[Closed] NEAR AI generative series, constant streaming - YouTube, TWITCH

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking strategy for NEAR, utilizing a virtual AI series as a perpetual stream on Twitch and YouTube to promote NEAR and facilitate the growth of the AILAND platform.

Our AI-driven series promises to be an engaging and humorous experience, packed with witty jokes about the transition from WEB2 to WEB3. Featuring renowned influencers and celebrities as characters, the show will not only promote NEAR but also highlight the remarkable features of the AILAND platform. Branded locations and product placements will be integrated seamlessly, emphasizing NEAR’s unique capabilities and the advanced functionalities of AILAND.
To generate interest and drive organic growth, we will employ targeted social media advertising and continuous streaming.

Catch a preview sitcom on Twitch Twitch

We are confident that the NEAR community will be captivated by the cutting-edge graphics, the unique emotion system, and the capabilities of the AILAND platform, surpassing the quality of our existing examples.
Our MVP series is already showcasing the potential of generative cinema, with new episodes released daily.
Check out our YouTube channel,

NPC Comedy
Immerse yourself in the world of “NPC Comedy: The AI Sitcom,” following a group of NPCs through the challenges and hilarities of virtual existence, driven by unpredictable, AI-generated dialogue. These digital characters may be virtual, but their…
to get a taste of the content we will create for NEAR. We guarantee that the Virtual AI series for NEAR will be of significantly higher quality and more engaging than any of our previous content, featuring the exceptional capabilities of the AILAND platform. This innovative form of video art, executed professionally and intelligently, is certain to resonate with audiences.

We propose a budget of $3,000 for content preparation, including one month of location development, character creation, and showcasing AILAND’s features, plus $1,000 per month for advertising and perpetual streaming maintenance.
A minimum three-month advertising campaign is essential to build momentum, with the goal of attracting at least 500 regular online viewers.
Monthly assessments of the series’ effectiveness will enable us to work with the marketing department to optimize advertising channels.

After three months, we suggest evaluating the content’s success and considering the launch of a second season, potentially with a larger budget.
This multifaceted approach offers numerous benefits for NEAR and the AILAND platform. A virtual AI series will not only market NEAR but also highlight the innovative features of the AILAND platform, positioning both as forward-thinking products in technology and art. Branded locations and product placements will accentuate NEAR’s unique features and AILAND’s advanced capabilities, enhancing adoption rates. Lastly, the organic growth generated by continuous streaming will expand the NEAR community and increase engagement, all while providing a cost-effective solution for content creation and promotion.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the proposed budget for the Virtual AI series for NEAR and the AILAND platform on a per-month basis:

Month 1: Content Preparation and Launch - $3,000
Location Development: $1,500
Character Creation: $1,000
Integration of AILAND Features: $500

Month 1: Continuation and Growth - $1,000
Maintenance & Support for AILAND Platform: $250
Social Media Ads & Promotion: $500
Influencer Outreach & Collaboration: $250

Month 2: Expansion and Engagement - $1,000
Maintenance & Support for AILAND Platform: $250
Social Media Ads & Promotion: $500
Influencer Outreach & Collaboration: $250

Month 3: Expansion and Engagement - $1,000
Maintenance & Support for AILAND Platform: $250
Social Media Ads & Promotion: $500
Influencer Outreach & Collaboration: $250

Total Budget for 3 Months: $6,000

Please note that this budget is a proposal and can be adjusted according to specific needs and requirements. The primary focus is on content preparation and launch in the first month, with subsequent months focusing on the growth and expansion of the Virtual AI series, promotion, and increased engagement with the NEAR community and the AILAND platform.

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Hi @INFINITY thanks for the proposal.

In reviewing this, I don’t see the direct connection to NEAR other than it’s mentioned here in the proposal.

Can you take a look at the guidelines for the MarketingDAO and explain how this proposal will help accomplish the KPIs outlined there?



AILAND platform is mentioned throughout, which made this proposal very hard to read as I still don’t know what the AILAND platform is and there are no explanations or external links provided.

Is this your stream or a stream provided as an example just to validate the AI eternal streaming concept?

This does not add up. Just the first month is $6,000. Please also note that we can only fund one month at a time.

Looking forward to getting some clarification on this. Thanks!

Dear NEAR Foundation and Marketing DAO,

We are excited to submit our proposal for the AI-driven Virtual Series on Twitch and YouTube, designed to promote NEAR and facilitate the growth of the AILAND platform. Our project aligns with the strategic goals of the NEAR Foundation and meets the general and vertical-specific guidelines outlined for applications.

Developing a thriving ecosystem of high-quality projects:
Our AI-driven virtual series will generate engaging, unique, and innovative content promoting NEAR and showcasing the AILAND platform’s remarkable features. The project will create an inspiring and vibrant community, driving interest and engagement in the NEAR ecosystem. By collaborating with renowned influencers and celebrities, we aim to provide value to other builders and projects in the ecosystem, accelerating their growth.

Providing an entry point for Web3 talent:
By producing a high-quality virtual AI series, we will establish NEAR and AILAND as forward-thinking leaders in technology and art. Our continuous streaming and targeted social media advertising will expand NEAR’s reach, attracting new developers, builders, and community members. The project’s ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and concisely will make it an attractive entry point for Web3 talent.

Ensuring reasonable quality to receive capital:
Our proposed budget of $6,000 for three months includes a detailed breakdown of costs, ensuring that the funds are allocated effectively and transparently. The project aims to provide more value to the ecosystem than it extracts, with a focus on content preparation and launch in the first month, followed by growth and expansion in subsequent months.

Regarding vertical-specific guidelines, our AI-driven virtual series will feature high-quality video content with professional production and sophisticated visuals, leveraging the AILAND platform’s capabilities. The project will provide unique insights into NEAR and AILAND, offer engaging storytelling, and showcase advanced functionalities. We also plan to optimize our content for engagement and SEO, making it easily discoverable and shareable across platforms.

In conclusion, our AI-driven virtual series will contribute to NEAR’s thriving ecosystem, provide an entry point for Web3 talent, and ensure the project’s quality and value align with the NEAR Foundation’s goals. We are confident that our proposal will resonate with your guidelines and look forward to your positive consideration.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

AILAND is an innovative marketplace built on the NEAR blockchain for 3D game assets. Our platform,

aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a decentralized and user-friendly marketplace for creators, developers, and enthusiasts.

Our marketplace, NEAR AILAND Marketplace


streamlines the process of buying, selling, and trading 3D game assets, empowering users to bring their creative visions to life. Leveraging the security and scalability of the NEAR blockchain, AILAND ensures a seamless and trustworthy experience for users.

Explore the world of AILAND and stay updated on our latest developments by visiting our Linktree:

Join us as we shape the future of gaming and unleash the potential of the metaverse with the power of the NEAR blockchain!

Perhaps it would be better to see everything in person?
We can make an appointment to show you around.

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Sounds good - I’ve made a booking for next week.

Looking forward to learning more in person.

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Hello! Thanks you for your proposal! Could you please share your Human and Mintbase grants reports? Thanks!

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The AMBER Metaverse Human Guild Grant Project has been successfully completed with the creation of a virtual world based on the NEAR blockchain. The project achieved several milestones, including the launch of the game in test mode on iOS and Webgl, deployment in the Apple App Store, development of 3D models for mint, launch of 3D PFP collection on Paras and Mintbase, launch of cross-platform application on NEAR mainnet and iOS, Web, PC/Mac platforms, and NFT integration. The full report is available in a word document.

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The Mintbase-based marketplace is still in development and a report on the stage of development will be made in May.
You can see the construction stage at:


Thanks for the proposal. I want to recognize here on the forum for transparency that you’ve had a call with council member @satojandro and I have some additional context around the project from his update during our last weekly council meeting.

While I think this is an interesting project from a conceptual point of view, there are too many uncertainties and questions for me around the project, the volume of past funding, what looks like a significantly delayed roadmap to give me confidence that supporting this proposal at this time is a responsible use of community funds. Additionally, our guidelines/scope cannot fund paid ads or influencer marketing at this time.

I also think that, if funded, this project is a better fit for the CreativesDAO because there are significant creative development components (location development, character development) that fall outside the scope of our guidelines.

In terms of a way forward, what I would recommend is continuing to build and coming back to us when you have a need for pure marketing support around a project that is already complete (or ready to go to market) and in need of amplification around a solid growth strategy.


Thank you. Good luck.

Hi @INFINITY firstly my appologies for the long delay in coming to a decision on your proposal.
This was due to council members awaiting further information to be able to evaluate your proposal.
I would echo the comments of fellow councils and personally not see how we can provide marketing support at this time. Moving to Closed