[CLOSED] Family DAO ARTISANS Marketing budget june

Project Name: Family DAO Artisans

DAO Adress: familydao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Council
@duchess ducheswinnie.near
@RUTHY ruthycutie.near
@sterryo iamsterryo.near

In family dao, we deal with Artisans & hand crafts
We wanna have a physical store for all our collectibles

previous proposals and reports

Physical store rent for 6 months $800
Banner print ( ARTISANS naming it NEAR NFT STORE) $200

Twitter: $200, Instagram: $200 & Facebook: $100 ads and management

Total: $1,500

Target: familydao.near



Good evening! Why do you want to rent the store, and where is located? Thanks

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I do not support this proposal.

  • Doesn’t seem to have a strong enough connection with the NEAR Ecosystem (How does this help us grow to 1 Billion users?)
  • It has already received a generous grant from the Creatives DAO

In the future, please also make sure to reference other projects and proposals from other members in the Council.

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I’m struggling to understand how this brings more attention to Near Protocol or the projects within. It’s a no from me.

There’s not enough information here for me to support this proposal.

In general, we do not fund the physical locations (i.e. rent) for retail stores.