AMBER Metaverse Human Guild Grant Project Completion Report


The AILAND project, formerly known as AMBER metaverse, was successfully completed after receiving a grant from the Human Guild. The project aimed to create a virtual world with its own economy based on the NEAR blockchain. This report provides a detailed overview of the successful implementation of the grant project.

Step 1:

  1. Launch of the game in test mode on iOS and Webgl demo with NEAR testnet wallet login: The game was successfully launched in test mode on both iOS and Webgl platforms, allowing users to log in using their NEAR testnet wallets.
  2. Deployment in Apple App Store (not NFT game without NEAR wallet login): The non-NFT version of the game without NEAR wallet login was successfully deployed in the Apple App Store.
  3. Developed 3D models for mint: The team successfully developed a variety of 3D models to be used for minting purposes within the game.

Step 2:

  1. Launch of 3D PFP collection on Paras

and Mintbase

: The 3D PFP collection was successfully launched on the Paras and Mintbase platforms, providing users with a wide range of unique and engaging 3D avatars.

  1. Launch of cross-platform application on NEAR mainnet and iOS, Web, PC/Mac platforms: The AMBER metaverse was launched across multiple platforms, including iOS, Web, PC, and Mac, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for users on their preferred devices.
  2. NFT integration: The game incorporated NFTs, enabling users to own and use unique digital assets (3D NFT avatars) within the game environment.

Project Achievements:

After a successful pre-alpha test and feedback collection, the test period concluded, and the mobile version was removed from the App Store test platform. The WebGL version was also deemed outdated and removed from the web. The project underwent a rebranding from AMBER metaverse to AILAND, and the engine was completely rewritten. The AILAND now features a new battle royale mode and is live on Windows, is available for open alpha test free download version as a web3 launcher with the game from

and as an free-to-play web2 game on Steam

and has 20.5k alpha testers by April 2023. Development is ongoing for iOS and Android with an updated engine. The NFT collection is on the NEAR mainnet, and the platform supports NFT collections on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Mumbai, Cronos and SKALE. AILAND has also integrated seven AI technologies, including OpenAI, Didimo, Avatar Union, Ready Player Me, Inworld, Anything World, and Avaturn. As a result of the project’s successful AI integrations, in-game features such as creating realistic avatars from photos, AI-driven NPC interactions and generating avatar personalised emotions and movements using videos are now available for an enhanced user experience. AILAND has developed its own AI NPC system and offers the ability to create AI movies and series on the platform, providing users with a unique and engaging experience. The project also incorporates state-of-the-art multiplayer solutions with lag compensation, ensuring a smooth gaming experience suitable for eSports.


The AILAND project has successfully achieved all milestones set forth in the grant proposal. With a rebranded and improved gaming experience, the project is now ready to make its mark in the world of metaverses and NFT gaming. The successful implementation of this grant project has demonstrated the potential of the NEAR blockchain and the AILAND team’s ability to deliver a high-quality, engaging product for users across the globe. The game is scheduled for release in 2028, which will further showcase the team’s dedication to providing an innovative and immersive gaming experience in the metaverse.