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Hello NEAR community!

Cc @marketingdao-council,
@Dacha , @so608 , @satojandro , @cryptocredit @Klint

According to the new [Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations 1 and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals 2 and Value Community Memo: Values and Focus we would like to conduct a proposal for NEAR Vietnam Social Media Channel as below:

  1. Guild name: NEAR Vietnam
  2. Funding scheme: One-time - for September 2023
  3. Initiative summary, be sure to include:
    We are booking a booth to represent the NEAR/ Aurora Vietnam community in the NEAR APAC event. Please check I. Proposal below
  4. Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem, Metrics, Timeline, and Funding details:
    Please check II. Project Deliverables below
  5. Total requested amount in USD: $15,871
  6. NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: vietnamnearofficial.near

I. Proposal for booking a booth at the NEAR APAC event:

NEAR APAC is an official NEAR Foundation event and is positioned as the premier blockchain conference in the APAC region.

From 8 – 12 September 2023, NEAR APAC brings together 100+ global blockchain leaders to discuss blockchain’s unlimited future through the latest blockchain technology updates, development trends, and how blockchain ecosystems drive Web3 mass adoption. With 8000+ participants including global crypto leaders, multi-chain ecosystem builders, Web2 and Web3 enterprises, VCs, universities, global media outlets, exchanges, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts, NEAR APAC is a great opportunity to not only gain insights into the Web3 space but also expand your connections and understanding about the local industry of APAC region, with a special focus on Vietnam, the country currently ranked #1 in the global crypto adoption index.

In this opportunity, we propose to book a NEAR Vietnam/ Aurora Vietnam community booth to reach 8,000+ attendees, 300+ Web3 Projects, 1,000+ Developers, 100+ Media partners, and 50+ Major Media & Major government news sources

Quotation of Organizer - GFI: DocSend

II. Project deliverables:

  • 15-20 new leads of dapps to onboard on NEAR & Aurora Ecosystem;
  • 200 new registrations NEAR wallet and Aurora+
  • Community engagement photo report, advertising, branding, and project lead for building on NEAR & Aurora Vietnam community

III. Cost:

Please check the detail here


No Category Q’ty Unit Detail Price ($) Total ($)
0 Booth booking fee 1 pcs Pay to GFI 10000 10000
1 Standee 2 pcs stand X + standee banner 25 50
2 TShirt 250 pcs Aurora T-Shirt 9 2250
3 Leaflet 400 pcs A5 0.1 40
4 Game tools 3 pcs Dart board 40 120
5 Game gift 2000 Aurora token
6 Staff card visit
9 Logistic 3 member flight HN to HCMC 180 540
10 Setting tools 1 hanging nails, screws, adhesive tape… 21 21
11 Hotel 4 day 50 200
12 Networking event in 1 night 5 hour/member 04 hours x 1 night x 5 members 50 250
13 3 days working & preparation time for the event (5 members) 160$ x 5 * 3 = 2400$ 2400
Total 15871

Thanks for your reading!
Any inquiries, please feel free to us!


Great project! As always working hard.


Thank you for your support, mate!

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great proposal.

can you explain this, please?


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I have some questions on this proposal.

  1. The NEAR APAC is the official NEAR Conference in APAC regions, and the main Objective is to increase the NEAR impression. All of the KPI about increase the wallets , BOS users, and impression is the main Objective of the conference. why do we have booth for NEAR in the NEAR conference to promote for NEAR? NEAR also have the biggest booth in this conference already
  2. A little bit confuse on the booth budget, I don’t see any booth which is $10k. The elite booth is only 5k, why the proposal for 10k
  3. All of the KPI you mentioned are overlap with the KPI and objectives of the whole conference



@HaiVu while i support your proposal on needing to be at NearAPAC… But as @Riley mentioned

What is the need for the booth in your line item?

And why is there need for a $10,000 booth?

Thank you for your proposal and the interest of the Near Vietnam team in attending APAC.

Because it is a regional event, I can support your participation as a community leader.

Things to remove and edit from your proposal to have my full support

-250 pcs of T-shirts are too much since it is an NF event, i can support 50 Near shirts

-Booth reservations are not required for any NF event unless you are from another ecosystem, not Near.

-3 days of working and preparation time for the event will also be removed for the following reasons: you are not a co-host or organizer, and you don’t need to engage in these activities.

Looking forward to other members’ comments.

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Hello @HaiVu kindly remove Highlighted items.

While i see reasons why you and your team at Near Vietnam should be there, we can not funds those quoted line items in your budget as @Riley mentioned, its a Near event and there will be an overlap

That being said…

I am ready to support with the exclusion of those quoted line items… Oh this line line item :point_down:

Dear @HaiVu ! Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later