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Community Name: TNE- Society


TNE-Society is a web3 music NFT community built on NEAR protocol

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TNEsociety is focused on expanding the knowledge of NEAR and primarily music in NFT to young talented musicians. launched in November 2021. In our quest to onboard artists into web3 and the NEAR ecosystem primarily, we have had certain activities take place in the past. Our first journey began with Mintbase in December 2021, and as a community, we have grown to an extent having over 1000+ community members across all socials. We have had great social media activities, educating community members about web3, Music, and arts generally.

TNEsociety is a guild responsible for onboarding musical talents to NEAR Ecosystem to engage with all dApps on the music NFT categories and lots of music talents Onboarded on projects like Tamago, Minting Music, and Loozr. Moving forward to a new phase TNEsociety, we expanded our reach all over Nigeria to Onboard more music talents to mint their music as Nft on the NEAR Ecosystem. This will also move their fanbase to become users of NEAR.

Community Size

  • Current Members:
  • Telegram = 359
  • Twitter = 594
  • Nearsocial = 68
  • Medium = 32
  • Instagram = 342
  • YouTube = 13

Growth Projections:

    • 30% growth across all platforms for November

On-chain Community Growth Rate:

  • 50+ % on NEAR Social.
  • 400+ on onchain engagement for October - November .


  • To educate and engage more musicians about NEAR protocol and Music NFTs
  • Get all community members to interact with BOS components.
  • Open a new mintbase store
  • Increase the number of Music NfT minted on tamago and mintbase.
  • Increasing on-chain engagement on BOS and Near social
  • Preparing website to allow users upload their music
  • BOS interface to upload music
  • To get more active musicians onboarded to mint their music as NFTs on music NFT platforms build on NEAR e.g tamago,loozr,mintbase etc.
  • Increasing on-chain engagement on BOS and Near social
  • Preparing website to allow users upload their music
  • Smart contracts in progress

Activity of Interest to improve the ecosystem: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Education/Workshops
  2. BOS Building
  3. Marketing/Onboarding

Accounts retention strategy

Account retention is a continuous effort that requires a deep understanding of user needs and a commitment to creating a positive user experience. By implementing these strategies, we believe we can enhance user retention, ensuring that musicians remain engaged with your NFT platform on Near Protocol.

User Onboarding and Education:

  • The team will Provide more comprehensive onboarding materials and tutorials that guide musicians through the process of creating and managing NFTs on Near Protocol. Make these resources easy to understand and accessible to users.
  • Offer webinars, workshops, or online courses to teach musicians how to leverage NFTs for their music careers. Educating users about the benefits of NFTs can increase their motivation to stay engaged with the platform.

Interactive User Support:

  • Establish responsive community support channels to address user inquiries, issues, and concerns promptly. A timely and helpful support will significantly improve the user experience and reduce frustration.

Feedback Loops and Surveys:

  • Collect feedback from users regularly through surveys or feedback forms. Use this information to make data-driven decisions for platform improvements.
  • User Retention Analytics:
    • Regularly analyze user behavior and retention metrics to identify trends and patterns. Identify where users tend to drop off or disengage and take corrective actions.
    • Create targeted re-engagement campaigns for users who have become less active, offering incentives or exclusive content to reignite their interest.
  • Long-Term User Value:
    • We will Focus not only on acquiring new users but also on maximizing the lifetime value of existing users. Encourage users to explore additional features, upgrade their accounts, and make more NFT transactions over time.

Account acquisition cost

While we focus on organic growth through our content marketing , music contest and partnership we will employ the use sharddog to ease the cost of onboarding users thats setting up their native wallet and nar social profile also necessary profiles for NFT projects on the ecosystem.

Events and expected numbers of new users.

The following dapps will be explored by all onboarded community members therefore increase the number of users and chain engagement from various activities we will host.

  1. Mintbase
  2. Tamago
  3. Loozr approaching mainnet
  4. Near-social
  5. Astrodao
  6. tipbot
  • Music cover contest = 20+
  • Weekend fun series to test community knowledge about NEAR
  • Music upload contest (on-chain) = 20+
  • Sticker/near social thread contest = 20+

Social engagement score for onboarded users

Note that all onboarded users from our events are expected to make a post on near social and engage on community page too.

20 new users means 20 new posts and a minimum of 10 likes on each posts.

And plus 20 likes,repost on community handles


  • 2 educational AMA weekly
  • 1 workshop weekly on exploring BOS & Near Social and Ecosystem Dapps
  • 3 Article weekly, 1 About BOS, 1 about ecosystem Dapps, 1 community and ecosystem blog post.
  • 3 post daily on Near social.
  • 2 video weekly, 1 about ecosystem dapps overview, 1 about workshop recap.
  • 2 infographics weekly, 1 for weekly update, 1 to explain ecosystem Dapps and BOS.
  • TNE-MEET physical event

Developer Engagement:

  • 1 BOS building contest to develop useful components to be explored by the music community.

User Engagement/Community Activity:

  • 1 weekly quiz about BOS, ecosystem dapps and Music NFT
  • Music cover contest
  • Music show weekly
  • Weekend fun series to test community knowledge about NEAR
  • Music upload contest (on-chain)
  • Sticker/thread contest

Marketing and onboarding

  • 20+ to be on-boarded on-chain for November.
  • Strategies partnership to reach our targeted audience.
  • Social media ads, influencer collab.
  • ShardDog link for onboarding
  • 50+ near-social active users f

Partnerships to beEstablished:

  • 1 partnership with web 2 developer community to explore BOS
  • 1 partnership with music Nft influencers and news platforms
  • 1 partnership with communities with similar goals.

Adoption Metrics:

  • Pikespeak Ai would be employed to track on-chain activities
  • Sharddog link will be employed to track community onboarding
  • A form and sheet will be created also to track active users from our events
  • Linkly customized links will be employed to track the amount of attention the community handles, i.e., number of clicks,country, and time stamp.

How to achieve stated KPIs

Successfully onboarding musicians to mint their music as NFTs on DApps built on NEAR Protocol involves a combination of education, incentives, and a user-friendly experience.

  • Education and Awareness:

    • Create informative content and materials that explain what NFTs are and how they can benefit musicians. This might include blog posts, webinars, and video tutorials.
    • Emphasize the advantages of NEAR Protocol, such as low transaction costs and scalability.
  • Incentives:

    • Offer attractive incentives to musicians to choose NEAR Protocol. This include music NFt contests and buying most of their NFTs.
    • We would Consider providing initial funding for minting, especially for emerging or independent musicians.
  • Community Engagement:

    • Actively engage with the musician community, attending music industry events offline/online and forums to showcase the benefits of minting on NEAR.
    • Collaborate with existing music-related projects to leverage their networks and onboard their community to NEAR.
    • Community growth on near social: while we run all activities on-chain we believe onboarding from web2 platforms such as twitter is a good move we intend to promote same activities on twitter, instagram and medium to onboard more users then position and educate them about NEAR while them follow our handles and create and set-up their bos profile.
  • Partnerships:

    • Partner with music labels, festivals, and other music industry stakeholders to encourage musicians to mint their music on NEAR.
    • These partnerships can help build trust and credibility.
    • We will collaborate with likemind communities on NEAR and outside NEAR.
  • Support and Assistance:

    • Offer dedicated support channels for musicians interested in minting their music. That includes chat support, email support, or a help center.
    • Provide guidance on copyright and intellectual property concerns to ensure artists’ rights are protected.
  • Easy Pool will be used to vote contest winners. This gives room for the community to invite their friends and family to create a near account on Near Social, thus increasing our followers and the number of people onboarded. as sharddog onboarding link will be created to ease the process.

  • The music cover contest will be promoted by a web2 and web3 influencer with good engagement and all entries will be minted on TAMAGO and MINTBASE as we set up a new store.

  • TNE-MEET 2023 will enable us to meet our community and onboard more Web2 musicians into the ecosystem. We will be connecting with music hubs and music mass choir community to ensure we get our targeted audience.

  • Pikespeak makes it easy and efficient to track onchain and wallet activities

  • Collaboration with web2 and web3 music influencers and media will fast track our onboarding process.

Subsequently, there will be a community call to collect feedback from our community. We will be flexible and adjust our approach based on what works best.

Team members, @Mimi2 (content), @bonaven (cm) @sek (content) @kellylove (content), @yomabasi (content), @Liaustin (developer)


  • Total Funding Request for : $ 2 950
  • Wallet ID: 9jamusicalnftdao.sputnik-dao.near`


Education/Workshops = $1600

  • AMA, Workshop, Community and project management = $800
  • Manage all near social related contests (weekend fun series, quiz’s) = $200
  • Article creation = $300
  • Virtual and video content creation = $300

BOS Building = $ 500

  • Developer team to build one widget, BOS interface for music upload = $300
  • Collab with web 2 dev community = $200

Marketing/Onboarding = $850

  • Music cover contest = $150
  • Amplify music cover contest with influencer / sponsored ards = $200
  • Music upload contest = $100
  • Sticker and thread contest = $100
  • Music contest with given song title = $100
  • Twitter/near social blue = $200

TOTAL = $2950


Tagging the @Marketing dao council - NEAR Forum

Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and make a meaningful impact. A detailed report will be made monthly to track our success and update the Near community.




Hi @Alphaflex thanks for the proposal. Can you share your initiative’s most recent previous funding received from MarketingDAO and the report for it? Thanks!

Thank you for your proposal.

You guys are doing a great job, i have to commend that.

But my concern is that your community is not as active as when you were receiving funding back then. Apart from retweets, you have not created any content on current trends in a while, and your tg is not very active, and as I always say, submitting engagement reports will help a proposal get funded quickly, especially if he or she has done an outstanding job.

I understand how difficult it is to run a community without funding, but it is encouraging to see a community that is active and contributing to the ecosystem regardless of funding.

Please try to reactivate your community and keep it active as in previous months, resubmit your commitment reports, and apply again next month.

Unfortunately, i won’t unable to support this proposal at this time.


Hello @so608 ,Last funding received was in August


Hello Bakaka thanks for the recommendation :pray:

While this is a concern our community focuses more on onboarding new users and increasing on-chain engagements as on Tamago, near social, loozr and all NFT Dapps that’s supports minting music. keeps our tg active also.

As the incentive provided to the community helps them upload their music as NFT and also engage on others activities.

Quite difficult to maintain on-chain engagement without the funding to support the community…

Hi @Alphaflex thanks for your proposal. I have reviewed and am unable to support at this point. As you are probably aware, we have a limited budget and are currently prioritising proposals that align with our KPIs and NDC goals, and show solid long term growth. Please feel free to revise your proposal and resubmit in future.

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Thanks for the update and responses @Alphaflex. I appreciate what you are aiming to do here, and I encourage the interest in the expansion and growth of your community. That said, I can’t support this proposal this month. My view is that this proposal is covering so much ground that the goals and objectives are not tightly focused enough. Instead of producing a lot of content and aiming to produce many initiatives across a lot of channels, I would recommend choosing what you see as the most likely to lead to meaningful, long-term growth and participation in the ecosystem and then reapply in the future.

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