[CLOSED] February Near Brasil webeducation 3.0

Near Brasil

Funding scheme: Monthly

Here is our preview proposal and report:


Report: [Report] Near Brasil January 2023






Since we started our community in the beginning of 2022 we have reached many accounts, partnerships, artists and people who work with Near in Brazil, engaging and bringing more people to know about the protocol.

We want to help Near reach the 2023 goal of 10 million active accounts monthly. We want to be Near’s main channel and Hub in Brazil so that anyone can start in Near, develop in Near, buy, sell and create NFTs. We will also be able to help people look for grants and partners in Brazil and Latin America to start their projects.

In short, we want to continue learning about Near, teaching it and try to reach as many as possible of the 200 million Brazilians.

The purpose of this proposal is to continue the growth of the Near Protocol in Brazil, implementing and disseminating this innovative technology to educational entities in the country, bringing cutting-edge knowledge to people who already have knowledge of the crypto universe andalso new users.

We want to continue this work, using the channels to bring all Near Protocol news to Brazilians with articles, news and translation from the main channel, creating closer ties with Brazilians, so that they know more deeply about this protocol. And also partnering with all Near projects, Guilds and DAOs in Brazil that we already started.

We are helping to build the Brazilian Near community, bringing all the news and updates through the website, Instagram and Twitter.

Among our works, we’ve done raffles for the $Near, and Brazilian arts. We made partnerships with several artists who use Near and participated in the Twitter Spaces

We participate in Near’s Brazilian Guild and as them we want more people to know the protocol, create their wallets, create, buy and sell NFTs and cryptos.

Our job is to provide information to the Brazilian public and create partnerships to engage the community.

This is an educational and informative project, so everything others are doing inspires us to create more and bring more information to our community.

Our differential is knowing Near for more than 1 year, working with Near since February and meeting many people who work with it in Brazil.

Our country is immense and I believe that the work I have been doing will help many people to know more about the project and be constantly updated about it.

The project aims to continue what I was already doing and also add more partnerships, Twitter spaces and bring guests to talk about their projects. So I will do the following:



We will focus on Social Media Management and Content creation, mainly on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and Website

Giveaways: To reach a good engagement in our social media channels again we are planning small promotions.

We want to translate/write articles (3 per week) of the NEAR and projects of the ecosystem in Portuguese and present these articles to our community through our website (nearbrasil.com).

We have been doing that since february and our website has a lot of information about Near.


Till end of February, we are expecting to reach:

Active Instagram account with + than 1000 followers

Active Twitter account with + than 770 followers

Latest news within the NEAR ecosystem shared in our community

Weekly articles about NEAR in Portuguese Language


CONTENT → Writing → Guide/News

Task: Write and Translation of the main news and articles of the Official website(technical and non-technical documents) and ecosystem projects.

KPIs : Page views

Metrics: 150 pageviews.

Budget : $ 500

CONTENT → Video → Educational/News

Task: Create 2 videos per month of Near and the main news.

KPIs : Amount of videos / Views

Metrics: 2 monthly videos. / 80 views

Budget : $ 300

CONTENT→ Other→: Quiz

Task: 2 quizzes/month with questions about the weekly updates with prizes

KPIs : Number of answers

Metrics: 60 answers

Budget : $ 100

SOCIAL MEDIA → Promotion / Distribution → Twitter and Instagram

Task: Daily posts on Twitter and Instagram with news and updates

KPIs : Reach and followers

Metrics: Increase the number of followers

Budget : $ 500

SOCIAL MEDIA → Community Channels → Telegram:

Task: Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest, small giveaways to increase group activity

KPIs : increase group members, amount of daily messages, high contest participation

Metrics: +50 new members on Telegram

Budget : 500 USDT

SOCIAL MEDIA → Other → Giveaway
Task: Giveaway of Near token to community to increase followers and impressions

KPIs : More engagement and followers

Metrics: Number of new followers.

Budget : $ 200

Social media: in the plan to drawing new people We will use engagement strategies that have worked in other communities, such as Quiz, Giveaway, Weekly Updates and AMAs.

KPI: Number of events and followers

TOTAL/MONTH = $ 2200

Wallet: rossoni.near




Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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The form is filled.
Thank you!


Hello @andersonbr . Thank you for your proposal. Let’s work on comprehensive education strategy in Brazil and specific KPIs


Hi. So I need to change the proposal? Can you clarify? The proposal was made based on the previous one.


Thanks for submitting your proposal.

CONTENT → Writing → Guide/News

  • How many articles will you republish with translations monthly?
  • Where will these articles be published?

CONTENT → Video → Educational/News
Do you have examples of videos you’ve created previously?

CONTENT→ Other→: Quiz
Where will you publish and reward people for completing these quizzes?

SOCIAL MEDIA → Promotion / Distribution → Twitter and Instagram

  • How many posts will you create?
  • What type of content is it?
  • What is the format of these posts?

SOCIAL MEDIA → Community Channels → Telegram
What type of moderation are planning to do?
Can you give me an example?

SOCIAL MEDIA → Other → Giveaway
You’ve already listed budgets for quizzes, moderation, and social media.
Is the $200 just for the prize?

Wouldn’t this fall under the other categories that you’ve already added above?

Thanks for your proposal.

To provide more content to @Dacha message around crafting a comprehensive strategy - Marketing DAO pause Regional Communities funding as we acknowledged that these groups require a different set of guidelines and KPIs to truly maximise the region’s potential. There’s been a lot of talks, including a Regional DAO Working Group created.

The latest is that Marketing DAO will resume funding for Regional Communities but will do so under updated guidelines that apply specifically to these communities. You can see some of my initial thoughts on crafting this regional approach in this working document.

Next steps -

  • Let’s try to set up a call so we can understand where NEAR Brasil is at now. Questions I’m looking at exploring are: which cities are covered? Identify key initial targets such as universities and IRL meetups, and create a closer ecosystem of projects building in the region where new devs can support each other, etc.

P.S - I’m in São Paulo now til Sunday 26. Happy to meet in person if you or someone from your team is here.


Hi guys.

We are not in São Paulo unfortunatelly. We can manage a call for next week.

Also, as it is paused, can we solve the payment issue of December? This is the links of the approved proposal, the report and Astro DAO. It was not paid yet. Can you help me on that?



Hi @andersonbr i have reviewed your proposal and comments from fellow council.

Unfortunately i am unable to support at this time. I think it is important to understand that regional hubs are undergoing reorganisation and this includes activities in your region. Also i dont see any response to the questions posed by @Klint


Thanks for your response.

I understand this funding issue, which is on hold for the time being.

I am also waiting for a resolution on the payment issue that I mentioned earlier and no one has responded to me.


Can you kindly help me to find a solution on that?
This is the links of the approved proposal, the report and Astro DAO. It was not paid yet.
Thank you.





Hello. The proposal for December has been approved a while ago, and the reward agreement has been out for signature since the 20th of December.

We sent several reminders for you to sign the agreement, please check your email, you may have missed them. If you have any other questions feel free to DM me.

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Already been solved. Thank your for your help.

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Payout was executed.

Hi @andersonbr Thanks for your patience with the review of this proposal. As other council members have said, we are in a current situation where we are pausing regional funding while the path forward becomes clear in conjunction with the NEAR Foundation.

Because of that, I am going to close this proposal for now. I hope you will keep participating in the ecosystem, and we will update the community about regional funding as soon as we can.

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