[Closed] for Dance Dao for the Month of June

Hello Hello!

U might like to apply for funding the next month partner, as one of the rules is that we receive proposals from the 1st to the 7th day of the month.

Also, we will ask for metrics so you can take the opportunity to think about which metrics you can use to meassure the success of your projects.

Big hug!


Hi, great DAO and amazing outputs.

But I am wondering do the team or the DANCE DAO ever consider on how to be self-sustain? Because I don’t think keep asking for funding is a healthy way to grow your DAO


Hello partners, we decided to receive proposals until 12th even when the guidelines say 7th. Next month we will be more strict for sake of fairness.

I need to ask a question, do you received funding from Creatives DAO before? If that’s so, there is a report?

Can you partners introduce yourselves here:


Hi @FritzWorm
Thanks for the consideration of accepting proposal, we would do all possible to submit earlier before 7th next time

Yes :raised_hands: we’ve received funding from creative before check it out :point_down: :arrow_down:

Report :arrow_down:

Thanks once again.
Big hugs :people_hugging: :grin:


In that case, we will take this proposal into account for June!

Please share metrics of success :wink: how are you going to measure your success partners?


Hi partner @FritzWorm
Thanks for the involvement of June.
Since we have sub projects, we would do a follow up on them, to make sure all reports and metrics are exactly as mentioned on the proposal
Metrics would be submitted along side with the report as follows:

  1. How the community grew
  2. The engagement gotten from our socials
  3. Our increase and success
  4. Collab done with other community
  5. number of NFTS created, plus Metaverse meetings and attendance
    And new dancers :dancer: onboarded
    @FritzWorm can this be edited to approve yet??

@Psalmy it seems you have created a poll in the Creatives DAO without having the approval of the Creatives Moderators: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-488

Sorry, this was why we went to submit a proposal.

Sorry about that, our bad we where so much in a haste since Fritz said, we where considered. And due to delay we are trying to make all processing faster so we can start activities for this month, hope you understand :pray:
Sorry for inconvenience


Can you please share

  1. YouTube links of dance videos
  2. Dance posts created on social media
  3. Number of people onboarded and the content they created or value they added



No inconvenience caused, just making sure everyone follows the same processes in a fair way!


Ok! @ted.iv thanks for your understanding

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No worries, Just awaiting some metrics that @Cryptonaut requested above!


Really cool initiatives guys!
Would be cool if you could add your onboarded members on-chain to your DAO on Astro in the upcoming months in order to raise decentralization in your DAO, and allow to more members vote on Creatives DAO polls and Dance DAO proposals.



Hi @Cryptonaut
Our socials
Dance DAO on

IG {Login • Instagram}

Ticktock {https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNFM4eTN/}

Facebook {Redirecting...}

Telegram {Telegram: Contact @dancedao}

We onboarded dancers :women_with_bunny_ears: they’re all active on our telegram group and also opened wallet for them cause through this way they can earn.
There’s no data on this.
But we would start keeping record through an excel sheet on people onboarded.
But we’ve improvement’s and engagements on our followers and members

Through this report we’ve meet up to 5k views on ticktock and ready to improve more
Thanks :pray:

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Ok thanks
@Paul we would do so for upcoming proposal and also get transparent data on onboarded members and other important metrics of success of our DAO


Can you share link to the dance documentary?

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We didn’t do the dance documentary, the value of Near dropped, so we didn’t have enough funds to do it. So the money is still in the DAO’s treasury.

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So can you give the final breakdown of where all the funds went for April and May?

It’s part of our plans. Presently, we are working on first onboarding as much dancers as possible.

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