[Closed] NEAR Vietnam community building - Sept 2023

Hello NEAR community!

Cc @marketingdao-council,
@Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit @so608

  1. Guild name: NEAR Vietnam
  2. Funding scheme: Sep 2023
  3. Initiative summary, be sure to include:
    Please check I. Project Information & Goals and II. Applicant Information below
  4. Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem, Metrics, Timeline, and Funding details:
    Please check III. Project Deliverables below
  5. Total requested amount in USD: $2500 in DAI
  6. NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: vietnamnearofficial.near

I. Project Information & Goals:

II. Applicant Information:

Please check the previously approved proposal in Q2 2023

Then we have successfully delivered the KPI below:

III. Project Deliverables in this proposal:

We propose the KPI monthly (brown highlight) below with a $2500 monthly budget divided into three categories:

I. Education - $1600

  1. Developer Education: Blockchain Lovers
  • Task: Monthly Dev coding training education
  • KPI: 1 online event + 1 technical article
  • Budget: $300
  1. Twitter news stream:https://twitter.com/VietnamNear
  • Task: Share and translate the daily news on Twitter about the NEAR ecosystem totally through the NEAR protocol, and NEAR Foundation Twitter account into Vietnamese.
  • KPI: 3-5 daily news, 80,000 tweet impressions/ month
  • Budget: $400
  1. NEAR Social:
  • Task: Weekly Vietnamese thread on NEAR ecosystem update
  • KPI: 4 threads/ month
  • Budget: $50
  1. Tiktok channel : nearvietnamofficial (@nearvietnamofficial) | TikTok
  • Task: Aggregate news about the NEAR ecosystem/ Project review/ Macroeconomy & Crypto news related to NEAR
  • Old KPIs: 1 video/ week - 200 view/video → 4 videos/ 800 view/ month.
  • New KPIs: 1 video/ week - 500 views/video → 4 videos/ 2000 views/ month.
  • Budget : $250
  1. Content creation
  • Task:
    • Translate an unlimited amount of articles about the Near ecosystem.
    • Write 7 new articles: Review 3 projects, 1 Dev event, and 3 AMA recaps.
  • Old KPIs: minimum 15 Vietnamese articles
  • New KPIs: minimum 17 Vietnamese articles
  • Costs: $200
  1. AMA on Twitter space:
  • Task: we will host 2 AMAs per month.
    • Each AMA we will research and write a project review on medium, then conduct AMA teaser with reward, prepare questions, answer and host AMA in both languages simultaneously, announce the winners, and publish the AMA recap afterward on medium.
  • KPIs: 2 AMA
  • Budget: $400

II. Onboarding - $200

  1. Online event:
  • Task:
    • 1 LEARN to EARN about NEAR & ecosystem projects or connect with the non-NEAR community to recruit new users.
    • OR 1 Skin in the game event: Collab with projects to acquire new users for projects.
  • KPI: +50 users (wallet)/ month on-chain in NEAR Dapp
  • Budget: $50
  1. Twitter recruitment:
  • KPI: +150 new followers on Twitter, from 11900 to 12050 followers
  • Budget:$50
  1. NEAR Social:
  • KPI: +20 new followers on NEAR Social
  • Budget:$50
  1. Tiktok:
  • KPI: +20 new followers on NEAR Vietnam tiktok
  • Budget:$50
  • All the rewards will be given to users through NEAR tipbot

III. Building on BOS - $700

  1. DEV NEAR BOS building online workshop
  • Task:
    • Hold at least 1 online technical event per month to train on building the NEAR widgets.
  • KPIs: Participants: Expected 15-20 people.
  • Budget: $400
  1. Coding widgets
  • Task: Create a minimum of 5 widgets for NEAR BOS
  • Budget: $300

Total: $2500 in DAI



Hello team! I’m happy to support your proposal because it’s aligned
with NDC goals.

Aslo We all need to get at least 500 people to participate so that the Grassroots DAOs continue receiving funding.

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Thank you Sir for your direction, we have an additional plan to communicate about I am Human to recruit new people to join NEAR Grassroots DAO.

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Hi @HaiVu great to see all the good work - happy to support this proposal.


I’m leaning into supporting this proposal.

How much of the promotion across the social media channels can be focused on increasing participation in the NDC elections?

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Thank you for your support! :blush:

Hi Klint,

The promotion across social media in August, even new ones like Tiktok (top 1 increasing % in VN in 2023), will create constant awareness, in general, to reach the new audience and retain the current ones.


Besides, we have another separate plan with the MDAO constellation to convert the above audience into voters as follows:

By combining both approaches, we aim to acquire 30 to 50 new IAH voters for the coming NDC election.


Hi @HaiVu I am following up on this proposal, which was postponed for review this month after not reaching a consensus during the previous review period. Last month, we asked to postpone this due to:

  • Continued questions around the KPIs – primarily that there is not enough detail in the proposal – and their alignment with the MDAO focus for the month
  • Budgetary constraints - we cannot fund all proposals from the community and at times have to delay final decisions based on a number of factors related to budget
  • You were also approved for funding as part of the Aurora community amplification initiative for the NDC election.

In considering this proposal again after postponement, I think we need to understand some additional details in order to approve funding. These include the following:

  • While you have included KPIs around the amount of social content you will create and publish, it is not clear how this social content will support the MDAO September KPIs. Please review as these and either update this proposal or resubmit for Q4.
  • The details in the III Building on BOS section are currently too vague for me to support. What will the online technical event be focused on, what format, how long, how will you execute it, who will lead the training? For the coding widgets, what widgets, what will they do, how do we know these are widgets people want and will use, how does the creation of these widgets lead to achievement of the MDAO KPIs outlined in the post above?

In terms of the widgets specifically, I think this could be a good use of MDAO funds, but I would recommend choosing ONE widget to develop in a proposal and then submitting a report so we can evaluate performance and assess the need for future funding.

I recommend your team review the above and update the proposal for September consideration or revise for Q4.


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