[CLOSED]Job Opening: Gaming Advisor at Gaming DAO

Hello, NEAR Community!

:video_game: Gaming DAO is in search of an Advisor! If you have a deep understanding of the gaming world, experience in game development, and possess financial planning skills, join our team.

:point_right: Fill out the form: https://forms.gle/YaVdfKJhe5NN9ZYeA

Reward: 1000$

Let’s shape the future of the gaming industry in NEAR together!



Sounds interesting…but is there any more detail ? (beyond the form)

Is it an advisor as in an advisory role?..or as a name for a different role with specific expectations & duties?..or as in some DAO’s…is it just a name for a junior council member with a pathway to the full council?

(Hourly commitment would also be a useful detail :+1:)



This role involves assisting consuls in reviewing applications for funding. Expressing your detailed opinion on each application, and assistance in resolving controversial applications. No more than 15-20 hours per month


That’s great, thnx for the clarification :+1:

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Thanks to everyone who submitted. We carefully reviewed the applications and selected advisors.

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Ah sh*t…I was half way thru an application (seriously)…

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