[Closed] Minting Music and Deep Tropics Music and Arts Festival Collaboration

  • Why Team is Best For The Funds

Our team has been in the web3 space since 2020. We have a great track record of weaving web3 into the heartbeat of the music industry in Nashville, TN, and by extension the music industry at large. Furthermore, we’ve been at the vanguard of the crypto industry and Near. One of our team members has spoken at NEARCON Alpha and Beta and Art Basel for 2022 We’ve used these placements at these major events to share our experience in the music industry with the web3 world. Our group also owns and operates a company in web2 music company called Nashville Unsigned Through NU we developed some of the biggest independent artists in the US. With our reputation in music festivals, music business, artists development, content creation and music digital marketing, we are the trusted source to bring blockchain to the mainstream music festivals in the United States and beyond. Our team has had over 4 decades in the music business/industry. Our mentors and network of music business partners stretches from major labels to disruptive independants, in publishing, management, booking, promotions and music festivals. We know we are the team to bring blockchain into the mainstream music festival experience.There is no better way to do this than with Deep Tropics Music and Arts festival– August 18-19,2023, in the heart of “Music City,” Nashville TN.

Minting Music (@mintingmusic) will be supported by Nashville Unsigned (@nashvilleunsigned) and Harmonic Guild (@harmonicguild | harmonic-guild-v1.sputnik-dao.near) for Deep Tropics.


  • Amber Stoneman - @astoneman - astoneman.near - Minting Music/ Nashville Unsigned
  • Nick Daniel - Minting Music / Nashville Unsigned
  • Nick Brown - Minting music / Nashville Unsigned
  • Quinton Armitage @qarmitage - qsaharmonic.near - Harmonic Guild
    Jaswinder Singh - @jasification | @allcoolhandlestaken - jaswinder.near - Harmonic Guild
  • Harmonic Guild Dev and Promotions Team: Muhammad Zangina Maje, Sylvia Nduge, Babagana Abba, Carlyn Motsay

Success in the music industry

Nashville Unsigned - has helped launch and develop over 120 independent artists, we’ve thrown over 300 live music events in 8 years, we’ve co-produced and booked over 10 festivals, we’ve created an interview webseries for 14 seasons, gearing up for season 15, we’ve partnered with airbnb to two secret concerts in secret venues we’ve thrown about 15 events so far, we’ve helped artist bump up their revenue on average of 10%, we also offer cutting edge label services to artists and teams now. We’ve created a movie thats still on Amazon Prime called InstaBand about surviving the streaming revolution in which we booked 95% of the talent that show up in the film.

What has been built and done in web3? Achievements -

  • Minting Music and Harmonic have built an NFT marketplace for music award winner Seven Dead Stars with DJ Form and Unsecret.
  • Minting Music has held several educational events in the music business as well as one on one consulting artists and companies in web3.
  • Minting Music has spoken at Nearcon for two years and Art Base 2022.
  • Harmonic Guild has built and deployed many custom NFT marketplaces 6 of which are live with another 10 deploying soon.
  • Harmonic Guild has built a Near Blockchain Operating System enabled Gateway for minting NFTs as well as displaying audio and video content.
  • Harmonic Guild has built a composable Keypom airdrop integration. They have Airdropped more than 200 NFTs to fans and early adopters.
  • Harmonic Guild has built a self service landing page which employs airdrops and web2 socials promotions. We have built one of these for DAO Records as well as having a network version for Harmonic Guild.

What has been built and done in web2? the current music industry

  • Minting Music’s sister company is Nashville Unsigned that has worked with Hangout Music Fest this year (50k tickets sold), The homestead fest (7k tickets sold), Bonnaroo (50k tickets sold), CMA fest (90k attendees) in 2023 and have this festivals with homestead Festival, Howl at the Moon Festival, Deep Tropics and more set for 2024
  • Nashville Unsigned also works with many indie labels, publishers, booking agents and management companies in the music business as well as over 120 indie artists
  • Nashville Unsigned has a 30 page independent digital magazine in circulation of ½ million views monthly
  • Nashville Unsigned has built the largest indie community in the largest music city
  • Nashville Unsigned provides label services to labels, artists, management, publishing and booking agents
  • Nashville Unsigned provides all forms of marketing for festivals, venues and artist teams
  • Nashville Unsigned shoots media at festivals and conferences in photo format, video and vertical social media content
  • Nashville Unsigned throws the largest independent showcasing and networking events in the city
  • Nashville Unsigned partners with major brands like shure microphones, gibson guitars, airbnb, google, diageo and more.
  • Harmonic Guild has conducted 40+ interviews with musicians to understand how Harmonic’s technology can be employed to solve musicians problems.

What are we going to do?

Minting Music and Harmonic Guild are bringing web3 to Deep Tropics music and arts festival through

  • Deep Tropics branded NFT marketplace which allows for credit card processing of NFT purchases.
  • Point of Sale Software that allows the festival to accept multiple forms of crypto as payments.
  • Airdrops in real time - including 20 custom built templates to match the festivals branding - collectibles, POAPs, audio and video content, and rewards.
  • Airdrops are planned to include account abstraction (Keypom’s standard) allowing festival goers to create and use a wallet without needing to write down their seed phrase beforehand.
  • Integrating Deep Tropic’s eco token concept into NFTs. Deep Tropics plans to support a range of green initiatives with these NFTs– examples include elimination/reuse/recycling, tree planting, and carbon crediting.

Where are we going to do it?

  • This will be at the Bicentennial Mall State Park at the foot of the capital in the heart of Nashville TN. (600 James Robertson Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37243)

How this impacts NEAR, Minting Music and Harmonic Guild

  • Since this has never been done on this scale, this will give Minting Music and Harmonic a proof of concept to take to future partners to show how it would and will work.
  • Current future partners that want to see this in action are: 1) Sirius XM radio 2) The Ryman Auditorium ( a historic music venue in Nashville )
  • Wallet setups on Near blockchain
  • Artist onboarding.
  • Music industry networking.
  • Increased transactions on chain.
  • Testing mass financial onboarding to Near.
  • Minting Music and Harmonic build and test the tech that will be used for other festivals.
  • Visibility for Minting Music, Harmonic and Near as the first companies to integrate web3 into mainstream music festivals alongside integrating with the greenest music festival in the USA, Deep Tropics.
  • Great video content for social promotion for Minting Music, Deep Tropics, Harmonic Guild, and Near.

What is needed to pull this off?

  • All teams and partnerships are in place and ready to go We just need some funding to pull off this beta so other clients can see how it works. Everyone in the future we expect this technology and activation to be a paid service, but we need a beta in hand to lean on for future proposals and a grant will help us move this forward

What will the impact be from being present at this event?

  • The festival has hired PR so one of the impacts will be the media that stems from bringing web3 into the greenest festival in the country.
  • This beta test and its data will give us information for potential clients Sirius Xm, Pandora and The Ryman to see how it can work and how it will work. This will create more clients for Harmonic and Minting Music in the festival and live events space.
  • This will also give us data and concepts to present to labels, publishing, booking, management and artists.
  • Wallets will be set up. Fans will be financially onboarded.

Social Media for Minting Music, Harmonic Guild, Deep Tropics, Deep Culture and Nashville Unsigned

We are creating the roadmap for web2 artists and fans to experience web 3 simply in their everyday festival experience. We aim to connect them deeper with the mission of the festival and with the artists on stage. We aim to connect them to our mission of a better music industry and a better internet. With the introduction of web3 into mainstream music festivals, we are hoping to give the fan and the artist a completely new experience of the ease and utility of web3. NFT airdrops, the ability to accept crypto at the festival, concert goer perks for NFT holders, elevated tickets and more, all demonstrate how these tools can improve fan experiences and musicians livelihood. Furthermore we bring Deep Tropics Festival an unparalleled NFT marketplace and festival support service alongside our partners at Harmonic Guild. Bringing a carbon neutral blockchain to the greenest and most sustainable music festival in the United States through Minting Music will be a large win for Near, Harmonic and Minting Music as well as Deep Tropics themselves.

  • Other impacts:

  • This will promote the use of web3 tech & Near DApps like Mintbase, Harmonic Guild, Minting Music, Open Forest Protocol and more to the mainstream music festival goer and artists.

  • A proof of concept will be delivered to sell to future festivals

  • Gain the salience and trust of artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, labels, management, publishing, festivals and fans through a real world experience with web3.Give them their first good experience with web3, with easy and seamless onboarding and a fun cool involvement in this new era…

  • Onboard the fans at the festival to receive collectibles at the festival - some having collectable value, some having real world (in festival) utility and many with both. Harmonic and Minting Music will connect with this fan community and work to make them active users in this ecosystem.

  • To create digital visibility we will also be shooting content at the festival to highlight the web3 engagement through video, photo, drones, editing and social media marketing. We will use all content to market with in the future

  • This will attract web3 investors to the music and blockchain industries as a whole and set a new precedence for a music festival experience from fan to artist engagement and more

  • Client User Story:

    • Deep Tropics will receive education into the why and how of the cryptosystems occurring at the event.
    • Deep Tropics will receive a legal terms of engagement and contract for the services of Harmonic Guild and Minting Music.
    • Deep Tropics will be set up with a Near account or an AstroDAO
    • Deep Tropics IP will be employed to create NFTs.
    • Royalties on sales of NFTs will be written via smart contract to the Deep Tropics accounts.
    • They will receive an integration to their online and in-person point of sale systems to receive cryptocurrencies especially Near.
    • In addition to Deep Tropics festival management, artist will also receive the option to opt into this program: including education, setting up Near or AstroDAO accounts, minting NFTs of their IP, and receiving royalties.
  • Fan User Story:

    • A fan uses a QR Code to get an account abstracted wallet and their first NFT
    • The fan is then able to go to various QR Codes around the festival and collect additional free NFTs.
    • The fan is prompted to buy Deep Tropics ecoNFT both before and during the event.
    • The fan may purchase materials such as merch at the festival using cryptocurrencies.
    • Fans who purchase the ecoNFT will get special gated access to activations during the event.
    • Fans as well as festival participants will be able to engage with Harmonic and Minting Music during the festival at their booths.
  • Partnerships with Harmonic Guild and future partnerships with environmental friendly companies build on NEAR, alongside music companies and DAO’s built on NEAR

  • Introducing web 3 at the first mainstream music festival in the country - slated to sell 7-10k tickets

  • Strengthen Nears footprint in mainstream festivals alongside Minting Music and Harmonic.

  • Minting Music and Harmonic will provide the tech and content to pull this off while gaining the trust of fans, musicians, and music businesses in attendance.

Projects timeline:

June 2023

  • Develop and test the ability to accept all forms of crypto with Harmonic and partners.
  • Develop and test the ability to process credit cards for Near transactions with Harmonic and partners.
  • Contact artists on the bill to develop NFT’s for their airdrops
  • Pull together smart contract details for artist, festival, Harmonic and Minting Music.
  • Develop and test account abstraction airdrop with Harmonic, Keypom, and partners.

July 2023

  • Test the airdrops at an event in Nashville
  • Test crypto transactions and payment transactions at events before the fest
  • Test Marketplace/Wallets integration as well as content display
  • Wallet setup email and social blasts from the festival

August 2023

  • Festival is executed August 18 & 19
  • Wallet setup email and social blasts from the festival
  • Content from festival rolls out across all Nashville Unsigned, Minting Music, Harmonic Guild, Deep Tropics and Deep Culture socials
  • Network onboarding and community follow through.

September 2023

  • Content from festival rolls out across all Nashville Unsigned, Minting Music, Harmonic Guild, Deep Tropics and Deep Culture socials



  • Harmonic Guild build out for the festival to accept basic crypto transactions across the festival for Near transactions and Point of Sale
  • Harmonic build out of the festivals marketplace
  • Admin of airdrops and transaction fees at the festival for Minting Music and Harmonic

Minting Music

  • Design festival templates for airdrops - 20 templates for different segments of the festival
  • Admin of NFT smart contract details and negotiations with artists on the lineup
  • Team to execute social media marketing AT the festival
  • Team to execute photography AT the festival
  • Team to execute videography AT the festival
  • Wallet setup activation on site - 4 brand ambassadors roaming for 2 days getting festival goers to setup wallets for gifts - volunteers

Deep Tropics

  • Sponsorship/ Vendor fee to the festival (includes branding, marketing, logos at the festival, administration of bringing in new techand access to every ticket holder through the festivals communications that will be accessible to us pre, during and post festival) - $10,000 USD

Total Ask - $10,000 USD

DAO address - deep-tropics-2023.sputnik-dao.near


Harmonic Guild fully endorses Minting Music’s proposal to bring web3 technology to Deep Tropics Music and Arts Festival. Harmonic Guild is prepared to provide extensive technical products and services in support of this event.

By integrating Near web3 into Deep Tropics through a branded NFT marketplace, point-of-sale software, and airdrops, we will create a fantastic engagement for fans, artists, and music business professionals. For most attendees, it will be their first experience with web3 technology. Harmonic will work tirelessly to make it seamless and transformative.

Furthermore, Deep Tropic’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Harmonics’ values and showcases the Near blockchain’s potential for environmental initiatives as well as Near’s carbon neutrality in itself.

Minting Music can and will, in concert with Harmonic, successfully execute this event beta and lay the foundation for future web3 integrations with the music festival industry and music industry writ large. Harmonic invites other members of the Near Community to join us in supporting this event!

Our DMs are open.


Thank you for your proposal!

I like the initiatives of Harmonic Guild, however, based on our Charter, the partnership proposal is limited to $10k per milestone.

Could you please revamp your current proposal to $10,000?

Also, please provide the target DAO address. I assume that’s harmonic-guild-v1.sputnik-dao.near, however, it’d be good to have an official confirmation from your side.


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Thanks Paul for the feedback, I have adjusted the proposal to match the milestone limit and I have also added the DAO address at the very bottom. Thank you!

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Thanks, @Astoneman.
As of yesterday, we have shared our report, and you made changes to the proposal 11 hours ago. Please be aware that we will move the evaluation of your proposal to August.

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ok thank you for the heads up

should I resubmit for august ?

We’ll review the current proposal, you don’t have to resubmit it.

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