think they are becoming less and less effective as a marketing strategy to onboard longterm users into the ecosystem.


Thank you for your response @so608.
Here is the progress we have made this month although we awaits funding.


The essence of this show is to engage and find a path for our newly onboarded members. Check here for more info about the Talk and win show

We made an open call to onboard and introduce spoken word artist to creatives dao. Check out here for more info

3. Pet and wildlife 2.0:
We also advanced in our pet and wildlife rescue via the use of Nft. An open call was made here

4. Web 3 Delight event - in progress

5. Creating utility with NFT - in progess

We believe we are well positioned to have a website that will feature all our works. We have been creating contents right from the beginning of the Near x Art Dao and it is only right to get good visibility for our contents. Please check our Youtube for some of our contents

Thank you. I understand how much of unfruitful airdrops experience you may have encountered. Last month, we onboarded over 100 creatives to our community with the use of airdrop link. Of course we put in consideration the ‘long term’’ that was why we introduced the Talk and win show to engage with new members. However, I can edit the proposal and remove the 50 Near Airdrop link if you insist.

Thank you for your time and support.
We look forward to receiving your positive response @marketingdao-council

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Good evening! What the difference? Thank you


Goodevening @Dacha

We have a social moderator @Bissaka. He’s the one in charge of the management, thus fund is directed to him.

Happy to always clarify.


Ok, thanks. Happy to support!


Hi there,

Having reviewed excerpts from the Twitter spaces and the undelivered elements from your last proposal. I cannot support this project.


Hi @Klint,

Thank you for your response sir. Could you kindly point out undelivered element you refer to from our last proposal as this is our first time writing here.

Also, the “talk and win show” is scheduled to be hosted twice a week. We hosted just two episodes so far (1st episode on Telegram, 2nd episode on Twitter). However, it is on hold for now due to the delay in NF funds.

Kindly revisit our proposal, we are always happy and available to clarify anything that may seem unclear.


Thanks for supporting!
We are happy to receive your support.

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@klint tag you for your to review. Please be active as an council as other don’t disapper after Saying clear NO.
Sir, you need to listen answer and get back review.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi guys – thanks for answering my question. I don’t doubt your enthusiasm, creativity or devotion to the NEAR ecosystem, but I can’t support this proposal at this time.

You’ve received $5K from CreativesDAO for July, and the project is very early stage. I’d prefer to see how your current funding and efforts go before allocating more community funds.

I would recommend seeing how you can grow organically before building a web site. I’ve said this recently to a number of projects. It’s nothing personal. I just think funding from MarketingDAO should go to projects showing traction, and I don’t think we’ve had enough time to see that happening here yet.

Also, I am not likely to support airdrops, sponsored ads for crypto projects (too risky on the approval) or additional management fees (you have $1,500 in management fees funding from CreativesDAO already).

I do wish you good luck with the project and building more community.


Thanks for your input. Indeed, it was needed

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Hi @so608, Thanks for responding

We have concluded 70% of our project for July, even while we await funds from NF. Personal funds were used to execute our project. Ranking from the most urgent Web3 delight

This is our 3rd month of operating as a Dao and we have achieved a lot; that makes it seem like we have been here for long enough.

We have over 180 active members on telegram, 90 subscribers on YouTube, 150followers on Twitter, etc.

@bimpsyy attached our YouTube page link and our NFT store to this proposal. I don’t know if you had time to go through it to see how far we have come and how organic we have grown.

Our YouTube

One of our stores

We have a lot of active projects (pet & wildlife, spoken words, utility NFTs, ghetto photography, etc) that needs more visibility.

On Friday 29th of July, we represented near Protocol in the Web 3 delight event that had over 3,000 attendees both physical and virtually. We connected with a lot of Web3 enthusiasts that needed more information about what we were up to. Check out video clips of our community on stage

We tried our best to explain all these. Of course if we had a website it would have been much better.

The Near x Art Dao was given the privilege to speak on stage and give more visibility to Near protocol; this normally come with a sponsorship package price of $10k - $20k

We made our way here without requesting funds from marketing dao. Just to show that we are cost efficient and always find the best way to economies resources.

The event took place last Friday. We can remove the airdrop link now. In future, it would be great to base approval/denial of airdrops if the cause for the airdrop is looked at to be valid enough or not. Kindly check out some of the pictures from the Web3 delight event

@Dacha asked this question earlier and it was clarified that the management fee is not going to any of the councils but @Bissaka our social moderator.

@so608 please let me know if there’s anything else you need more clarification on. I am always here to make things clear.

I urge @marketingdao-council to revisit this proposal.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and approval!

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Thanks for your proposal.

I have read through my fellow council’s questions and the corresponding replies.

Few notes -

  • On the nature of work and budgeting. Itemising each ‘action’ w a price may lead to the unintended consequence of extremely restrictive thinking, namely, if it’s not specifically invoiced for then the work is not done. I worry about this kind of approach spreading. As community driven initiatives that strive to contribute towards the NEAR ecosystem, we should all be as resourceful as possible to have the highest impact. That includes being flexible with allocation of time and resources as needed.
  • I also note that the Creatives DAO has funded this project the generous sum (and maximum available from them) of $5,000. I believe this amount is well above what most community projects require to function well on a monthly basis, specially considering management fee.
  • Websites can be setup in very inexpensive ways, I strongly encourage you to look into drag-and-drop builders, no-code solutions, etc.

Considering all of the above, I am unable to support this proposal at this time.

Hi @marketingdao-council , I am the one in charge of the social media moderation and the fund is going to me.

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Thanks for your response.

Itemizing each action was just for transparency and clarity.

$5,000 from creative Dao is allocated to a different project and we have achieved 70% even without receiving funds from NF yet.

The $150 for management fee is not going to any of the councils but the social manager who is @Bissaka

Ofcourse we are representing the Near ecosystem and we cannot just set up any “quack” website. We are employing the service of professionals and I do not think $550 is a big price to set up a standard website compared to what was approved for other DAOS.

The “50near” airdrop has been edited from the proposal, please revisit this @marketingdao-council.

I believe everything stated here is clear and we do not see any reason for it been closed.

Thank you for your time and support.

Tagging @cryptocredit @Dacha @Klint @so608 @satojandro

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We have waited so long to get a response from @marketingdao-council

All questions were answered and clarified. It would be great if you can always give a reply to our response before closing a proposal.

I understand how tiring it is to attend to bulk of proposal and read lengthy notes.

I urge the entire councils of @marketingdao-council to revisit this proposal. Everything has been stated and cleared out in the thread and comments. Kindly take time to go through it in details.

Many thanks!

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