(CLOSED) Family DAO Artisan’s Show Your Crafts Bounty

So Many Amazing Creators Here :face_holding_back_tears: We ought to annouce the winners today, but as well as wanna give in chance for more creatives entries,

new winners announcement date will be 25th of November, thank you all for your Submission.

meanwhile, we are gonna start adding all minters to our store today. Thank you for your entries.


So does that mean we’re still allowed to add in more craft?

And this is where the issue comes in and this is exactly one of the reasons I refused to partake in this bounty like I knew something like this was gonna happen…whenever people partake in bounties they always wanna know when it’s gonna end Buh showing up on a day which you’re suppose to announce the winners to say that the date has been extended seems very very unfair to the previous participants a fix date should be a fixed date so it doesn’t seem like you’re tryna show favoritism or stuffs like that….and the 25th also seems too far admin should look into this because family tend to do things In oneness and agreement instead of pull off all these stunts I pray n hope the admins looks into this @DUCHESS1 @Jummyk


hi @Pallo Your Entry is still valid!, You dont need any newer,

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Hi, @Magsavage thanks for your concern, we’re just giving opportunities for more people to participate, you still have time to submit your entry,

Good luck :partying_face:


This my entry in the family DAO Artisans.
This is a wood and beads, work of one of the local music instrument… called Pellet Rattle.
I made this instrument with a calabash .I sew the beads to the net around the Calabash which produces sound when hit. it is played by taping the beads.

My wellet address


@Ligaya @LulucaL @Callie @Yoneru @Pallo @elizabethramos @ImJami2017 @Goodness01 @Emry @Maxzeinly youve now been added as a minter :smiling_face:


You can also mint this art submitted by urself there

thank you dear creative artisans :white_heart:


@Wondering.Creator @Nodica28 @Gabejay @Mailza

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Good day admin pls why was I omitted as minters??

Thank you. please what is the deadline?

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Thanks alot. I’ll mint my art as soon as possible

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Hello people, my name is Ogadima… I saw about this post on facebook, and this is my entry for my work, This is a mirror i made by myself if i win, i wow the real product will be given as collectible

pls how can i create the wallet to use? Thank you

@DUCHESS1 @Jummyk



hello, can you add me as a store minter? my wallet mailzabernard.near

I’m a Metal sculpture Artist and here’s my entry for the contest

Anyinya (Chameleon) disguise mastermind

Wallet Address: lariat_madaki.near


I went to mint my work and saw that I don’t have enough nears for the transaction. And now? Does this interfere with my participation?

hi oma join our telegram ill help you out

hi @elizabethramos pls whats your wallet? so i can tip it for you to be able to mint.

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Thank you for adding my wallet @Jummyk :blush: ., i will mint now my entry in your mintbase store…

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hi., pls check i mint now my art work. Link is here…


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Muito obrigada, minha carteira é elizabethramos.near

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