[Closed] Metaverse DAO participation at Blockchain Rio

DAO Name

Metaverse DAO

Funding scheme

One time

Council Members






Total Requested Funding Amount 5.610 USD (500 usd in NEAR and 5110 usd in DAI)

We are going to have a huge BLOCKCHAIN event in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and we think that is fundamental to NEAR be there to show up for Brazilian Web 3 enthusiasts.

Metaverse DAO is a repository of important moments and history about NEAR Protocol, so, we think that it’s perfect to represent it in the event. And the bonus is that Metaverse DAO has a lot of members in Rio de Janeiro (council included) which makes it cheaper.


Our main intention is to show the NEAR Protocol in BlockChain RIO using Metaverse DAO to do it. With this we will publicize NF in a large presencial meeting in Rio de Janeiro and we intend to onboard 100 people on NEAR.


This project is important because of many things. First, it will bring attention to the NEAR Foundation in a large event for people interested in blockchain. The public is people that already know and are in the web3 sector, and people/businesses that are seeking to enter the new era of blockchain.

Another major relevance is that Brazil is the biggest country in South America into the cryptocurrency world, and the 5th in the world.

People will be there searching for information, partnership and getting into blockchain.

NEAR Foundation can be a star in the event, because it has a lot of benefits for people interested. And this will bring several people to the ecosystem.

Take a look of the potentiality of this proposal:


The Philosopher, council member of the Metaverse DAO was contacted by the event organizers and was asked to bring his knowledge and give a lecture at the event. He saw and shared with the council the idea to be in the event with much more presence. The event is offering sponsor spaces that go from 800.000 USD to 3.000USD and we see an opportunity there.

Due to the values for Mkt DAO proposals we decided to make a project with the cheapest sponsor space (because the 2nd cheapest is 14.000USD) and build a stand on Blockchain Rio.

With this, we intend to onboard 100 people in the 4 days of the event, give the onboarded people Mintbase NFTs, show them the Metaverse, and talk in the event about NEAR Blockchain, Metaverse DAO and Community.

Here you can see the full information of the event:

Blockchain Rio:

Here you can see the marketing material sent to me by Blockchain Rio’s marketing team:
Midia Kit BlockchainRio EN_compressed .pdf (1.6 MB)

And here you can see the who is going to give a talk in the event, including The Philosopher:


Our timeline consists of the pre-event operation; operation in the 4 days of the event and the post operations after the event. (September 1st to September 4th)

  • Organize the event

    • payment;
    • logistic;
    • create and print material;
    • publicity on social media;
    • create approach strategy and speech guidelines for the staff share the information and open the wallets;
    • select staff and train them;
    • Create marketing materials for the flyer, banner, and NFTs.
  • The event

    • Organization of the stand;
    • talk with participants;
    • onboard participants
    • present NEAR
    • give NFT
    • give a talk in the event
  • Post event

    • report with all information of the event; highlights; lessons; onboarded people, NFT from the talk and the event, as the video on youtube.


For this project we will need:

Total 5.610 USD in DAI and NEAR (500 usd in NEAR and 5110 usd in DAI)



We intent to deliver the items below:

  • at least 100 people opening near wallets;
  • 2 NFTs (art produced by us) given to the people that also make an account on Mintbase;
  • 1 lecture at the event (more than 1000 foreseen people to the event);
  • 1 video from the lecture and from our participation in the event;
  • 1 NFT linking to the video, minted on mintbase, in our historical store;
  • 2 banners + art for the banner;
  • 4000 flyers delivered + art for the flyers.

See you all on Metaverse! And IRL too!


@David_NEAR, we finally made that project for Blockchain Rio that I talked to you about.

@marketingdao-council, we would be very glad with your appreciation here of our proposal.


Please, read this comment for you to know more about me and my path on NEAR, together with some important reports talking about my work:


@marianeu I would like to remember you of this event, in case Mintbase wants to participate. We can get a spot up to August 16th.

In case Mintbase also wants that I talk about Mintbase together with Metaverse DAO, please send me some materials that you think are good for introducing Mintbase. As I am a lecturer in the event, I can use the space to promote Mintbase too.


august 16th? I’ll be in brasília. Any way of getting funds for my travels? Don’t need hospedation, I have family there. I’ll check with my team if we can fund it first. Let me come back to this.

But my presence there would only be justified if I get a speaker spot / workshop spot @thephilosopher


just saw the conference starts in september, ill already be back to germany at that time

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Maybe I can talk with their marketing team, and I bet they would like speaker from Mintbase. Do u want me to check this possibility?

Oh, that is so sad, my friend!

Can it be online??? I’d love that

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I dont know, but it would be nice if it could.

Hi @thephilosopher – thanks for the proposal – I see you have another proposal requesting funding for NEARCON in addition to this one. As I’m reviewing these, is there one you want to prioritize?


Hi, @so608. Thanks for evaluating the proposals.
Maybe this one, because it is near: Sept 1-4.
Kind regards.

Just letting you know too that my name is Rodrigo Reis, so my name in the event is appearing as Rodrigo Reis, not The Philosopher.

Thanks for your proposal Philosopher.

We’ve got a relatively large community in Brazil, specially when taking into account the % of Marketing DAO funds going to the region.

Why do you think the Metaverse DAO would be the best placed to represent the NEAR ecosystem?

  • How confident do you feel like you could represent the NEAR ecosystem to enquiring developers? (Stay up to date with tech releases, capability, use cases available, etc.)
  • How confident do you fee like you could represent the NEAR ecosystem to a non-crypto audience? (Highlighting user experience, etc.)




Hi, @satojandro. Thanks for your answer.

Concerning Metaverse DAO, I would say that:

  1. Blockchain Rio contacted me directly, thinking that I was the representative of NEAR in Brazil, because I was really a known person building the Brazilian community on NEAR. Please, have a look at my path on NEAR and outside it: [Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting - #183 by thephilosopher

  2. As far as I know, no other DAO from NEAR is requesting resources to participate at Blockchain Rio. If this is right, beyond being the best placed dao to represent NEAR on Blockchain Rio, it is the only DAO. Without it, there is no NEAR representation at Blockchain Rio.

  3. Metaverse is something new for traders and NFT artists, so I think it will generate interest enough, given our unique historical mission on metaverse.

I think I can represent NEAR inside my work area, which is NEAR historical presence on Metaverse and development of its presence. I can talk about that and about NFT marketplaces, funding possibilities on NEAR, possibilities of integration between metaverse and IRL events, and similar things. But I cannot talk about nightshade and these technical things. I am not a developer, so my knowledge about that is not large.

Nevertheless I know what I want from the developers. I want a developer who can develop an app like crosswords.xyz, but with questions and choices between answers, with tasks to be fulfilled, and created by professors, used by students, and distributing NEAR to them, to be used in universities. This is not a project from Metaverse DAO, but it is something I am developing with The Philosophers DAO, together with a certain set of projects which could create a NEAR ecosystem inside universities, starting by my university and @jsc2022.near’s university, who is also a council member from The Philosophers DAO. I can enjoy the moment among blockchain enthusiasts not only to publicize NEAR and Metaverse DAO, but also to build contacts with developers who could help in this regard.

Concerning non-crypto audience, I could explain pretty well what is blockchain, how near is different from bitcoin and ethereum blockchains, how to mint NFTs, how to participate on metaverse, how to build a DAO and ask for fundings for projects, how to be part of the community. I have a good experience on near, concerning user experience. I use many partners’ products, as 3xr, Near Cribs, Near Hub, Reality Chain, Mintbase marketplace etc.

See you on metaverse!


Hello, @thephilosopher let’s focus on NearCon?
It’s no from me.


Hi, @Dacha. We can focus on NAERCon, although we have just 11 days more to decide about Blockchain Rio.

Thanks for providing the thoughtful explanation.

I agree that every community member is well placed to represent NEAR within their area of expertise and, if they were to come across people with other interests or asking about things beyond your knowledge, hopefully you’d be able to put them in contact with the right person.

Drawing from my experience at crypto events; few people are focused on the talks, all of the networking and value is created on the hallways, booths are very expensive an rarely go beyond handing out merchandise. Bit cynical, but I guess what I am alluding to is that there are ways to participate in these conferences and meet a ton of people, onboard them to NEAR without the need to necessarily have a booth.

Considering the time constraints and the focus on Nearcon as Dacha has suggested, I would propose you attend Blockrio but on a personal basis, without booth.

Let me know if there are any minor expenses associated with this ‘Light’ version of attendance.

PSA - you should connect with the @Hack-a-Chain team, they are technical and within Brazil. Hopefully together you can complement each other skills and help us grow the NEAR Ecosystem there


Thank you for connecting me with @Hack-a-Chain, @satojandro.

Can I send u a DM about an app project, Hack? Bom encontrar um grupo brasileiro nessa área mais técnica! Eu queria desenvolver um app para universidades e, caso vcs queiram conversar, podemos trocar uma ideia.


Thanks for the referral @satojandro!

It will be a pleasure to connect to more Brazilian projects. We’re also going to be present at BlockchainRio and we’re thinking about getting a booth for Near, but we’ll take what you’ve said into consideration and better reflect around. Maybe we don’t really need a booth to market Near.

Anyway, we’ll discuss it with @thephilosopher.

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