[Closed] FEMINU Folklore Exhibition

Hello Fam​:sparkles: here is my entry for this bounty a Low poly art. Sirena are beautiful sea creatures with the upper body of a human with long, flowing hair that is often curly or wavy and the lower body of a fish or has a tail.



Good afternoon @ImJami2017
It’s not about the friend of the art, it’s about her description.
Your two arts are amazing, what was asked to modify was the description of the art. The description should be visual containing information such as: shape, colours, textures and similar.

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Bakunawa’t Babaylan

(Bakanawa and a Female Shaman)

Bakunawa is a mythical creature with a dragon-like appearance with a single horn on its nose and a looped tail. It can cause eclipses, thunderstorms and earthquakes. Babaylans or female shamans can determine whenever this beast will cause a huge wreak havoc on a certain place. Bakunawa was once fell in love with a female native tribe but the tribal chief discovered their affairs and burned their houses into coals and ashes, Bakunawa’s way of avenging from his anger is to swallow all the 7 moons created by God causing a dark eclipse that causes massive fear! But the God prohibited Bakanuwa from eating the last moon by telling all the people to bang their pans and pots so that Bakunawa will be disturbed causing it regurgitate the last moon while banishing into the depths of the sea. Every time an eclipse will occur, that means that bakunawa was there to visit its dead loved ones from the fire.

This is my imaginative illustration in my country’s rich cultural folklores/folktales which is the Philippines.

P.S I am currently unable to mint in Feminu store from mintbase.io because I still can’t propose a letter in Feminu Dao using Astrodao’s webpage to become a minter, Will post it if approved :pleading_face:

Near ID: yoneru.near


DESCRIÇÃO VISUAL: Uma entidade protetora sentada em um trono de fogo e ouro. Veste na parte debaixo uma saia branca. Está grávida. Tem traços de pintura pelo corpo amarelo .Cabelos dourados como o ouro, olhos flamejantes. Uma mão está na barriga e outra está acima da cabeça e ela leva cria uma bola de luz. Seus olhos olham a bola de luz. Sua energia forma um círculo de fogo que se torna uma bola de fogo amarela na ponta. Ao fundo, um céu azul noturno estrelado. Uma serra verde. Aos pés da entidade, pepitas de outro, que saem do vestido.

VISUAL DESCRIPTION: A protective entity seated on a throne of fire and gold. She is wearing a white skirt underneath. She is pregnant. She has golden hair like gold, flaming eyes. One hand is on her belly and the other is above her head and she carries creates a ball of light. Her eyes look at the ball of light. Her energy forms a circle of fire that becomes a yellow fireball at the tip. In the background, a starry blue night sky. A green mountain range. At the entity’s feet, nuggets of another, coming out of her dress.

Mãe do Ouro - Lenda Brasileira - Ouvi a primeira vez em Minas Gerais

Existe uma lenda de uma bola de luz/fogo que sobrevoa á noite as Serras de Minas Gerais. Dizem alguns que mostram o ponto onde há ouro. Dizem outros que na verdade é uma mulher de cabelos loiros num vestido branco que está verificando e protegendo o ouro de exploradores. Também dizem que protege as mulheres.

Minha mãe morava numa fazenda e quando pequena era comum ver essas luzes no topo do morro. Na época não era comum eletricidade. Viviam na casa com lampiáo. Hoje ela descreve como um drone que subia e descia no mesmo ponto. Dizia que as vezes parecia uma bola de fogo, outras vezes uma bola de luz. Me conta com muitos detalhes sobre uma vez que ela estava dormindo e a luz era bem pequena e entrou pela janela. Ela saiu correndo. haha

Mãe do Ouro - Brazilian Legend - First heard in Minas Gerais

There is a legend of a ball of light/fire that flies over the mountains of Minas Gerais at night. Some say it shows the spot where there is gold. Others say that it is actually a blonde haired woman in a white dress who is checking and protecting the gold from prospectors. She is also said to be protecting the women

My mother lived on a farm and as a little girl it was common to see these lights on top of the hill. At that time electricity was not common. They lived in the house with a lamp. Today she describes it as a drone that went up and down in the same spot. Sometimes it looked like a ball of fire, sometimes like a ball of light, she says. She tells me in great detail about one time when she was sleeping and the light was very small and came through the window. She ran out. haha

Feito em técnicas digitais mistas.
Done in mixed digital techniques.



Achei que a imagem ficou pequena. estou enviando tamanho grande e o print da repostagem do Instagram

I thought the image was too small. I am sending the large size and the print of the Instagram repost

Também queria acrescentar que enquanto desenhava, me surgiu um paralelo da Mãe do Ouro com a Pérsefone grega, que governa o submundo com Hades, são protetores e sabem onde todos os tesouros internos(dentro de nós) e externos(sob a terra) estão escondidos, pois remetem ao oculto, ao misticismo, ao subconsciente, a intuição, a introspecção e sensibilidade.

I also wanted to add that while drawing, I came up with a parallel of the Mother of Gold with the Greek Persephone, who rules the underworld with Hades, are protectors and know where all the internal(inside us) and external(under the earth) treasures are hidden, as they refer to the occult, mysticism, the subconscious, intuition, introspection and sensitivity.


[REPORT] A bounty foi fechada as 18:30 GTM-3 (27/8) e teve como vencedores:

Primeiro lugar: @franresendeb
Segundo lugar: @iagods
Voto popular @Jamilaa.near Parabéns aos vendedores!

Todos já receberam seus prêmios.

Tivemos como Juíza da Bounty, Severa Paraguaçu que se define como “drégui aleijante e modelo incompletona. Desconstruente na série “Antimanual Anticapacitista”, vocalista na banda sempre em formação Severa Paraguaçu e as Inacabadas e presidenta do tanque de matutagem Academia Paraguaçuniana de Artes e Ciências Severas.”

Severa também é curadora e apresenta perda de parte da visão. Ela tem um trabalho bastante importante quanto à conscientização da necessidade de estarmos atentos aos chamados corpos dissidentes que são aqueles que não estão de acordo com os padrões estabelecidos.

O ato de descrever a imagem é uma forma de inclusão das pessoas que tem problemas visuais. A dificuldade que os artistas tiveram ao escrever sobre as obras ao invês de descrever as imagens das obras, mostra o quanto essa é uma prática quase não utilizada.

Neste mês a FEMINU DAO apresenta 2 eventos com formatos de inclusão: esta Bounty e a Exposição Sonoro, que apresenta obras exclusivamente sonoras, convidando-nos a refletir acerca do centrismo visual que predomina na história da arte há muito séculos.

The bounty was closed at 18:30 GTM-3 (8/27) and had as winners:

First place: @franresendeb
Second place: @iagods
Popular Vote @Jamilaa.near Congratulations to the winners!

Everyone has received their prizes.

We had as the Bounty Judge, Severa Paraguaçu who defines herself as “crippling drag queen and incomplete model. Deconstruent in the Anticapacitist Antimanual series, vocalist in the ever-forming band Severa Paraguaçu and the Unfinished, and president of the matutation tank Academia Paraguaçuniana de Artes e Ciências Severas.”

Severa is also a curator and has loss part of her vision. She has a very important work regarding the awareness of the need to be aware of the so-called dissident bodies, which are those that do not conform to established standards.

The act of describing the image is a form of inclusion of people who have visual problems. The difficulty that the artists had writing about the artworks instead of describing the images of the artworks shows how this is a practice that is hardly used.

This month FEMINU DAO presents two events with inclusion formats: this Bounty and the Sonoro Exhibition, which exhibits exclusively sound works, inviting us to reflect about the visual centrism that has predominated in the history of art for centuries.


Congratulations jamilla :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: let’s go Fam !!!


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ID: yoneru.near
Hope I’m still able to mint my artwork as contribution to your store, I would like to be added as minter. Thank you so much!

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Congratulations Jamila :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


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Hey @Yoneru! done! you can mint now. Don’t know if it will be enough time to participate at the exhibition. if you bring me the NFT link until 12:00 GTM -3 I will manage it. Come to the party! Today 18:30 GTM -3


Thank you so much! If I didn’t make it in the cut off, that’s okay, it is actually a pleasure to be part of this event and also a minter to your store :heart:


@Yoneru I am going to expose it right now! Thank you :butterfly:


@Severa Divina!!!
Perdi de enviar minha imagem aqui, mas desejo as melhores criações pra FEMINU!


Link of the exhibition and party nowwwwwww!!!


Looks great the gallery miss @Ghini ., may i know when was the party.?


Hey @ImJami2017. Thanks!! The party was yesterday 18:30 GTM -3, with the announcement of the 1st and 2nd prizes. @franresendeb and @iagods, choosen by the fantastic curator and expert in anticapacitism Severa Paraguaçu. I will make an official announcement later.


Foto da festinha. até dancei virtualmente haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Muito obrigada a todes pela oportunidade. Gostei muito de ver as obras do pessoal e aprender mais com o folclore de outros lugares. Fiquei muito feliz com a seleção. O invisível sabe o quanto me empenhei pra terminar em tempo. Até chorei quando vi. Amei o tema. Parabéns Iago e Jamilaa pela seleção também :star_struck:

Photo of the party. I even danced virtually haha
Thank you all so much for the opportunity. I really enjoyed seeing people’s artworks and learning more about the folklore from other places. Im very happy with the selection. The invisible one knows how hard I worked to finish it in time. I even cried when I saw it. I loved the theme. Congratulations Iago and Jamilaa for the selection too.