[CLOSED] FEMINU DAO - BOUNTY - Do you want to have a solo exhibition at VOXELS?

BOUNTY - FEMINU DAO - Do you want to have a solo exhibition at VOXELS?

PROPONENT: @mayramendes


The deadline to submit artwork will be from the 4th to the 20th and the winner’s result will be on August 25, 2022, during the opening party of the FEMINU DAO Gallery exhibitions.


The winner will have a solo exhibition at the FEMINU gallery in the voxel space, gaining huge visibility of their work within the metaverse and using it as a portfolio to win over future collectors.


1 - It can be painting, photography, collage, mixed media, gifs, etc… except videos, minted at FEMINU Store.

2 - Post on instagram and/or twitter and tag FEMINU DAO using @FEMINUDAO and the hashtags: #FEMINUDAO #FEMINUbounty until August 20;

3 - Post the artwork, the NFT link and your Near wallet in the comments until August 20.

4 - Post at LEAST 1 public social network with at LEAST two months of use;

Notes: Everyone can participate in the event, but FEMINU DAO members and councils will not participate in the awards.

Time Line:

  • Bounty opening: August 4th

  • Closing: August 20th

  • Result Announce: August 25th in the FEMINU gallery at voxels, during the party (time to be announced)


That artists submit artwork about solutions to environmental or social problems in order to raise discussions between artists and the NEAR network through art so that we can evolve not only as people but also as a collective and use it as an incentive for members and artists to be inspired for future proposals, thus building the community through creativity.


Much is said about collective and decentralized thinking, this action will take participants to a high level of creativity by making it possible for them to use their own artist creations as an artifice for the sake of the growth of the NEAR network as a system, raising us not only to the level of thought but that of action as an ecosystem.

Metric of success:

  • 100 visitors expected at the opening of the exhibition
  • 10 New NFTs from Near on the Mintbase platform;



Excerpt from Portal education website on the importance and benefits of art in touch with society:

“The concept of a work of art is a social construction, it cannot be an isolated work. Art enables a dialogue with those who observe it, creates situations that can become challenging for the appreciator, and sometimes the materials used in the composition itself propose a reflection on the meaning of art.”


Hey, hi. What is the artist’s fee, pls? Or are you just offering “huge visibility” in exchange for the art show? Tnx.


Will also want to know the price


Hey! @LulucaL and @Styleherbalist
We intend to give visibility to the independent artists of the network through bounty. There is no entry fee and as our last opening had 311 visitors we consider this a great visibility.

We hope to receive your entries.
Mayra :slightly_smiling_face:


But Mayra, visibility doesn’t pay the bills. My suggestion is to always keep a cache of the amount you will receive for producing this project and offering it to the artist. Please refrain from reinforcing unacceptable practices of the art system here on web3. Pay the artists! :v::innocent:

Example: last week we opened an amazing installation in the new parcel of MetaverseDAO, 3 artists involved and 250 people at the opening. A total of 0 nfts sold. We have 7 new and unique ones being offered. Visibility is beautiful but… Good thing everyone was getting paid for the work that each one performed.

Expecting the artist to earn money from sales because they became visible is a huge uncertainty, if I could advise anyone I would say: don’t participate. Value your work. And I reinforce here, great and necessary project but without a cache it even gives me triggers. Imo, I know, no one asked, but here’s the hint anyway. :v:


Hi Luluca! Congratulations on the MetaverseDAO event we all went to enjoy.
Thank you very much for raising such a fundamental issue. As this will not be possible at the moment, we are closing the bounty.
However, we will come back later with rewarded bounties.

And we will wait for your entry.
Mayra :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, my intention was to help and not close the bounty ahahah sorry but there are certain things that need to be said. I hope everything goes well and that this conversation leads to more assertive (and profitable) proposals for everyone involved :heart:

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