[CLOSED] January 2023 Social Media budget for fraDAO

Guild name: Atelier Techne Studio
Funding scheme: Monthly
Wallet owner’s name: fradaomarketing.near
NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near
Q1 2023 councils: frado PatriciaB Narau

[Proposal] January 2023 Social Media budget for fraDAO

Hello @marketingdao-council and @jefedeoro have an amazing 2023!

Reactivate the commitment with the social media, during the time without funds the work was extremely uncommitted without being able to charge anyone, not even goals and numbers. We have the problem that we are not occupying extremely important social media such as TikTok (who will always invite an artist to talk about how he creates and places his NFTs on the NEAR protocol platforms), we will be occupying the Linkedin platform, a serious and very important platform in the corporate world, that we need to occupy and show the web3 ecosystem in full steam showing all the roadmap accomplishments, past and future.

(frado) With the treasure hunt, in the metaverse,


spread the content of the ecosystem, on Twitter, naturally through users of the ecosystem and not through paid ads. We need to show that the NEAR ecosystem has its own Metaverse instead of using other metaverses from other blockchains, which have no ties to the Aurora Bridge and NEAR protocol.
fraDAO Art festival at NEARHub: Honorable Cute Meetup | NEAR Hub Online

We need to show that it is possible to buy NFTs inside NEAR’s metaverse.

The treasure hunt promotion collaborates with the whole ecosystem and community, we will give a good movement and activate the community with great strength with the prizes in question, besides being very concerned about bringing people from outside the NEAR ecosystem and attract to the web3 experience within NEAR. Telegram will be an essential tool for awarding and engaging with participants and answering questions through community support.

frado Launch on LinkedIn,


putting all the executed projects of the 2022 roadmap in the posts and tagging the near protocol, members and ecosystem partners, like mintbase, PARAS, creativeDAO, marketingDAO and NEARHub, frado will be in front of this initial step making the publications with great concern.

@lauralago @Narau Starting on Tiktok with a greater artist,


showing how NFTs are made and what the process of making mint is like on the ecosystem platforms.

We are doing very well on facebook with @SarmanhoMairy , Instagram with @raissalaban and Reddit with @PatriciaB . our team is strong and aware in the strategy we will maintain the aesthetics and create new content and engagement with the theme of the art festival fraDAO at NEARHubs and the development behind the scenes. Besides talking about the availability of purchases, with several daily histories, we will go all out to disclose the scavenger hunt and festival, we want to bring new users into the NEAR ecosystem. In Tiktok we will put Laura Lago to talk about the artistic process of NFTs and how she makes Mints in NEAR, we will be very attentive with the engagement of tiktok and understand where is the channel of possible new users within the NEAR protocol, we want to promote and bring new users.

On Twitter, @SarmanhoMairy we will bet on a tactic with the same facebook manager that did an amazing job with more than 1 daily post and 2 monthly AMAs. We will engage Twitter with the treasure hunting promotion, Total twitter posts: 75 posts in the central art festival metaverse, with 10 @channels and 10 #hashtags from the NEAR ecosystem.

Reddit, facebook and instagram we will maintain social media with daily posts and focus on the process of how the metaverse was made and announce the treasure hunt.


Project Overview: Short High-Level Summary of the Purpose of the Your Project

We are in the full fraDAO art Festival, we spent 12 months to arrive in this action. We will have a marketing strategy to launch the main hall of the fraDAO art festival at NEARHub, in a main hall we will have all the other metaverse experiences of fraDAO, through portals spread inside the main hall. The audience will be users from the ecosystem and new users/wallet

In this 23’ first month of strategic action, we will run a Treasure Hunting promotion inside our main hall of the NearHub art festival. We will have 20 NEAR logos, numbered from 1 to 20, that will be located inside the metaverse. Whoever finds 02, 15 or 20 NEAR logos, the users will use the twitter integration that already exists inside NEARHub and will post them on Twitter with the #hashtags and @users.

@ParasHQ, fra_dao, mintbase, marketingDAOers,#ParasHQ,@NearNFT, @teamnearster, @NEAR_Blockchain, @NearProtocol, NEARHub_online, #nftart #nftartist #ParasHQ #nftcollector #NEARnft #NEARProtocol #NEAR #fra_dao #fradao

  • Prizes Treausure Hunting :trophy::

:dizzy:1) A single winner, who first posts the 20 logos numbered 1-20*, on Twitter and letting you know on our telegram, will win 30 NEARS (or $60 USD) (non-cumulative)

  • 20 posts on Twitter and tell us you made it, to guarantee the prize.

:dizzy:2) A single winner, who posts the 15 logos numbered 1-20*, on Twitter and notifies our telegram, will win 15 NEARS (or $30 USD) (not cumulative)

  • 15 posts on Twitter and telling that you did, to guarantee the prize.

:dizzy:3) The first 20 people, who post a picture of 02 logos numbered 1-20*, on Twitter and tell our telegram, will win 2 NEARS (or $4 USD) (not cumulative) total: 40 NEARS or $80USD

  • NEAR logos numbered from 1 to 20 inside the metaverse of the fraDAO art festival inside NEARhubs: "URL of the festival will be indicated here on the day

:dizzy:Total twitter posts: 75 posts in the central art festival metaverse, with @10 channels and 10#hashtags.

  • VALUE:
    Total value of the NEAR 01 Treasure hunt prize: $170 USD

Social Media VALUES:

What Are the Goals of This Project?

  • Open 2 new super important communication channels, Tiktok and LinkedIn.

  • Reactivate all media with commitment to be able to double the amount of real followers and engage supporting the community.

  • To bring new users and open new wallets

  • The promotion of the NEAR treasure hunting within the festival of Art fraDAO at NEARHub, spreading the word on all social media and inviting people from outside the ecosystem to experience the NEAR Protocol, the best user experience on the web3.

  • Audience outreach: 40000 - 80000

  • Avg. conversion to community members: 5-25%

:gear: Distribution Channel and Frequency of Posting:

• Textual, link of videos, Visual / Graphic content

(50x) Twitter SarmanhoMairy
(30x) Reddit PatriciaB
(60x) Telegram frado
(30x) Linkedin with responses and comments frado
(50x) instagram with histories included raissalaban
(50x) Tiktok with histories included Narau and lauralago
(50x) Facebook with histories included SarmanhoMairy
(75x)Twitter Promotional NEAR treasure hunt (ecosystem)

  • Number of posts per month: 395 with histories

:link: Channel URL(s)
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/fraDAO/
Instagram fraDAO (@fra_dao) • Instagram photos and videos
Facebook Redirecting...
Twitter https://twitter.com/fra_dao
Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@fra_dao
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/fradao
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @fra_DAO

:movie_camera: Content Format:
Video, Visual / Image and Text.

:dango: Type(s) of Content:

• Text (Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn )
1. Article Writing
2. Minting Guides
3. Tutorials of wallets and minting
4. Opinion / Editorial of web3 

• Visual / Graphic (Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn e TikTok )
1. Announcements
2. Promotional NEAR treasure hunt
3. Statistics
4. Informative
5. Other

• Video (TikTok, Instagram Reels)

1. Tutorials
2. Guide
3. Educational
4. Stream

• Audio (Twitter, Telegram voice chat)
1. Promotional NEAR treasure hunt
2. Educational
3. AMA

Content Core:

• Announcements - announcing of fraDAO Art Festival on NEARHub and promotional 
• Guide – minting, promotional rules of treasure hunt
• Promotional - NEAR treasure hunt NEARHubs/Twitter/Telegram
• Tutorials – navigation on NEARHubs and promotional treasure hunt
• Informative – fraDAO Art Festival at NEARHubs, community members and Statistic
• Collaboration - collaborative content with other near-based games and channels
• Terms/ Glossary – Minter Glossary

:dollar: Budget Monthly

$ 2570 USD



@frado Excited for the proposal!!

What sort of content are you looking to make on TikTok?

Any past examples?

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We are a New account in tiktok.


It’ll be nice to know who’ll be the creators and/or editors for the video to learn more about the style and type of content.

If you want help with setting up any of that let me know. Or join the NEAR Content Creators WG - got a lot of good folks there

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Thanks @pooriaarab for the contact.
We have a Nice structure with áudio and vídeo Studios, many professional equipaments and a Nice team.
Check : frado.com.br and my bio.
If we want a partner, we send a msg to you :slight_smile:
Nice too meet you

Can you send the link of the group, please?:grinning:cheers to arabian community

@frado feel free to visit here:

Ask @satojandro or @minorityprogrammers for more help.

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@frado Noice!!

Make sure to highlight your team’s strengths as much as possible.

Personally, I got my hands full with content projects so can’t partner or join a new team.

Happy to offer tips if I can

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You got reason !
But in the others proposes we highlights the team, marketing core, branding core, social media.
Check our social media too :slight_smile:
We are Begin in tiktok and LinkedIn, we so excite to grow our ecosystem in tiktok.

Me too @pooriaarab , i can do everething. I live inside the Studios since i had 15years old, now i’m 44 :rofl:. Longe time, but i have a kid (little Genius) that develop games in roblox and iam in connection with Z generation.

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Hello @marketingdao-council !
I’m tagging @jefedeoro from NEARHUB, inside the propose.
Any notice?

Hi @frado i have reviewed you proposal and comments.

I recognise that you are enthusiastic about your DAO but i feel that i an unable to support your proposal in its current form. I suggest that you continue to focus on organic growth and you are welcome to submit again in future.

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Hi @frado
Thank you for submitting this proposal. There is a lot mixed into this proposal and I can appreciate the amount of time that was put into it. The nature of promoting an art exhibition and treasure hunt on Mintbase is interesting but I can’t directly see how this is going to drive the creation of new wallets and grow the ecosystem at large.

The enthusiasm is unmistakable but this project just isn’t hitting the new KPIs. Unfortunately, it’s a no from me.

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Hi @frado – thanks for the proposal. Like the other council members who’ve responded, I totally get that you are devoted to this project and have a lot of enthusiasm for NEAR. I respect what you’re trying to do, but I can’t support this proposal. Here are my reasons:

  • The size of the audience is currently smaller than what I am looking for in order to support projects that have been in existence for quite a few months. I would recommend working to achieve growth organically and know you can come back to us in the future when you have more traction.
  • We are currently under different guidelines vs. last year, when we were funding more “passion projects” that, while benefitting the NEAR ecosystem, were often more likely to have more benefit to the projects themselves. I am looking to fund projects that stand to benefit the NEAR ecosystem as much or hopefully more than they derive for themselves by leading to the onboarding of new developers, regular wallet transactions, more on chain participation in the ecosystem. I don’t see the potential for impact here that leads to a significant amount of those things at this time.

Again, I appreciate what your project is aiming to do, and I encourage you to keep building and growing.

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@pooriaarab @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint .
We created a proposal with a beautiful strategy and a price well below that practiced on any blockchain. We will promote the Art festival on NEARHubs, including the treasure hunt, I believe in this idea. We will be contacting more partners, hope it won’t be a problem for a @marketingdao-council
Our proposals beyond marketing, we have a vision of branding projects. We wish you a great week and on the next occasion we will send you a future proposal, if you allow us.
Furthermore, we thank you for all the positive comments, teachings, directions, notes and dedication in caring for the answers.